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Peacock tem um desconto para estudantes 2022?

Os alunos não ficam decepcionados por não encontrar descontos para estudantes de pavão quando podem procurar outras maneiras.Continue lendo o artigo.

Peacock TV boasts a huge viewership from all age groups. It broadcasts a diverse range of programs from every genre. Think of Emmy’s Awards, Premier League matches, Yellowstone, WWE, theatrical movies, and Peacock’s exclusive originals.

Unfortunately, the highly in-demand content hides behind a paywall. Only a fraction of the content is free. Only the lucky ones having a VIP discount can unlock the paid content.

Also, there is heartbreaking news for students searching for a Peacock student discount, you would not find any, but students can avail of discounts in some other ways.

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Is There A Peacock Student Discount?

Peacock, NBC Universal’s streaming app is a hub of free shows and movies. Most of which is accessible only when you pay extra bucks. Is there a Peacock Student Discount? No is the straightforward answer. However, there are situations when the role of your cable company is crucial. Certain companies help you earn a reasonable discount or even free premium broadcast.

What Does Peacock Free Version Offer?

Peacock offers several subscription plans with one free tier. The free plan allows you to watch movies and TV shows but constraints. For instance, you can watch a few episodes of original content, an episode of Yellowstone, one or two seasons of The Office, and many movies but excluding the latest and high-profile ones. Besides, you can watch current TV seasons, TV classics, curated news and channels, sports, and Hispanic programs.

How Much Does Peacock Subscription Cost?

Peacock offers three subscription plans to its users which are as follows:

  • FreeTier: With limited access to the service catalog.
  • PeacockPremium: Inclusive tier offers full access to the catalog with ads, and costs $5 monthly or $50 yearly
  • PeacockPremiumPlus: All-inclusive tier also offers full access to the catalog with no ads and costs $10 monthly or $100 yearly. This tier allows downloading content for offline viewing.

Ways to get a budget-friendly Peacock Subscription

Cannot get a Peacock student discount, you can look for alternatives to cut down your subscription charges.

Peacock Promo Codes

Many Peacock Promo codes are available on the internet. A workable promo code can help you save a reasonable number of dollars on a Peacock subscription. These codes are valid for a limited period and expire soon. If you get one, use it immediately before it expires. Type the Peacock TV promo code on your browser. It opens a list of promo codes before you check out.

Xfinity or Cox Cable

Xfinity or Cox Cable is another way to watch free Peacock TV programming. Students usually have a knack for such things. The service enables you to stream an unlimited number of Peacock shows, movies, series, and documentaries without extra charges or even premium content. Students hurry up! Getting maximum streaming opportunities is just two steps away. First of all, sign up for Peacock TV. Then, connect your Xfinity or Cox account with your Peacock account and start streaming.

Spectrum TV

Spectrum TV is another way of enjoying the free Peacock premium plan. Even a qualified spectrum TV customer can avail of the opportunity for one year with a 90-day free Peacock premium subscription. What you need to do is go to to create a Peacock TV account. Connect your spectrum account to your Peacock account and activate premium access.

Similar Streaming Services with Student Discounts

Cannot find a Peacock student discount? There are some other platforms where you can watch Peacock for free. Here are a few ways to enjoy a free or subsidized Peacock subscription.

Amazon Prime Student Offer

Amazon prime offers one of the best free trials for students. Prime student gives you a free six-month amazon prime subscription. After a free trial, the cost is further reduced to $7.49 monthly which is half of the original cost.

Spotify Student Discount

Spotify introduces the best music and TV streaming option for just $4.99 per month. The plan includes ad-free access to Spotify Premium, Hulu, and Showtime. Moreover, you can enjoy one month of free service.

Paramount Plus

The most-favorite Paramount plus gives a 25% monthly student discount. You can live stream MTV, Comedy Central, and much more.


Hulu offers an unbelievably lucrative student offer at $1.99 per month. It gives full access to Hulu's original, TV shows, and movies.

YouTube Premium Student Discount

With YouTube Premium, you can watch ad-free videos with downloading options.

Apple TV Plus

Sign up for a student subscription. It would cost you $5.99 monthly giving access to thousands of songs and original content.

How to Download Peacock Videos for Offline Watching?

Downloading content for offline watching is a luxury that only Peacock Premium Plus users can enjoy. However, there is a solution to every problem, thanks to technology. WithStreamGaGa Peacock Downloader, you can download Peacock TV's popular content to watch later. The application gives you complete control of your downloading options. You can adjust audio, resolution, bulk download, subtitles, and ad-free video streaming.

How To Download Peacock Shows With StreamGaGa?

It is easy to download Peacock shows with StreamGaGa. Follow these steps.

  1. Download the application from the official StreamGaGa website. If you are new to StreamGaGa, you can try the free version.
  1. Launch the app, and select Peacock TV in VIP Services.
  2. Play your video and select the language for the audio and subtitles.
  3. Click on “Download Now” to enjoy your Peacock videos happily.


Peacock TV is the first choice of entertainment lovers, especially for students form a segment of the Peacock user group. The struggling fellows look forward to different ways to entertain themselves at less cost. They usually wonder how they can get a Peacock student discount. Are you one such fellow? Hope these strategies for you to watch Peacock without spending a penny are helpful.


Is there a free trial for Peacock?

Peacock TV offers a seven-day free trial to its new subscribers. During the free trial, you can watch as many movies and TV shows.

How can I get Peacock free trial?

You can access a free trial without any activation code. Sign up on the Peacock TV website. Enter your details and select your Peacock plan.

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