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What Channel is PBS on DirecTV? (latest 2023)

Want to know on what channel PBS is on DirecTV? Then you are in the right place because, in this guide, we will tell you everything you want to know about PBS.

Public Broadcasting services, known as PBS, is an American public broadcaster founded in 1969. It is known as the major Channel of educational TV content, but PBS doesn't broadcast all the programs produced by the network. A major collection of PBS programs is brought to you by its official members, such as Twin Cities, American Public Television and many more.

As a distributor, this channel offers TV content to over 350 member stations, many of which are owned by educational institutions. If you are a fan of educational content, you must be glad to know that it is also available on DirecTV, and in this guide, we will tell you what channel is PBS on DirecTV.

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Is PBS on DirecTV?

In the USA, PBS uses local stations and local channels to broadcast. The Main PBS station is available on all the DirecTV plans, including local channels. But if you live outside the US region, then ensure this with DirecTV.

The Entertainment package of DirecTV offers all the local channels, including PBS, so you will need at least this package to watch this channel on DirecTV. If PBS is not included in your package, upgrade your plan.

What Channel is PBS on DirecTV?

After getting the right package with PBS included, now you will need to know what channel PBS on DirecTV to begin watching educational content on your device.

PBS is available on channel number 389 on DirecTV, but if this channel is not available on 389, check channel number 30. In the USA, PBS is on 389 in most cases.

Once you have located the channel, you can add it to your favorite list to find it again easily. Because DirecTV offers you to add your favorite channels to a list so that you don't lose them ever again.

How to Watch PBS on DirecTV?

To watch PBS on DirecTV, you must select a plan that includes PBS in its channel library. Here is the list of plans offered by DirecTV

Package Channel Count PBS availability Per Month
Entertainment 160+ Yes $64.99
Choice 185+ Yes $69.99
Ultimate 250+ Yes $84.99
Premier 330+ Yes $134.99

Luckily DirecTV offers PBS with all their plans; now, how to get DirecTV. To get DirecTV to pick up your phone and then call on 1-866-996-2797. Tell them your Package and which channels you need.

Customer service will guide you on what to do next; follow those instructions to get DirecTV with PBS.

Popular Shows on PBS

Here are the top 5 shows available on PBS

1. My Mother and Other Strangers

In this show, the Coyne family live in a small village with their neighbors in Ireland. This show is based on World War 2. Their lives were perfect, but suddenly U.S army air forces landed in their village and disorganized their lives.

2. Prime Suspect

This is a crime drama in which detective Jane Tennison solves complex cases. She has to face many challenges as a female detective in a male-dominated profession.

3. The Durrells in Corfu

This is one of the greatest shows available to watch on PBS right now. This series has been aired on PBS for a very long time; if you haven't watched it, don't wait for more.

4. Sherlock

If you haven't heard about this season, then you are very behind in time because this season is one of the best detective seasons in the world. In this season the detective named Sherlock solved unsolved cases. Sherlock is a born genius and has a natural ability to solve cases.

5. Little Women

Little Woman is a story of four sisters, Jo, Amy, Beth and Meg, living in America with their mother. Their father is an army man fighting in the civil war. This story tells us how these sisters grew up and worked hard to find their place in the world.

These are the top 5 shows available on PBS to watch.

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On what channel is PBS on DirecTV in NC?

PBS is available on channel number 30/42/58 of DirecTV NC

Is PBS available in Asia?

No, PBS is not officially available in the Asia region, but we never know in future it will be available in Asia.

What channel number is PBS on DirecTV LA?

You will find this channel on 24, 50 and 58 on DirecTV LA

What is the customer number of DirecTV?

If you need any information about DirecTV, you can dial 1-855-820-1220
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