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Comparison of recommended software for screen recording and video downloading.

We picked a few of the various downloadable and screen recording software and compared them in terms of performance, ease of use, reviews, and more.

Have you ever watched a video on a video sharing site or distribution platform and thought, "I wish I could save this video to watch later? However, it is very difficult to download paid subscription sites such as Netflix. One solution is to use a screen capture software to record the video. In this article, I will compare the screen capture and video download software that I recommend.

Wondershare DemoCreator

Wondershare DemoCreator is a software that combines screen recording and video editing functions. Its most significant feature is that it can not only perform basic recording and recording, but can also edit recordings as they are made, and there are many features and effects that are great for those who play games. It also includes a drawing tool that allows you to draw lines in real time on the recording screen, write text and circles, and take notes using a whiteboard. Basic operation is easy, as recording starts with the click of a single button.

You can choose the quality of the video you want to record, but it seems to have a lot of business-oriented features, so it may not be suitable for those who seek high quality video for the purpose of enjoying video works. You can choose from various plans starting at 2,780 yen per month.

TunePat VideoGo All-In-One

TunePat VideoGo All-In-One is a video downloader that allows users to download videos from video streaming services such as Netflix and Amazon Prime, as well as video sharing sites such as YouTube and Facebook. It supports MP4 and MKV output formats and will download videos in 720p or 1080p quality. It is not extremely high quality, but it is good enough to enjoy videos at home. As the name suggests, this product combines the download functions of multiple sites into one, but if you want to use it for only one site, there are specialized products available. If you want to use only one of the sites, there are specialized products available.

4K Video Downloader

According to its official website, 4k Video Downloader is an application that allows you to download videos and music from popular video and music sites and store them on your PC. According to the write-up, it supports more than 1000 websites, but most of them are free sharing sites like YouTube, and since we could not find any mention from the website that it can support paid distribution platforms, we should assume that it does not. If you only want to use YouTube, we recommend that you download the free trial version first.

NCHsoftware Debut Video Capture Software

This is another screen recording software, but it can record video from webcams, network (IP) cameras, camcorders, etc. It allows you to specify the recording range and even supports a variety of formats. It is also possible to add subtitles, etc. It is available for both iOS and Windows. The author actually recorded a video from YouTube and it saved it to his computer without any inconvenience. This one is not so difficult to operate, however, it is only a recording software, which means that it of course does not have the functionality to support subtitles, secondary audio, etc. Likewise, this software is recommended for those who do short films and video games.


The Audials series consists of four products that allow you to record and save media content from the web on various platforms, such as Spotify, Netflix, Amazon, etc., to create your own collection. The feature is that there are specialized products that support not only videos in general, but also radio programs and music files. The all-in-one product sells for about 7,000 yen, which is a bargain compared to buying them separately. Some sites can be downloaded directly, but unfortunately not all paid sites are supported, so if not, you will have to use the recording function to record them. It is also nice that it automatically removes advertisements when downloading. This one is only compatible with Windows.

We have introduced five software programs for video preservation, but in summary, each has its own advantages and disadvantages. In addition, recording software requires playing the video once to the end, which can be time-consuming. So, is there the best download software that has all the advantages of these products and can save videos in high quality with easy operation? I would like to introduce to you StreamGaGa, a very functional video downloader.


StreamGaGa is a one-click video downloader that allows you to download videos from almost any site on the Internet, including major paid distribution platforms. Here is a detailed explanation of its benefits.

It downloads videos in ultra-high quality.

With StreamGaGa, ultra-high quality up to 4K and even 8K is available as long as the distributor's image quality is supported. We deliver high quality video that rivals movie theaters while you are at home. Please take advantage of this service when watching movies with your family and friends.

Download subtitles and soundtracks

StreamGaGa automatically detects multilingual subtitles and soundtracks when downloading videos, so you can download them as well. This way, when you download a foreign language program from a foreign site, the subtitle file will automatically be included and you won't have to do it twice!

One-Click Downloading

Worried that this feature-rich downloader may be difficult to operate? Don't worry. It is very easy to operate.

After launching the software, you will be taken to the homepage, where you will see icons for the various services available.

Furthermore, you can also download while watching in the built-in browser, which greatly reduces tedious waiting time.

Choice of Pricing Plans and Money-Back Guarantee

StreamGaGa offers a variety of plans, ranging from a monthly plan for a quick trial to a perpetual license. Of course, you can download the trial version first. There is no time limit on videos. If you can't download it, don't worry, you are guaranteed a 30-day free refund.

Please take this opportunity to experience the benefits of StreamGaGa for yourself.

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