You must be wondering how do I get Paramount Plus com on Samsung TV? If you want to watch different shows and movies, but Paramount Plus com is not working on Samsung TV, we have got you covered. In this article, we will discuss the main issue behind it and how you can quickly get Paramount Plus com on Samsung TV.

How do I get Paramount Plus Com on Samsung TV?

Samsung smart tv is one of the top streaming apps with lots of exciting and featured shows. Samsung is the leading brand and has a huge market worldwide. Every year Samsung introduces unique features to its prototype to make the brand stand out in the market. Paramount plus com Samsung was released back in 2017 on Samsung smart TV. The app is easy to get, and everyone can get it by following the given procedure.

  • Press the home button on the TV remote
  • Wait for the Menu bar to appear on the screen
  • It will show the available TV shows and movies on the list
  • Go to the Apps sections on the menu
  • Scroll to the left side until the search icon is visible to you
  • Search for the Paramount plus through the search icon
  • You will see the app with a download icon on it
  • Click and install
  • You can now log in or signup if you do not have an existing account

How do I activate Paramount plus com on Samsung TV?

Samsung Paramount Plus com is a hot app, and millions of people are using it around the world to watch and enjoy their favorite shows. The app has gotten attention over the past few years, and people are going bananas for it. The activation process is quite simple and easy. You can activate the Paramount Plus com on Samsung TV within 5 minutes to enjoy your favorite shows. Below is the process to activate your Paramount Plus on Samsung TV.

  • Turn on the TV and go to the settings

  • Select the option

  • You will be directed to a website with a code
  • From your laptop or mobile, go the TV
  • Now enter the activation code and click on activate option.

  • Refresh the screen
  • Enjoy browsing on Samsung TV

How to fix Paramount plus Com on Samsung TV not working issues

Paramount Plus com is an excellent streaming app where you can enjoy watching your favorite TV shows and movies. The app is working accurately, and people are enjoying using it. These apps are easy to use and sometimes create issues that people are not much aware of. These technical issues can occur in any digital app available on the internet. Some of the main working issues of paramount plus com on Samsung TV are as follows.

1. Paramount Plus Com is Not Loading

The main and most common issue that users face is Paramount Plus com Samsung TV is not loading. Do not worry; this is not a critical issue, and you can solve it quite easily in no time. This error occurs when your device is not compatible and does not load the paramount.


It is not a crucial issue, and Paramount Plus works fine on Windows/macOS even if they are older versions. You can solve this issue by following the given steps.

  • Allow cookies on your system
  • Check your internet connection
  • Enable javascript (enabled by default)
  • Turn off Ad blockers
  • Turn off VPN Extensions

Try this trick, and your paramount plus com will be loaded smoothly.

2. Paramount Plus is Not Streaming

The other common issue that paramount plus users face is that paramount is not streaming properly. A black screen will appear on display, or most of you will see a loading image. This error occurs due to an incompatible browser.


You can solve this issue by following the given steps.

  • Check your browser if it is up to date
  • Update your browser if needed
  • Clean cache, cookies of your browser
  • Disable Adblockers or extensions
  • Do not use Incognito mode
  • If it is still not working, try another browser

3. Paramount Plus is Not Logging In

Sometimes, the user faces this error and cannot log in to the paramount plus com Samsung. This error occurs mainly of wrong login credentials or the browser itself.


  • Update your browser if needed
  • If you do not know how to update, just google it
  • If that won't work, try using the private mode of your browser
  • Remove caches and cookies from your browser
  • If the issue is still there, then click on the forget password button
  • Update your password completely
  • Enjoy watching paramount plus com

4. Paramount Plus Live TV is Not Working

Another issue that users are facing is live TV not working properly for them. This error occurs mainly because users deny their location access and do not buy a premium plan.


The solution to this problem is quite easy, and you can solve this through the following steps.

  • Get Paramount plus com premium plan
  • Give access to your location
  • Acquire CBS Station
  • Enjoy the live streaming

5. Paramount Plus Live is Crashing Repeatedly

Crashing is the biggest issue that paramount plus users are facing, and it occurs due to the browser and low hardware pieces equipment.


