9 Solutions to Fix Netflix not Working on Vizio Smart TV [2022]

Netflix not Working on Vizio Smart TV? There are a few troubleshooting tips you could try out to get Netflix working on your Vizio TV again.

One of the main purposes people have for buying a smart TV is to have instant access to streaming services, including Live TV providers. Talking of streaming services, Netflix is practically the most popular option out there. There's no way you'd talk of streaming services without mentioning Netflix.

Well, it’s really a good service, has budget-friendly plans, and provides its subscribers with a massive library of on-demand titles. Netflix Originals are also top-notch and epic, which is one of the reasons a lot of people love the platform. Now, why is Netflix not working on Vizio Smart TV?

Actually, Vizio Smart TVs come with the Netflix app preinstalled already; you only need to sign in and start streaming. But then, for pretty different reasons, the Netflix app on your Vizio Smart TV may stop opening, or you may be finding it difficult to stream on the network. When this happens, hereunder are some fixes to try.

Why is Netflix not Working on Vizio Smart TV?

Netflix servers can get overwhelmed. Yes, such things happen, and when the servers are overwhelmed, they'd stop responding or go completely offline. Apparently, for as long as the servers are down, you cannot stream a movie or show on Netflix; you'd have to wait until the servers are back online.

However, asides from server outages and failures, there are other possible situations that can cause the Netflix app not to open, or a particular Netflix movie not to play on your TV. If it were on mobile phones, you'd be advised to clear the Netflix app's cache as a means of troubleshooting the issue.

But now, we're not talking about mobile phones. So, how do you fix Netflix issues on a Vizio smart TV? This article clearly explains how you can do this.

How to Fix Netflix Not Working on Vizio Smart TV?

There are a couple of workarounds you can try out to get Netflix working on your Vizio TV again, so you can enjoy your favorite content.

1. Turn Off the TV and Turn it Back On

This should be the first thing to do when your TV’s Netflix app suddenly stops working. However, this action follows a process - the process is explained below:

  • Turn off the Vizio TV
  • Unplug the power cable from the extension socket or wall socket
  • Wait for some minutes, let’s say 5 - 10 minutes
  • Plug back the power cable and turn the TV back on
  • Try streaming again on Netflix to see if the issue is fixed

Not fixed? Try other fixes below.

2. Update The Netflix App

Probably the Netflix app is out of date and your TV is not configured to automatically update its app. In this case, you have to manually update the Netflix app to the latest version available for your smart TV. This is pretty simple and easy to do.

  • Go to the Vizio App Store and find the Netflix app
  • Select the app and press the Yellow button on your Vizio remote
  • Select “Update” to update the highlighted app - Netflix
  • Wait for the update to be installed, then you can go back and try streaming again.

3. Check Your Internet Connection

You can’t stream on any service without having a strong and steady internet connection. If you’re on a capped data plan, check if you’ve exhausted your allocated data so you can renew and keep having a smooth internet experience. But if you’re on an unlimited plan, certainly, the issue isn’t about data, so, you should check the internet speed.

There are pretty many ways to check for internet speed. You could connect your mobile phone to the network and use any of the numerous internet speed checker tools to see how fast or slow your internet connection is. Apparently, if your internet is slow, that could be the reason Netflix isn’t working on your TV, you need to release some bandwidth and increase the speed.

4. Connect the TV to a Network

If you just got the TV new, and it’s your first smart TV, then chances are that you didn’t connect the TV to a network. To connect your Vizio smart TV to a network, follow the procedure below.

  • Press the “Menu” button on the remote and choose “Network.”
  • Connect the TV to your home WiFi network - to test the connection speed, select “Network Test” or “Connection Test.”

5. Clear the Error Code

Sometimes, Netflix may show you an error code when you try to play a video or movie. If this is your case, copy the error code, visit Netflix’s help page and search for how to clear the error code.

6. Update Your TV’s Firmware

Another possible reason why Netflix may not open on your TV is due to outdated TV firmware. When your Vizio TV’s firmware is well out of date, not only Netflix, but most of the streaming services’ apps won’t open. To update your TV’s firmware, follow the steps below.

  • Press the Menu button on your TV remote
  • Go to System settings and select Check for Updates
  • If there’s any update available, download it.

7. Black Screen? Reset Your Vizio Smart TV

You can fix the Vizio TV black screen by turning off the TV and unplugging it from power for some minutes - before plugging it back and turning on the TV. However, there's another way to fix that - resetting the TV. To reset a Vizio Smart TV black screen, follow the guide below.

  • Go to Menu >>> System >>> Reset & Admin
  • Select Reset to Factory Settings and allow the process to run completely

8. Switch to Another Network

If your current network is not showing fast speed, maybe you should switch to another network to see if the issue would be fixed. Mostly, it's network issues that make Netflix inaccessible to its users.

9. Uninstall and Reinstall the Netflix App

  • Visit Vizio App Store, find the Netflix app, and select it
  • Open the app page and select Remove/Uninstall
  • Once the app is removed from your TV, wait for some time, then Install/Download it back to the TV.

How To Download Netflix Shows for Offline Streaming

StreamGaGa Downloader

Okay, now that you’ve fixed Netflix not working on Vizio Smart TV, let’s talk about how you can save movies and TV shows from Netflix to your local storage. This is not about the built-in Netflix “Download” feature that lets you save movies and episodes for offline streaming.

In this case, you’d use a professional Netflix Downloader software, StreamGaGa Downloader. With the StreamGaGa Downloader software, you can save any movie, video, or episode from Netflix in MP4 format, and with high-quality audio tracks. This software app runs on Windows OS and it's intuitive.

Features of StreamGaGa Downloader

  • Saves Netflix videos in MP4 format with up to 1080p resolution quality
  • Allows you to save subtitles separately or remux into the video
  • Removes ads and digital limitations from the videos
  • Preserves the movies metadata info
  • Supports Batch Mode for multiple simultaneous downloads.

Steps to Download Netflix Videos Using StreamGaGa Downloader

First things first, you need to download and install the StreamGaGa on your computer system, then you can proceed with the steps below.

First Step:

Launch the program after installation and click on “VIP Services” on the left pane. You’d be presented with cards of various streaming services, look out for Netflix and click on it - then sign in to your account on the next pop-up window.

Second Step:

Once you're signed in, look for the movie or episode you want to download and start playing it. As the video plays, a download button would appear on the middle part of the playing window. Choose your preferred download options and click on the download button, then download the movies.

Third Step:

You can download multiple movies or episodes by repeating the two steps above. To view all ongoing downloads, click on the Downloading tab on the left pane. From the Downloading window, you can pause, resume, or cancel ongoing downloads.


Talking of Netflix not working on Vizio smart TVs? This article explains up to 9 possible ways to fix the issue and access your favorite streaming service. If you need to download Netflix movies to your PC or mobile device, use the StreamGaGa Netflix Downloader app.

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