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Reasons why you can't download works on U-NEXT and what to do about it.

Learn why and how to deal with the non-downloadable films on EUNEXT. download easily with the StreamGaGa U-NEXT downloader.

As one of the largest video distribution services in Japan, EUNEXT offers a wide variety of contents such as movies, dramas, and animations. However, did you know that there are some movies that cannot be downloaded on EUNEXT? In fact, some movies on EUNEXT have a limited download function and cannot be viewed offline. This is due to copyright and contractual reasons, but it is very inconvenient.

So, this article will explain in detail why some works cannot be downloaded on Eunext and how to deal with it. We will also tell you that you can easily download works that cannot be downloaded on EUNEXT by using a convenient tool called StreamGaGa U-NEXT Downloader. Please read to the end.

Movies that cannot be downloaded on U-NEXT and the reasons why

Some of the movies on EUNEXT are restricted from downloading and cannot be viewed offline. This is due to copyright and contractual reasons. So, what exactly are the restricted downloads?

Examples of restricted downloads


Eunext offers more than 13,000 movies, of which about 1,000 are not available for download. Some of the movies that are not available for download include.

  • Disney, Pixar, Marvel, Star Wars, and other Disney-related films
  • Warner-based films such as the Harry Potter series and Fantastic Beasts series
  • Universal-affiliated films such as the Jurassic Park series and the Minions series
  • 20th Century Fox titles such as Titanic and Avatar

Due to competition and exclusivity agreements with other video services such as Disney Plus and HBO Max, EuNext does not offer download capabilities for these titles.


More than 16,000 dramas are available on Eunext, of which about 2,000 or so are not available for download. Dramas that are not available for download include.

  • Foreign dramas such as Game of Thrones and Chernobyl
  • Domestic dramas such as Runaway is Shameful but Useful and Hanzawa Naoki

Due to copyright protection periods and regional restrictions for foreign dramas, and contracts with broadcasters and production companies for domestic dramas, EUNExt does not offer a download function.


More than 10,000 animations are available on EUNExt, of which about 1,000 are not available for download. Anime that cannot be downloaded include the following

  • Long-running serialized works such as One Piece and Dragon Ball
  • Popular works such as Evangelion and Code Geass
  • Works for children such as Digimon and Pokemon

These works are not available for download on Yunext due to contracts with broadcasters and production companies for long-running serialized works, and with the original creators and publishers for popular works.

Reasons for download restrictions

There are two main reasons why some works are restricted for download


Video distribution services require permission from copyright holders for works to be distributed. However, copyright holders may not want their works to be downloaded. For example, they may want to avoid competition with other video distribution services, or they may want to offer their work exclusively.

Thus, depending on the copyright holder's wishes, Yunext may restrict the download function.


Video distribution services require not only permission from copyright holders for the works to be distributed, but also contracts for distribution periods and conditions. For example, depending on the contract with the broadcaster or production company, you may only be able to distribute for a certain period of time after the broadcast date.

How to watch works that cannot be downloaded on EUNExt

You have learned that there are some works that cannot be downloaded on EUNExt. So, is there any way to watch such works? Actually, there are three ways

Watch them online

Even if a film is not available for download on Eunext, it is possible to watch it online. EUNEXT can be viewed on a variety of devices, including smartphones, tablets, computers, and TVs. As long as you have an Internet connection, you can enjoy your favorite works anytime, anywhere.

However, online viewing may be affected by the speed and stability of your Internet connection. Please be aware of communication charges, especially when viewing high-definition videos, as the amount of communication will be high.

Use other video streaming services.

Even if a movie cannot be downloaded on U-next, it may be possible to download it on other video distribution services. For example, Disney-related works can be downloaded on Disney Plus, Warner-related works can be downloaded on HBO Max, and Universal-related works can be downloaded on Amazon Prime Video. Also, domestic dramas and animations can be downloaded from Paravi and dAnime Store.

However, please note the following points when using other video distribution services.

*There may be a limit to the download period or number of times you can download. Other video distribution services may only allow you to save downloaded works for a certain period of time or view them a certain number of times. There may also be a limit to the number of works that can be downloaded at the same time.

Using video download software

Another option is to use video download software. This is the use of software or tools to download videos directly from online. Many video download software will allow users to download videos from a specified URL and watch them offline. Below are some of the recommended video download software.

StreamGaGa U-NEXT Downloader Features and Usage

We have introduced methods of viewing works that cannot be downloaded on U-NEXT, such as watching them online or using other video distribution services. However, each of these methods has its own advantages and disadvantages. So, are you wondering if there is a more convenient way to watch works that cannot be downloaded on EUNEXT? Actually, there is. That is StreamGaGa U-NEXT Downloader.

What is StreamGaGa U-NEXT Downloader?

StreamGaGa U-NEXT Download er is a tool that allows you to easily download EUNEXT videos. With this tool, you can download all the movies, including those that are not available on U-NEXT. This tool has the following features and advantages

Features Download
High-speed download StreamGaGa U-NEXT Downloader boasts fast download speeds. U-NEXT videos can be downloaded in seconds to minutes with this tool, whereas it may take several minutes to tens of minutes with the normal download function. You can also download multiple videos at the same time.
High Quality Preservation StreamGaGa U-NEXT Downloader can save high quality videos. U-NEXT videos are available in full HD quality, up to 1080p, and this tool allows you to download them in their original quality. The audio and subtitles can also be saved in their original form.
Various Formats Supported StreamGaGa U-NEXT Downloader supports a wide variety of formats. U-NEXT videos can only be viewed with a dedicated app or browser, but this tool can convert them to MP4, MKV, and other popular formats for download. This allows you to watch them on a variety of devices and players.

How to use StreamGaGa U-NEXT Downloader

The StreamGaGa U-NEXT downloader is a very easy to use tool. Please follow the steps below.

Step 1: Install StreamGaGa U-NEXT Downloader

First, download StreamGaGa U-NEXT Downloader from the official website and install it on your PC. This software is compatible with both macOS and Windows, so please download the appropriate version for your device.

Step 2: Access to U-NEXT

Next, access the U-NEXT website using StreamGaGa's built-in browser and login with your account.

Step 3: Select and Play Video

Select the video you wish to download and begin playback.

Step 4: Select download settings

Once the video begins playing, the download settings screen will appear. Here you can select the format of the video to save (e.g. mp4), the quality, and whether or not subtitles are available.

Step 5: Downloading the video

Once all settings are complete, click the "Download" button to begin downloading the video. Once the download is complete, the video will be saved to the specified folder and can be viewed offline.

These are the features and usage of StreamGaGa U-NEXT Downloader. With this tool, you can easily download movies that are not available on U-NEXT. Please take this opportunity to try it out.


How was your experience? In this article, we have summarized the reasons why some works cannot be downloaded on EUNExt and how to deal with them. For copyright and contractual reasons, Eunext restricts the download function for some works. There are two ways to watch such works: by watching them online or by using other video distribution services, each of which has its own advantages and disadvantages. Therefore, we introduced a tool called StreamGaGa U-NEXT Downloader as a more convenient way to watch works that cannot be downloaded on U-NEXT. This tool is fast, high quality, supports a variety of formats, and is very easy to use. Please use this tool and enjoy U-NEXT videos to the fullest. 😊

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