Why Does Paramount Plus Have Commercials?

Does Paramount Plus have commercials? The essential subscription plan contains ads. You may also see some ads with the premium plan.

In 2021, CBS all access came forward with the nameParamount Plus. This platform soon gained popularity as it offers thousands of old and new TV shows, classics, and movies. Compared to the other services, Paramount Plus offers tons of streaming content at a relatively less price. Many people prefer to use Paramount Plus as a replacement for TV cable.

People expect cord-cutting services to have no ads. The commercials in between streaming cause interruptions and ruin the fun. Paramount Plus offers a premium plan without ads. However, people still complain that they encounter commercials in the ad-free version.

What is the reason behind this? In this article, you will read about whydoes Paramount Plus have commercialsand more. So, keep reading.

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Paramount Plus Subscription Plans

You might be seeing the commercials because of the plan you have subscribed to. Paramount Plus has two subscription plans for its viewers.

Essential Plan

The Essential plan costs only $4.99 per month. You can get 16% off if you get an annual plan for $49.99 per year. This plan contains commercials and does not include local live CBS. However, you can still watch NFL and other champion leagues on other live feeds.

Premium Plan

It is the commercial-free version that costs a little more than the essential plan. You can get this plan for $9.99 per month. Subscribe to the annual plan to get a 16% off per month price for $99.99 per year.Does Paramount Plus have commercialswith the premium plan? No, this plan provides seamless ad-free streaming with live local CBS station. However, live TV streaming does have a few commercials.

Why does Premium Plan have commercials?

If you have the Essential plan, you are bound to see commercials. The ads allow the company to provide a service at a low price. However, the premium plan claims to provide ad-free service to the viewers. Many subscribers complain that they see ads despite having the premium plan.

The reason you see commercials is that the ad-free policy only applies to external companies. You may not see ads from other companies, but you will still see Paramount Plus ads. The main aim of these ads is to keep the audience aware of the latest content.

Such ads can be useful as they can help you explore more shows and movies you might want to watch. Such ads are not shown by mistake and are a part of the deal. Paramount Plus uses these ads to promote its shows.

Sometimes you might experience some ads from outside companies. Such ads are associated with the production or company associated with the show you are watching. You might see commercials because of the programming agreement.

Ads with Live Content

As you read above, besides the ad-free experience, the premium plan also allows you to stream local CBS channels. With the premium plan, you get to stream CBS live without any additional charges.

People complain that CBS live has ads, though they are using the premium plan. The reason is that the live broadcast is what the channel is showing in the live TV stream. Paramount Plus cannot remove the ads from live TV. So, you cannot get rid of live TV ads even with the premium plan.

The ad-free policy does not apply to live TV whether it is local CBS or some other channel.

Ads with Free Trial

Do you not know which plan to pick? Luckily, Paramount Plus offers a week-long free trial. You have to sign up and select a plan to start the free trial. The free trial works with both plans and you can cancel it any time before completing seven days. In this way, you will not get charged a penny.

If you have started a free trial with the Essential plan, you will see ads with all of the content. The premium plan will also contain some Paramount plus. The free trial of the plans works in the same way as the original plan.

How to Download Paramount Plus Videos Without Ads?

As you have read above, there is no way to watch Paramount Plus completely without ads. The good news is that you can still watch this service without ads. How? You may wonder. You can watch Paramount Plus videos by downloading them on your device. After saving a video offline, you can watch it without any ads or commercials.

StreamGaGa Paramount Plus Downloader is a web app service that enables you to download videos for free. Here is how you can download Paramount Plus videos using StreamGaGa.

  • Download and open the StreamGaGa installed app on your PC.
  • Select the “VIP Services” option in the sidebar and choose “Paramount Plus”.
  • Log in to your Paramount Plus account. Browse the video content and click on the video you want to download.
  • Select the audio and subtitles options and click on the “Download Now” button.

That is it, wait for the download to complete. You can even add multiple videos to the queue. After downloading the video, you can watch it without ads.


So, does Paramount Plus have commercials? The answer is yes, you may experience ads while watching Paramount Plus no matter what plan you are using. The essential plan has non-skippable ads. While the premium plan has some Paramount Plus. Commercials between streaming cause disruption in your shows. To avoid commercials at any cost, you can download videos using StreamGaGa.


Can you watch Live TV on Paramount Plus?

Yes, the premium subscription comes with live TV. You do not have to pay extra to use this service. With Paramount Plus, you can watch CBS local stations, news, sports, and whatnot.

Which Sports are available on Paramount Plus?

Paramount plus is a great alternative to TV cable when it comes to sports. In the sports tab, you can find your numerous favorite championships and leagues. You can watch EUFA Champions League, NFL, SEC Network, NWSL, and more. CBS Sports HQ offers all the content from CBS sports, 247Sports, and Sports Line. Here you can have a full sports experience with reviews, highlights, and live matches.

On which devices can I watch Paramount Plus?

You can get this service on most streaming devices, here are a few of them.

  • IOS devices
  • Android Phones
  • Android TV
  • Apple TV
  • Fire TV
  • PCs and Mac
  • Chromecast
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