You can solve this issue by following the given steps

  • Force stop the program if it is crashing
  • Open it again and see if it is working properly
  • Remove paramount plus com from your device
  • Re-install the app in your system
  • Enjoy watching paramount plus

6. Paramount Plus isn't Casting for my TV

Paramount plus allows the user to cast the content of your choice from it. Sometimes, users are unable to cast their ideal content, and it occurs due to the device or wifi.


  • Restart the device if it is not casting the content
  • Power cycle the device to cast the content
  • Make sure that both of your devices are connected to the same internet connection
  • Update your devices to the latest versions to cast the content
  • Use a minimum of 4 Mbps internet connection for casting
  • Enjoy watching your favored content

7. Paramount Plus Showing Error Code

Paramount plus is an online streaming app, and sometimes users encounter different error codes on display. The error code indicates the specific error, and you can solve it quite easily.


  • Disable Adblocker on your system
  • Lower the protection level of your Antivirus
  • Put the error code on Google and search for the solution if you are still confused
  • Resolve the issue and enjoy watching

8. Paramount Plus Audio Issues

Audio issues are the main problem of every streaming app and website nowadays. This may occur due to the low internet connectivity, or you are using an outdated version of the app.


  • Make sure your paramount app is up to date
  • Force close the paramount app on your system
  • Reopen the app
  • Always use the supported browser
  • Check if the system meets the minimum requirements

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9. Paramount Plus Com Disabling VPN

Often users are using the paramount with the VPN and asking them to disable the VPN. The error occurs when the VPN is using different protocols. The issue is not complicated, and you can fix it quite comfortably.


  • Check if the VPN is installed in your system
  • If not, Install a VPN
  • Use secured protocols of your VPN
  • Enjoy watching

10. Paramount Plus is Not Working on Samsung TV

Paramount plus com is compatible with Samsung TV and does not create issues normally. However, some users complain that paramount is not working on Samsung Tv properly. It is not a complex issue, and you can solve it through the following steps.


  • Restart your Samsung TV
  • Plug out for a while, then plugin again
  • Check properly if the OS of the TV is up to date
  • Check the app if it is up to date
  • Delete the paramount app and re-install it
  • Restart the modem
  • Enjoy watching

11. Paramount Plus is Not Working on Fire Stick

Paramount plus com is an amazing app, and people love watching their favorite shows and movies on it. It is a highly compatible app and works smoothly on Fire Stick. Often users encounter the issues that paramount is not working properly on Fire Stick. It may occur due to a faulty app update or network issues.


  • Make sure the Fire TV operating system is up to date
  • Go to settings > My Fire TV > About > System Update for updating the FireTV
  • Make sure that the Paramount app is up to date
  • Clear your Fire Stick cache
  • Restart the network modem
  • Enjoy watching

12. Paramount Plus is Not Working on Roku

Paramount plus com is an excellent app, and people love to watch their favorite shows on it worldwide. However, users face issues while using the paramount on Roku and it starts working on it. It is not a serious issue, and you can solve it within a few minutes.


  • Remove paramount plus channel from Roku screen
  • Highlight the paramount plus and go to the options
  • Remove the channel and confirm
  • Restart your Roku after removing
  • Restart until it gets off and on again
  • Now, re-install the Paramount plus again from the Roku store
  • Restart your modem
  • Happy watching

How to Watch Videos without Error?

StreamGaGa Paramount Plus Downloader helps you watch videos offline without causing any issues. You can watch high-quality videos, audio and much more. You can also download live TV programs and even enjoy different services as well. This application is user-friendly and anyone can use it.

Features of StreamGaGa Paramount Plus Downloader

The amazing features of this software are as follows.

  • You can download high resolution videos
  • It offers country specific support.
  • The interface is user-friendly
  • Download videos in batch
  • Support various subtitles formats

How to use it?

  • Once you have selected the video, choose the subtitles and audio.

  • Now, click the “Download Now” option to download the videos from Paramount Plus. Finally, your videos are ready to watch.


Paramount Plus com Samsung is excellent that it is available for streaming your favorite videos online. You can watch whatever you want and cast your ideal content from it. The app is highly compatible and works perfectly with the Samsung TV. You just need to have a good internet connection, updated browsers, and 2017 and latest models of Samsung TVs. You can also get their premium subscription and choose different plans according to your needs. Happy watching!

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