Funimation is an American streaming service that deals specifically with dubbing and distribution of East Asian media, mainly Japanese anime. The company was founded in 1994 and had been thriving since then. Funimation has over 2.5 million subscribers and more than 600 anime shows. It is also home to the most popular anime shows of all time, including dragon ball Z, attack on titan, and one piece. Funimation offers budget-friendly monthly packages, starting from as low as $5.99 a month.

If you are someone who usually watches Japanese anime shows on Funimation but recently struggled with minor Funimation problems, then read this article further to get rid of all your queries regarding Funimation. Including the recent issue of Funimation login error.

I am unable to log in to my Funimation account. Why?

Recently, many subscribers faced a login issue regarding their Funimation accounts. After numerous failed tries to log into the account, many people reported the issue and gave up. Although there are a couple of methods that have been working for a lot of people to log back into their Funimation account without any hustle, here we have gathered a few to help you out.

How to Fix theFunimation LoginIssue?

Are you unable to log into your Funimation account? Here are a few easy methods, along with tips to help you log back into your Funimation account effortlessly.

Firstly, you have to make sure that you remember your Funimation email id and password correctly because none of these methods will work without that.

Log into Funimation through your phone

  1. Previously, Funimation stopped working, and many people think this might be the case again. So, Try resetting your Funimation account password through your phone.
  2. Try to log back in with the correct email id and the new password, and most people regain their account after this procedure.

It can also be considered as restarting your account.

Log into your Funimation account through Facebook

If you logged into their Funimation account through Facebook previously, but now you are unable to do so, then follow these steps to log back into your Funimation account.

  1. Try to Log in through your Facebook ID and password instead of the Funimation email ID and password on the website.

This will help you to log into your Funimation account.

If these methods also fail and you are still unable to log into your Funimation account, then take a screenshot of the error on your laptop or mobile screen and send it to the Funimation support team via email.

Other Funimation Bugs you may Have Faced and Their Solutions

Funimation has faced many issues frequently in respect to their website and has also received plenty of criticism for it.

Google Chrome Error

One of the highest record-breaking issues that ever occurred on Funimation included when the streaming service stopped working on google chrome all around the globe. Over 67% of Funimation subscribers use the service through google chrome. This problem usually occurs on Funimation, so it is only suitable to keep a few tricks in mind when this error occurs again.


If this error occurs again, follow these methods to get rid of it.

  • Try to re-install google chrome
  • Set up a new chrome profile.
  • Try switching to incognito mode.
  • Close all the other chrome extensions, as they can be the reason for it.
  • Clear cookies and cache from google chrome.

Apart from this, Funimation faced a few minor bugs, but don’t you worry about those. We are here to provide the solutions for all those issues too.

Funimation Application not Responding

One of the most common errors that Funimation users face regularly is an application error. It occurs most of the time, and usually, the application hangs between the show, and sometimes error occurs at the time of login.

This issue can also be resolved through these methods.

  • Uninstall the Funimation application from your phone and re-install it after a few minutes.
  • Try connecting to another Wi-Fi network.
  • Close all the applications and restart your phone.

Your application will definitely start working again after one of these steps.

Various Viruses and Bugs because of Ads

Funimation users mostly complain about pop-up ads even when they subscribed to the ad-free monthly plan. Everyone hates the various viruses that comes along with these pop-up ads even though the server removes most viruses at the time but a few of those sneaks into your phone and make your phone extremely slow.


These viruses are usually easy to get rid of and don’t take much of your phone space.

  • Make sure to install an anti-virus or phone cleaning application on your

Phone to get rid of the virus.

  • Uninstall the application to get rid of most of them.
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How to Watch Funimation Videos Offline?

Funimation provides access to a great number of Japanese anime shows at a low price, but a few minor inconveniences on the service cause issues. What if I tell you that you can watch all of your favorite anime shows without having to worry about ads, login errors and viruses all the time.

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