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[2023] How Long Do Netflix Downloads Last? How to Remove the Limit Time?

How long do Netflix downloads last? A few days. Netflix downloads may quench your thirst but for a limited time frame. Stay tuned if you want to extend your Netflix downloads for a long time.

Netflix is undoubtedly the pioneer of the streaming service industry for offering content that caters to the tastes of a huge viewer spectrum over the globe. With its diverse library, not only does it offer movies and TV series through distribution deals but it creates its unique production.

Initially, they sold and rented DVDs by mail. In 2007, they introduced video-on-demand and streaming media that replaced many older ways of watching movies and series.


As a Netflix account holder, you can download a few things on your device to watch offline or on the go. Sadly, these downloads expire after a fixed time. This article will guide you everything about Netflix download expire time and the way to continue enjoying expired Netflix shows.

And since you're here, you may also be interested in Netflix download features and the way to bypass Netflix DRM for unrestricted offline viewing.

Can You Download Movies on Netflix?

Can you download on Netflix? Of course YES. You can download Netflix shows on your Android/iOS phones, tablets and Windows PCs and enjoy them offline! Like other streaming services, Netflix also offers download features for its subscribers.

How to download shows on Netflix?


To begin with, you must prepare the following 3 necessary items in advance to get Netflix downloads:

  • A stable internet connection
  • Supported devices:
    • Android phone or tablet
    • iPhone or iPad
    • Windows 10 or Windows 11 computer
    • Amazon Fire tablet
    • Google Chromebook
  • An active Netflix account

If you've got all of the above items, you can follow these simple steps to get your favorite Netflix shows downloaded through the official Netflix app.

  1. Find and install the Netflix app in your device;
  2. Open the Netflix app. Select the title with the Downloads icon, or browser all shoes available for download through Downloads>>Find More to Download;
  3. Tap the Downloadbutton below the Play button. It will initiate the download.
  4. The download takes a few moments. Tap the Downloads button at the bottom of the page to watch it offline.

How long do downloads last on Netflix?


How long do Netflix downloads last? The duration for which a download stays on your device depends on the title and license agreement. Some titles do not even allow downloading at all. In most cases, the download stays for 7 days.Some also have a limit on how many times they can be downloaded per year.

Others that allow a less than seven-day download time would display the remaining time next to the title on the Download page. Some downloads expire in two days. What's more, it should be noted that once you begin to play a downloaded video, it will expire after 48 hours, which means that you should finish enjoying it within 48 hours.

Why Do Netflix Downloads Expire?


Multiple factors are responsible for this. Firstly, it is about DRM (Digital Rights Management). It works in two tiers. It is about the media format that is readable on their site or app only and the timer downloaded content that needs to be refreshed at a specific time.

Secondly, it is something to do with license checking. How long Netflix downloads last, also depends on the app’s cleaning up of the device to free extra storage space.

How to Enjoy Expired Netflix Show?

Then, can you enjoy the videos for another time when Netflix downloads expire? The answer is YES! There are two useful ways to allow you enjoy expired Netflix shows.

Redownload videos once it expires

How long do Netflix downloads last? Like mentioned before, Netflix downloads evade soon after download. An orange exclamation mark appears in front of expired videos.One way to re-view your expired downloaded Netflix videos is tore-download them after expiry:

  1. Go to the downloaded tab. Click on the orange expiry mark.
  2. A pop-up appears on the screen. Tap on Renew in the menu to start downloading.
  3. The re-downloaded content appears for you to watch to your satisfaction.

However, you should notice that the redownload number is also limited.You cannot extend the expired video if you have crossed the per-year download limit.

How long do Netflix downloads last? For a short time. But, you can download the expired title again and again unless you reach its annual download limit. How many times a video can be downloaded, varies for each video. This is what most binge-watchers hate about Netflix.

Remove Netflix download limit time

Another much more efficient and convenient way is to break Netflix download limit. There is always a question "How do I stop a Netflix download from expiring?", "Can I extend the Netflix downloads?". Luckily, there is always a solution.

To remove Netflix download limit time and get rid of annoying expiration is pretty easy, all you need is a clean and safe third-party software that can allow you to download Netflix shows without DRM in compatible MP4 format. This solution will be explained in detail in next section.

