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How to Watch Paramount Plus on Roku? (Easy & Qucik)

Sign up for Paramount Plus and activate the channel with Roku code to enjoy non-stop entertaining content on Roku Paramount Plus.

Roku Paramount Plus offers access to Paramount+ originals, thousands of movies, TV episodes, and shows from channels like MTV, CBS, Nickelodeon, BET, etc. Roku device allows you to stream more than 50000 entertainment channels and shows to your TV. You can get Paramount Plus on Roku by signing up for the streaming service, adding, and finally activating Paramount Plus on Roku via the Paramount plus com roku code.

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List of Roku Devices Compatible with Roku Paramount Plus

Is Paramount Plus on Roku? Yes, Paramount Plus is available on Roku. Now that we know about the availability of Paramount Plus on Roku, the next thing is to find out about the list of Roku devices compatible with Paramount Plus.

Following Roku devices are compatible with Paramount Plus:

  • Roku LT
  • Roku Ultra LT
  • Roku Ultra
  • Roku Premiere and Premier+
  • Roku Express and Express+
  • Roku Streaming Stick
  • Roku TV 4k
  • Roku 2

Some of the devices have become obsolete and no longer support Paramount Plus. The following Roku devices are not compatible with Roku Paramount Plus:

  • Roku 2 HD (3000X)
  • Roku LT (2400X and 2450X)
  • Roku HD (2500X)
  • Roku Streaming Stick 3400X and 3420X

Steps to Watch Paramount Plus on Roku

Roku Paramount Plus and adding Paramount Plus on Roku involves signing up for Paramount Plus and inserting the paramount plus com roku code to activate Paramount Plus on Roku.

Add Paramount Channel on Roku Paramount Plus

To add Paramount Channel on your Roku device:

  • Press the Home button on the remote
  • Click on Streaming Channels
  • Choose Paramount Plus (Paramount Plus Roku) as a streaming channel
  • When you have selected Paramount Plus, click on Add Channel to finish adding Paramount Plus to your Roku device.

Sign Up for Paramount Plus Roku

The next step for watching Paramount Plus on Roku is by signing up for Paramount Plus. Roku Paramount Plus is available as a Roku channel and is quite simple to install.

  • Navigate to Home Screen. Click on the Paramount plus icon present on the Home page
  • Click on the Paramount Plus app
  • When the app opens, choose the Sign-up option
  • Select the type of subscription, whether basic or premium and the billing cycle
  • As you have created a Roku account, insert your Roku code (paramount plus com roku code)

To Sign in to Roku Paramount Plus:

  • Choose Paramount Plus on Roku
  • Click on Sign in
  • Choose On My TV
  • Input your login details in the space provided on the screen
  • Click on Sign in

Activate Roku Paramount Plus

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After you have signed up for Roku Paramount Plus, the next step is to activate Paramount Plus on the Roku device. When you have signed up, an activation code will appear on the screen. Log onto paramount on another web browser to activate Roku.

  • Launch the Paramount Plus app and input your login credentials
  • when the app opens, an activation code will appear on the screen. Note down the code and save it on your phone
  • Go to on your web browser
  • Insert the activation code
  • Click on Continue

Is Paramount Plus on Roku TV?

Yes, along with other Roku devices, the Paramount Plus channel is available to stream on Roku TV. Open "Channel Store" on Roku TV and install Paramount Plus by following the abovementioned steps.

Free VS Paid Roku Paramount Plus

Although Paramount Plus is free on Roku, you have to buy a subscription plan to watch content offered by the channel. Before buying either of the two subscription plans, you can get a 7-day free trial to experience how Paramount Plus works. After the trial period ends, you will be charged a fixed fee according to your subscription plan.

The basic plan, known as the essential plan, costs around $4.99/month. This subscription plan allows you to watch Paramount Plus originals, sports events, and live shows with a minimum number of ads.

The premium tier is priced at $9.99/month. The premium plan allows you to access the same content as the ad-supported tier but with Dolby Vision, High Definition, and a smartphone download option.

How to Fix Roku Paramount Plus not Working?

Paramount Plus may not work because of an unstable internet connection, a problem with the Roku device, or an issue with the Paramount Plus app. To fix Paramount Plus not working on Roku, improve your internet connection, fix issues with the Paramount Plus app, or update your Roku device.

Improve Internet Connection

Paramount Plus requires a stable internet connection to stream content without interruption. Ensure your internet speed is at least 5 Mbps to watch movies and shows. For watching movies in HDR and Dolby Vision, you will need more than 5 Mbps.

Fix Issues with Paramount Plus App

The easiest way to fix bugs and errors is to delete and reinstall the Paramount Plus app. Reinstalling the app will remove unnecessary files and improve performance. Press '*' on Roku remote and select 'Remove Channel.' Now Restart the Roku device and reinstall Paramount Plus.

Update Your Roku Device

Updating your Roku device will clear the cache and resolve issues with the Paramount Plus app.

  • Navigate to Settings
  • Click on System
  • Choose System Update
  • Now click on Check Now to update the device

How to Download Paramount Plus Videos for Offline Watching?

When slow internet ruins your streaming experience on Roku Paramount Plus, StreamGaGa Paramount Plus Downloader is the solution to your online streaming woes. StreamGaGa Paramount Plus Downloader allows you to download movies and shows from Paramount Plus in HD resolution ads free.

The software lets you download your favorite shows with your preferred audio and subtitles. The Batch mode downloads the entire series in less than 20 minutes.

Easy steps to download Paramount Plus videos:

  • Launch StreamGaGa Downloader
  • Choose Paramount Plus as your streaming channel
  • Select audio and subtitles
  • Click on Download

You can also view the articles on how to activate Paramount Plus on Samsung and how to download Paramount Plus videos.


Can I watch Paramount Plus in 4K on a Roku device?

Paramount Plus allows you to stream content in 4k if you have a premium subscription.

Can You Cancel Paramount Plus on Roku?

To cancel Paramount Plus on Roku, go to Manage Subscription and then click on Cancel Subscription.

What devices does Paramount Plus support besides Roku?

Paramount Plus supports Android phones, iPhones, Smart TV, gaming consoles, Apple TV, Android TV, Fire TV, and other devices like Chromecast.

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