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Complete explanation of the maximum download limit for U-NEXT videos and how to break through it.

A detailed explanation of the maximum download limit for U-NEXT videos and how to break through it. This is a must-see for those who want to know the optimal viewing method.

Have you ever tried to download your favorite videos on U-NEXT only to be faced with a sudden "Download limit reached" message? This limitation can make it difficult to watch videos while traveling or in poor communication environments.

But don't worry. This article provides a complete explanation of what U-NEXT's download limit is and how to break through it. It is packed with tips to make your U-NEXT experience more comfortable. Now, get over the limit and enjoy U-NEXT more freely!

What is U-NEXT?

U-NEXT is a Japanese OTT content platform operated by U-NEXT Corporation, a subsidiary of USEN-NEXT HOLDINGS. On March 31, 2023, U-NEXT announced that it will merge with Paravi, a video distribution service in the same industry operated by Premium Platform Japan. As a result, the largest video distribution service in Japan with sales of over 80 billion yen, approximately 360,000 distributed contents, and over 3.85 million users was born.

U-NEXT's fee plans are as follows

  • Monthly plan: For 2,189 yen per month (including tax), you can watch as many movies as you want, use unlimited magazine reading service, and receive 1,200 points every month. Points can be used to watch paid movies and purchase e-books.
  • Monthly Plan 1490: For 1,639 yen/month (tax included), you can watch as many movies as you want and read as many magazines as you want. No points are awarded. This plan is no longer available for new customers.
  • Music Channel Point Service: For an additional 539 yen per month (tax included), you can use "SMART USEN", a radio-type unlimited music listening application. You will receive 600 points per month, of which 539 yen can be used to pay for the service, so you can use the service virtually for free.
  • NHK All-you-can-watch package: For 990 yen (tax included) added to the monthly plan, you can watch all NHK productions, including NHK's morning dramas and historical dramas, as much as you want. The service is virtually free of charge, as you can pay with the 1,200 points granted with your monthly plan.
  • Karaoke Service: For an additional 1,089 yen per month (tax included), you can sing more than 20,000 songs as many times as you like.

What is H-NEXT?

In addition to general content such as movies, dramas, and animations, U-NEXT also offers adult videos for under 18s. H-NEXT is a dedicated adult video service within U-NEXT, with approximately 60,000 videos available.

H-NEXT is a video delivery service exclusively for adult videos offered as the "other handsome" genre of U-NEXT. With more than 40,000 unlimited viewing titles, H-NEXT offers more titles than any other service, including AV from FALENO exclusive actresses and even MGS (Prestige), which has withdrawn from FANZA.

U-NEXT members can also view H-NEXT content for 2,189 yen/month (tax included), and Amazon offers 30, 90, and 180-day unlimited viewing codes for H-NEXT.

Advantages of downloading U-NEXT and H-NEXT videos

The biggest advantage of downloading U-NEXT videos is that you can watch them offline; if you download them when you are connected to Wi-Fi, you can enjoy them on the go without worrying about transmission volume, even when you are out of signal range.

U-NEXT and H-NEXT offer a download function that allows users to enjoy content while on the go or on the move, but this official download function has the disadvantages of a limited viewing period and a limited number of works that can be downloaded.

What are the limitations of the official download function?

When using the official download function of U-NEXT, the viewing period of downloaded content is limited to a maximum of 48 hours. This is not a period of time during which you can safely enjoy the contents even if you are unable to access the Internet for several days due to travel or business trips.

U-NEXT also has a limit on the number of contents that can be stored, with a maximum of 25 downloads at a time. This also makes it difficult to enjoy a large number of works at once.

The ultimate tool for unlimited downloading of U-NEXT and H-NEXT videos

StreamGaGa U-NEXT Downloader exists as a way to overcome the limitations of the official download function and enjoy content more freely.

Features of StreamGaGa U-NEXT Downloader

Below are some of its features.

  • Support for numerous video delivery sites: StreamGaGa downloader supports not only U-NEXT but also other video delivery sites such as Netflix and Amazon Prime Video. You can download videos from a wide range of genres.
  • Fast and stable downloads: StreamGaGa U-NEXT Downloader is capable of fast and stable downloads. In addition, downloading is smooth and unaffected by network conditions.
  • Selectable file format and quality after downloading: StreamGaGa U-NEXT Downloader allows you to select file format and quality after downloading, including conversion to popular file formats such as MP4 and MKV, and adjustment to high or low resolutions such as 1080p and 720p. You can also adjust the resolution to high or low, such as 1080p or 720p. You can configure the settings to suit your preferences and devices.
  • Easy to use, even for beginners: StreamGaGa U-NEXT Downloader is easy to use, even for beginners.

How to use the StreamGaGa U-NEXT downloader

Using StreamGaGa U-NEXT Downloader is very easy. Here are the steps

Step 1: Install StreamGaGa U-NEXT Downloader

First, download the StreamGaGa U-NEXT Downloader from the official website and install it on your PC. This software is compatible with both macOS and Windows, so please download the appropriate version for your device.

Step 2: Access to U-NEXT

Next, access the U-NEXT website using StreamGaGa's built-in browser and login with your account.

Step 3: Select and Play Video

Select the video you wish to download and begin playback.

Step 4: Select download settings

Once the video begins playing, the download settings screen will appear. Here you can select the format of the video to save (e.g. mp4), the quality, and whether or not subtitles are available.

Step 5: Downloading the video

Once all settings are complete, click the "Download" button to begin downloading the video. Once the download is complete, the video will be saved to the specified folder and can be viewed offline.


While U-NEXT and H-NEXT are convenient online video delivery services, certain limitations exist in their official download functions. However, by using a tool like StreamGaGa U-NEXT downloader, you can overcome these limitations and enjoy high quality content more freely. Please take this opportunity to give it a try.

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