HBO Max is a premium VOD service home to various original movies, hit TV shows, and other video content. However, a few devoted viewers recently complained that when they attempt to stream a movie or show, the error message HBO Max Can t Play Title appears.

Users rush to the internet to resolve it and carry on enjoying content without hindrance. You may not know that the right solution varies from device to device. Whether you’re wondering how to fix HBO Max can’t play title on TV or can’t play title HBO Max MacBook, we’ll make the app work smoothly for you.

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Reasons for HBO Max "Can't Play Title" Error

Instead of diving straight into the quick fixes, determining what may be causing this inconvenience is a priority. It could be due to a wide array of causes. Be it an unsupported device, outdated version of the HBO Max app, server issues, bugs or glitches, using VPN, cache data, etc.

How to Fix HBO Max “Can t Play Title” Error on Android, iOS, TV & PC?

Chilling in front of a screen playing your most anticipated HBO Max movie or TV show seems like the perfect way to unwind on weekends. However, this experience can be interrupted by a display showing HBO Max can’t play title error.

In those circumstances, going through this guide is your best bet. Let’s have a look at how to fix these issues in seconds.

Check Internet Connectivity

Watching video content online requires a fast and robust network connection. Most of the time, bad internet is the leading cause why HBO Max can t play title. If your internet connection is overloaded with traffic or slow, it may result in this malfunctioning.

To combat this issue, avoid using other platforms that run with the internet to offload heavy traffic. If this doesn't fix the problem, restart your device's Wi-Fi or mobile data. Alternatively, you can bring the router closer to your TV or PC to ensure a better signal strength.

See If Your Device is Compatible

As the HBO Max app supports a few TV devices, your model may not be compatible with the app. However, most iOS, Android, and PCs are supported by the HBO Max app. To check whether or not you’re using a compatible device, visit the HBO Max Help Centre and check if the one you’re using is listed in the compatible device section.

Clear Overloaded Cache

Another course of action to handle the HBO Max can't play title error is to clear the cache. If the cache has not been emptied in a while, it can become too much and even get corrupted. Here's how to remove it on every device.

On iPhone/iPad

  • Open the settings and select Safari.
  • Navigate your way to “Clear History and Website Data.”

  • Select “Clear History and Data.” Lastly, restart your device to implement an updated setting.

On Android

  • Go to the phone's settings and choose the HBO Max app.
  • Visit “Storage” and tap “Clear Cache.”
  • Also, tap "Clear data."


  • Launch Google Chrome browser. Locate and select the three dots at the screen’s top-right corner.
  • Tap the option named “More tools” > Clear Browsing data.

  • On the pop-up window, set All Time from the time range options. Tick the checkboxes besides "Cookies and other site data” and “Cached images and files.”

  • Hit "Clear Cache."

Roku or FireTV

  • Visit the Settings option of your TV.
  • Select “Applications” > “Manage Installed Applications.”

  • Choose HBO Max.
  • Locate and select the option labeled "Force Stop.”
  • Click both the "Clear cache" and "Clear data" buttons.

Once done, check if these steps solved HBO Max can’t play title on TV.

On MacBook

  • Go to Safari on your MacBook
  • Open Preferences.

  • Under the privacy title, select “Remove All Website Data.”
  • Confirm your selection by choosing “Remove Now.”

This helps eliminate unwanted cache files to fix can't play title HBO Max MacBook.

On Xbox

  • On the controller, hit the “Guide’ button.
  • Visit the Settings and choose “System” from the menu.
  • Select the “Storage” option and choose any device.

  • From the controller, choose the Y button to open “Device Options.”
  • Click “Clear System Cache” and confirm your selection.

If you use an Xbox to access HBO Max, then go through these steps to stop encountering HBO Max can’t play title Xbox.

Switch Off VPN

VPNs are responsible for slowing down or disrupting the network. Because VPN alters the network, you must use a trusted and reliable one. Launching the HBO Max app after disabling the VPN to fix the HBO Max can’t play title error is worth a try.

How to Watch HBO Max Videos without Error?

Suppose you launch the HBO Max app to commence a movie night, and a screen displaying the HBO Max app can’t play the title stares right back. Sometimes, employing every method to fix the HBO Max app can’t play title message does not work. That’s why being prepared by downloading your favorite content is the best move.

The HBO Max application supports offline watching, but everything on this streaming service is not downloadable. StreamGaGa HBO Downloader is a reliable service that allows you to download any HBO Max video even if you can't download it via the HBO Max app.

By subscribing to StreamGaGa, you can download any content from 200+ OTT platforms. Moreover, you can enjoy all your favorite movies on the internet in HD 1080 p resolution without annoying ads. All videos are stored in MP4 (the most compatible format) and can be watched on any device.

Please click here to check the full guide on how to download videos on HBO Max.


How to restart HBO Max on Samsung TV?

HBO Max can’t play title on TV can be resolved by restarting the device. Simply, Switch off your Samsung TV > After 20 seconds, reconnect your TV's plug > Reopen HBO Max.

How to change location on Xbox?

You may face an HBO Max can't play title Xbox error when your location is set to a region where the HBO Max app is not supported. To resolve this go to Settings > System > Location title > change location.

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