How to Download Netflix ShowsOffline without Expiration?

Can downloads stay with you forever? Most respondents would say No. but, worry not. Here is a quick fix for you named StreamGaGa Netflix Downloader. The application is a handy tool that helps you download an unlimited number of Netflix videos in the device’s supported file format.

The application yields MP4 downloads with the best sound and video quality up to 4K. SteamGaGa can also help you download the subtitles ofeach Netflix video separately, and embrace ad-free offline viewing no matter which Netflix plan you subscribe to.And don't worry! You can try the free trial for 3 times before making any purchase.

Above all, it frees you from the worries of the restrictions of time, space, and connectivity. To know more about the features, visit StreamGaGa Netflix Downloader. The following is a guide on how to use it.

Step 1

Download and install StreamGaGa Netflix Downloaderon your Windows PC/Mac from the mentioned official website or just clicking on the following download buttons:

Step 2

Launch StreamGaGa, navigate to VIP Services and find Netflix.


Step 3

Login your Netflix account with the build-in browser. Please be assured that we will not steal any of your personal information or use it for other purposes.


Step 4

Browse the Netflix library to pick one video you want to download and play it. Once you do this, StreamGaGa will begin to analyze the URL and prepare for downloading. Then a pop-up will show for you to customize your download settings. You may choose your video and audio, and select subtitlesfiles.


Step 5

When the settings are done, you may click on Download Now to initiate the download process. Your Netflix shows will be downloaded in MP4 in no time. Enjoy your Netflix downloads without any restrictions!


Netflix has set unprecedented standards of amazing content. It has given tough competition to other streaming services. Enjoying your favorite shows at home is one of the best forms of entertainment in the world especially if you can watch it without the limitations of time, download time, internet speed, and space.

Does Netflix download expire? YES. And when do Netflix downloads expire? Only aftera couple of days. However, with the help of StreamGaGa Netflix Downloader, you can extend the video expiry time to a lifetime. Try StreamGaGa and shake off the Netflix download time limit NOW!


Q1. On which devices can I download Netflix?

A1. You need the latest Netflix app version on any of these devices.

  • Android tab or phone with Android 4.4.2 or newer version.
  • iPhone, iPod touch, or iPad with iOS 9.0 or later version
  • Tablet or computer with windows 11 or windows 10 with 1709 or newer version
  • Amazon Fire tablet with fire OS 4.0 or later
  • Some Chrome book and chrome box models

Q2. What are the cons of Netflix downloads?

A2. It is quite easy to download videos from the Netflix app. But, you might face a few shortcomings in terms of how long do Netflix downloads last.

  • Not every title is available for download.
  • You can have 100 downloads at a time on each device included in your subscription plan.
  • The downloads would disappear on cancellation of the Netflix account.
  • Downloads expire after some specific time.
  • There is also a limitation on how many times you can download a title in a year.
  • Kids' profiles cannot watch the downloaded content owing to its maturity rating.

Q3. How can I extend the expiration period of a downloaded video using StreamGaGa Netflix Downloader?

A3. StreamGaGa Netflix Downloader allows you to extend the expiration period of downloaded Netflix videos. You can use the downloader to download Netflix shows in MP4 without DRM for permanent viewing. Alternatively, you can transfer the downloaded video to another device and watch it offline there.

Q4. How many downloads can you hold on Netflix?

A4. Netflix allows you to download up to 100 titles on a maximum of five devices simultaneously. However, the duration of Netflix downloads varies depending on the title and license. If you want to continue watching them, you’ll need to redownload them. Keep in mind, though, that certain titles may have a limit on the number of times you can download them.

Q5. Is it legal to use StreamGaGa Netflix Downloader?

A5. Yes, StreamGaGa Netflix Downloader is designed to assist users in downloading their preferred content from Netflix for personal viewing convenience. As long as the downloaded videos are used for personal entertainment and not for violating copyright laws or commercial purposes, it is generally considered an acceptable and legal practice. It is important, however, to adhere to the appropriate legal guidelines and usage rules while utilizing the StreamGaGa Netflix Downloader.

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