Physical Season 2 Release Date, Cast, Plot – All We Know So Far

Physical, Apple TV+'s dark, 1980s-set comedy created by showrunner Annie Weisman and starring/executive-produced by Rose Byrne, has a Season 2 premiere date.

The Physical Season 1 aired on Apple TV+ from 18th June 2021 to 6th August 2021. While it received its fair share of criticism, the show was an instant hit too. This is because where else do you get mental health issues, an eating disorder, and many other problems beautifully depicted while representing the era of the 80s in San Diego?

With the first season receiving a beautiful response, the show's creators did not hold back. The Physical Season 2 was announced, while the show's first season was still airing in August 2021.

Hold your horses if you've watched Physical Season 1 and are eagerly waiting for Physical Season 2 Release Date. We have jotted down all we know so far about Physical Season 2. From its release date to the expected storyline and where you can watch it offline. Hop on below to get an insight.

When is the Release Date for Physical Season 2?

With almost a year to Physical airing the last episode from season 1 of the series, the audience has anticipatorily been waiting for the Physical season 2. While the production team or the cast hasn't given any hints for the physical season 2 release date, rumors are that it might just be near.

According to different sources, the Physical Season 2 Release Date is expected to fall in 2022 only. So, grab your popcorn because it might get announced tomorrow.

Physical Season 2 - The Cast and Crew

A fantastic and fitting cast is crucial to making a spectacular season, while a good storyline is essential. What got fans so intrigued by the show was the storyline and the cast, which did a fantastic job connecting to the audience.

The Physical Apple TV season 2 is expected to hold the same drama and comedy, with most of the main cast returning. The finale of the last season left the stories of many characters unresolved and the questions of its viewers hanging in the air. Along with Rose Byrne, other talented names like Ashley Liao, Lou Taylor Pucci, Rory Scovel, Dierdre Friel, Della Saba Paul Sparks, Ashley Liao, and Geoffrey Arend will be coming back.

What is the Storyline for the TV Show Physical?

Physical is an Apple TV+ show that depicts the 1980s San Diego era. The storyline circulates around a woman named Sheila Rubin (played by Rose Byrne), who lives a life as a protagonist. With an unappreciative husband and a child to take care of, Sheila lives a life away from her hopes and dreams.

However, every day, she takes one hour to do something she loves: exercise and aerobics. The story beautifully portrays a woman who feels the entire doom of the world on her and is etched with frustration and sadness taking it all out in an hour of aerobics for herself.

With each passing episode, you will observe just how Sheila learns to fight her demons and manifests a way to her success. The show is a strong message that there is always a beautiful end despite hurdles and many clashes in between. All you have to do is find the right path for yourself.

Physical Season 2 Trailer

Physical Season 2 has not released its official trailer yet. While the fans have speculations of what might happen in Physical Apple TV season 2, no trailer or pieces have been released yet.

However, the official trailer for season 1 was released on 27th May 2021. So, many fans are hopeful that possibly the Physical TV Show season 2 trailer might air around the same time frame.

What Happened in Physical Season 1?

With Physical season 2 expectedly nearing its release, we know fans might be looking for a quick look back on season 1. Considering how the show ended almost a year ago, there are possibilities you might have forgotten some key points. Here is what happened in the finale of season 1.

The last episode shows the Rubin's visiting the Logan family in LA and helping them to raise a fundraiser. Breem faces his demons while Sheila visits her parents and her past. She tries to leave aerobics behind but fails while Breem's money and Tyler's health meet unexpected shifts.

With such cliffhangers, now we wait for Physical season 2.

Where can I Watch Physical Season 1 and Season 2?

Physical Season 1 is available on Apple TV+ and the Physical Season 2 will soon be making its way there. However, there are many websites where you can watch it online and offline.

How to Watch Physical Season 2 Offline?

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Physical Season 2 will soon be making its way. While you may not have an Apple TV subscription or may worry about internet issues while watching shows, you can always download the Physical season 2 from your or someone else's Apple TV through StreamGaGa. The perks of watching shows offline are impressive, and StreamGaGa makes this experience even more worthwhile.


Q. Will there be a Physical Season 2?

Yes, the Physical Team announced Physical Season 2 while the season 1 was still airing. The show is expected to hit your screens in mid or late-2022.

Q. Who plays Greta's husband on Physical?

A. Ian Gomez plays Greta's Husband on Physical.

Q. Is Physical based on John Fonda?

A. While many people claimed that the TV character and the Academy Award winner had similar aspects in many parts of life, the show isn't related to Fonda's life or career.

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