StreamGaGa One:隨時隨地享受您的最愛
StreamGaGa One是一個一站式解決方案,可從Netflix、Prime Video、OnlyFans、Disney Plus、Hulu等1500多個流媒體服務下載視頻,無限制地離線觀看。 了解更多 >
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This article is all about being able to watch Peacock on multiple devices and how many people can watch Peacock at the same time.

Before starting this article first, let's find out what Peacock is. Peacock is a streaming platform that lets you watch movies and shows on your devices. If you are a fan of classic films, then this platform is the one you were looking for.

We all know that many famous streaming platforms on the internet provide endless and original content, so why choose Peacock? The answer is simply that this platform offers your completely free access to its library, with some excellent content in it.

You can also access Comedy Shows, Talk Shows, and the latest news without paying a single penny. That is the reason why people prefer Peacock over many platforms. But the main question is how many people can watch Peacock simultaneously. Follow this article to get your answer, and read it properly to learn more about Peacock.

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How Many People Can Stream Peacock at One Time?

The Bad News for Peacock users is that it only allows three streaming devices at once. This rule applies to any subscription; it doesn't matter whether you have free, premium, or premium plus subscriptions.

Only three people can stream Peacock at one time. If three people are already using a peacock account simultaneously to watch something, another user can't stream until one of the three people ends their streaming.

Peacock falls right in the middle compared to other streaming platforms, such as Netflix and Disney+, allowing four users simultaneously. Still, Peacock is better than Hulu, which only allows two users at once.

Peacock must improve this feature to compete with other streaming platforms.

Peacock Plans and Simultaneous Streams

Peacock allows you to choose a plan for a month or a year. It depends on your budget. But if you want to start with the basic version of Peacock that you can subscribe to for free, you need an email address to sign up for Peacock for free.

Here are the two paid plans of Peacocks

Peacock Premium

This plan costs you $4.99 per month, and through this package, you can access all the content available on Peacock, such as Premium movies, Original Shows, and all the series from NBC universals. You can also access late-night Talk shows, live sports, and all the premier league matches.

But the disadvantage of this plan is that it shows ads while streaming online.

Peacock Premium Plus

Premium Plus cost you $9.99 that allows you access to all the content on Peacock without Ads. The best part is that with this package, you can easily download Peacock videos on your device to watch them offline without interruptions.

There were the two paid plans of Peacock; now, let's discuss how many simultaneous streams are allowed with these packages.


Simultaneous Streams

Peacock Free


Peacock Premium


Peacock Premium Plus


It doesn't matter what package you have chosen; Peacock only allows 3 streams simultaneously.

What Devices Can You Stream Peacock on?

The good news is that you can stream Peacock on multiple devices simultaneously. So here is the list of device which is compatible with Peacock.

  • MacBook
  • Windows
  • iPhone
  • IPad, iPod touch
  • Apple TV
  • Android Smartphone
  • Android TV
  • Google Chromecast
  • PS4
  • Xbox one
  • Vizio
  • Xfinity
  • Flex

You can stream Peacock without facing any difficulties using these devices.

How Many Profiles Can you Have on Peacock?

You can add six profiles to one account. These can be a combination of kids' accounts and adult profiles.

All three packages allow you to create 6 profiles on Peacock

It doesn't mean that you can access all 6 profiles at the same time. You can only access three shapes at the same time. The limitation of streaming devices at once doesn't change.

Sign-up to Peacock and create your profile to watch the great content on Peacock without any difficulties.

How to Watch Peacock Videos without Limitations?

Want to watch Peacock videos without limitation? Then StreamGaGa Peacock Downloader is the program that will help you to download Peacock videos without restriction.

StreamGaGa allows you to download videos in Full HD quality without any downloading limitations, which means you can download as many videos as you want to download on your device.

It also allows bulk download, with excellent Audio quality. It also allows you to choose the audio languages and subtitles before downloading. The steps of downloading videos from Peacock through StreamGaGa are straightforward.

Here are the steps to download Videos from Peacock.

  • Downloadand install StreamGaGa downloader on your PC
  • Launch the program, click on the “VIP Services” and select Peacock from the list.

  • Play any video you want to download from StreamGaGa.
  • Choose the audio and subtitle, then click Download Now to start downloading

  • A few minutes later, your video will be downloaded to your device.

After following these steps, you can download any video from Peacock easily.


Can I access all the content available on Peacock with a free subscription?

No, if you want to access all the content on Peacock, you have to buy its paid membership because, on a free subscription, you can't access any original shows or Premium movies and TV shows.

Does Peacock offer live sports?

Suppose you have to subscribe to Premium or Premium Plus subscription, then yes, you can enjoy live sports through Peacock. You can also watch all the premier league matches through this platform.

Does Peacock offer a free trial?

When you subscribe to Peacock with any paid subscription, you will first have the seven days free trial. After your seven-day trial, Peacock will charge you for that subscription. If you are unsatisfied with Peacock, you can cancel the subscription in a free trial period to avoid getting charged.

Is Peacock available on Roku?

Yes, you can enjoy Peacock on your Roku device. Download the App and log in to your official account. To enjoy tons of videos on Roku

StreamGaGa One:隨時隨地享受您的最愛
StreamGaGa One是一個一站式解決方案,可從Netflix、Prime Video、OnlyFans、Disney Plus、Hulu等1500多個流媒體服務下載視頻,無限制地離線觀看。 了解更多 >
獲取30天的免費試用版,下載您喜愛的視頻! 免費試用
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