FOD Premium" is a video distribution service operated by Fuji Television Network, Inc.
Many people may have registered for FOD Premium but do not know how to cancel the subscription.
Actually, the cancellation procedure for FOD Premium depends on the payment method of your subscription.
So, let's take a look at each FOD Premium cancellation method and the precautions regarding cancellation.

FOD has different cancellation procedures depending on the payment method.

As is often the case with video delivery platforms, the cancellation procedure is also quite different depending on the payment method you chose when you registered for the service.

FOD Smartphone and Tablet Apps

If you are using a smartphone or portable device, you will probably use the app to watch the service, but unfortunately, no matter what payment method you choose, you will not be able to cancel your subscription within the app.

Here is an example for iOS.

First, open "Settings" and press "Your Name".

Next, go to "Media and Purchases" and press "View Account".

Confirm your Apple ID shown at the top and press "Subscription" at the bottom of the screen.

In some cases, you will need to sign in.

Depending on the version of iOS, it may say "Registration".

The currently registered contents will be displayed, select FOD from the contents. Then the Cancel button will appear, and press that button to complete the cancellation procedure.

FOD TV application

For example, if you registered at Google Play Store, click "Payment and Subscription" from Google Account menu.

Select FOD in Subscription Purchase and press "Cancel Subscription Purchase". After canceling the subscription on the confirmation screen, you are done.

You will see a "Cancelled" message.

How to cancel FOD within the Amazon app

If you have registered within the Amazon app, you must first log in to your Amazon account.

Next, press "Manage App Library and Devices" from the top menu "Accounts & Lists.

Press "Android App Store" and then "Apps & Subscriptions Registration."

Select "Subscriptions", then "Actions" for "FOD Premium" in the list, and press "Turn off auto-renewal" to complete the cancellation process.

Notes on canceling FOD

While FOD has some things in common with other subscription-based video services, such as not being charged a monthly fee if you cancel during the free period, there are actually some differences that you may lose if you are not careful.

FOD service becomes unavailable when you cancel your subscription.

When you cancel your FOD subscription, you will lose access to the following services

You will not be able to watch any videos that you have purchased and have an expiration date remaining on them.

You will no longer be able to watch videos that you have subscribed to the monthly unlimited viewing course (each point course, FOD Premium course, ONE/TWO/NEXTsmart course).

You will no longer be able to use the unlimited magazine reading service and magazines you have purchased.

You will not be able to use the coins and points you have.

In other words, once you have registered, it is more economical to use the service until just before the last day of the period.

FOD's free trial period is 2 weeks.

Some video delivery platforms offer a free trial for a full month, such as 30 or 31 days, but unfortunately for FOD, it is 2 weeks. Since you can only register for free once, it does not mean that you can cancel once and register again for the next trial. We recommend that you consider both the registration and cancellation procedures carefully, and remember the timing of your registration to avoid being charged for a month's subscription.

Please note that, as stated on the FOD website, you will not be able to cancel your subscription between 3:00 and 3:15 every day if you cancel from the official website.

To download FOD videos

As explained earlier, FOD's paid content becomes unavailable the moment you cancel your subscription, so some of you may want to save them on your PC and watch them again during the Premium subscription period. For such people, we would like to introduce the StreamGaGa FOD Downloader, which allows you to easily download FOD videos with a single click.

The operation is very simple. You can download FOD videos by selecting the FOD icon from "VIP Service" or by directly copying and pasting the FOD video URL. Please refer to this page for specific instructions.

Method 1

Method 2:.

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