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How can I watch 4K erotic videos? We have compiled a list of recommended video sites.

4K video, with its much higher resolution than HD or Blu-ray, is becoming a new form of erotic video for greater enjoyment, and this article will discuss 4k erotic video.

Have you ever heard of 4K picture quality? It is a so-called high-definition video that can be enjoyed in high quality.

Recently, adult videos are also being distributed in 4K quality because it reproduces the screen in detail.

However, some of you may not know much about 4K to begin with, so I would like to start by explaining what 4K is.

What is 4K?

To begin with, the "K" in 4K broadcasting refers to a symbol representing the number of dots (pixels) used to display images on a screen in units of 1000. The more "pixels" there are, the richer the power of expression and the more detailed the projected image. The following is a comparison of the difference in screen size in an image.

Especially in the case of erotic videos, the texture of the actress's skin and other details are much more realistic than in regular full high definition.

Comparison of 4K image quality

Let's compare the difference between 4K and regular HD.

Here is a picture of an enlarged detail of the screen. As you can see, when the image is this large, even at 2K, the pixel fuzziness is quite noticeable. On the other hand, the 4K image is almost identical to the original screen and retains its original image quality. When viewing adult videos, the skin texture will probably be projected in fine detail even on a fairly large screen.

Disadvantages of 4K Erotic Video

Unfortunately, 4K video is not without its disadvantages. Its main disadvantage is that the effect depends greatly on the performance of the device. A quick search on the Internet reveals many complaints such as "I tried to purchase a 4K film but could not see much difference, or my computer was not compatible with it. Since this technology is not yet widely used, I am still concerned about the fact that it is not easy to enjoy.

Adult video sites that distribute 4K erotic videos

So where can we watch 4K erotic videos?

In fact, there are still only a few distribution sites that offer 4K pornographic movies, and not much can be expected in terms of quality, but we have picked up a few sites that support 4K pornography.

4K erotic videos on FANZA (formerly DMM.R18)

FANZA has already started selling 4K movies. There are not many, but some of them are free, so if you want to see what they are like anyway, this is a good opportunity to try them out. In addition to PCs, there are many other compatible devices such as Fire TV devices / 4K-compatible Chromecast / PS5™ / PS4®Pro, which makes it attractive to enjoy on the big screen of your TV. More details are available on the official website.

Digigra's 4K Erotic Videos

Digigra currently offers a total of 144 4K movies. Both unlimited monthly subscription and single content are available. The monthly subscription plans range from 30 days to 1 year, so you can choose the plan that best fits your budget. 30 days is a bit expensive at 3100 yen, but the quality of the movies looks good, so you can expect the number of movies to increase. I hope that the number will increase in the future.

Blonde Heaven 4K Erotic Videos

This is a video site specializing in foreign countries, but the Japanese language is also well supported, and the number of works is 356, a rich lineup that other sites cannot compare to. Since this is an overseas site, payment is made in dollars, not yen. Although this site is much more expensive than Japanese sites, it is one site that should not be missed by those who like Western movies.

In general, registering with a distribution site for a 4K movie is not without the possibility of disappointment, such as subtle cosmetics or not being as good as expected, so we recommend that you consider your options carefully before making a purchase.

The best software for downloading 4K erotic videos

With the number of 4K-compatible works still very small, have you ever wished you could download the works you have paid a high fee to subscribe to on a monthly basis so that you can enjoy them at any time? We are now going to introduce to you a 4K-ready software that will make that happen.

Stream GaGa supports more than 1,000 different video streaming sites, including Amazon Prime, Netflix, YouTube, and other major adult video sites, and can be used for a variety of purposes. Stream GaGa can be used for a variety of purposes.

One-click operation and the ability to download while watching makes it easy to save videos without waiting for boredom. Downloading starts automatically by clicking the icon of the appropriate site from the homepage or by copying and pasting the URL of the video. The all-important 4K image quality can also be set here. If the work under the painting has subtitles, they will be downloaded as well. It is not an exaggeration to say that this is a download tool with excellent functions that is not to be missed, so if you are interested, please check it out.

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