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How to Watch and Download CANAL VOD Videos in Easy Steps?

If you want to watch CANAL VOD and keep yourself entertained with CANAL VOD shows when you are not connected to the internet, this article helps you to do it with a step-by-step guide.

Canal VOD (formerly CANALplay VOD) is a CANAL+ pay-per-view service that allows viewers to rent or buy movies and series from a catalog of nearly 20,000 titles. Rental is available for thirty days and 48 hours after the first viewing begins.

In the following paragraphs, we will show you how to watch CANAL VOD on your devices and how to download videos from CANAL VOD if you want to watch your favorite videos offline.

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How to Download Videos in Easy Steps?

What is CANAL VOD?

Canal Plus VOD is the video-on-demand platform of the Canal group. It is open to the public and does not require a subscription. The Canal + VOD service provides ad-free access to digital content. It allows you to buy or rent your favorite movies or TV shows.

The digital evolution of video clubs is VOD (video on demand). It first appeared in France in the 2000s, with the introduction of the Internet. Canal Plus VOD allows you to choose and watch audiovisual content from anywhere and at any time. The service is available online through an Internet connection.

This service was created to overcome the limitations of television. It is a delineated model that is not bound by a fixed broadcast schedule.

How to access CANAL VOD?

Simply go to the Canal+ VOD website and create an account to gain access. You will be required to enter a payment method before you can rent or buy the Canal + video on demand programs at any time.

On the homepage, a selection of programs is highlighted and updated on a regular basis. Original Canal+ creations, as well as recent films and series, will be available.

The Canal+ VOD service includes a "good deals" section with limited-time promotions. Canal Plus's VOD service differs from myCanal. MyCanal is a subscription-based video-on-demand platform. The subscription provides unlimited access to the Canal platform's content.

How Much Does CANAL VOD Cost?

Canal+ VOD is the video-on-demand service provided by Canal+. It lets you rent or buy a wide range of movies, series, documentaries, and shows.

Rentals cost €4.99 on average, and purchases cost €11.99. However, the cost varies according to the content.

Canal+ VOD allows you to watch Canal +-selected content without a subscription.

How do I transfer my MYTF1 VOD purchases to CANAL VOD?

Following the demise of the MYTF1 VOD service on 20/07/20, you can free of charge transfer your purchases to CANAL VOD.

Follow the steps below to make this transfer:

  • Visit the MYTF1 VOD website.
  • A message will appear asking you if you want to transfer your purchases to CANAL VOD.
  • To approve this transfer, click the " ACCEPT " button.
  • You must create a CANAL+ account after being redirected to the CANAL+ Boutique site (free)
  • After you've created your CANAL+ account, go to the CANAL VOD or myCANAL website ("Rentals and purchases" section) to find your MYTF1 VOD purchases.

What if my CANAL VOD code is not working?

If your Canal VOD code is not working, we recommend that you check the following items:

  • Choose one of the programs included in the offer.
  • Make sure to select "Rent" or "Buy" depending on the offer's terms. Some promotional codes, for example, are only valid on rentals or purchases.
  • Check to see if you haven't already used your promo code.
  • After entering the promotional code into the field provided for this purpose, make sure to validate it so that it is taken into account. To do so, click the "Validate" button to the right of the field.

If the problem persists despite these checks, you can contact a CANAL+ adviser.

How to Download Videos from CANAL VOD for Offline Watching?

When you don't have internet access, you can use StreamGaGa Video Downloader to download and watch every episode of your favorite CANAL VOD shows without any ads or other interruptions. It allows you to quickly and continuously download high-definition videos in MP4 format, which you can then transfer to any of your devices and watch them offline.

Simple steps for downloading videos from CANAL VOD:

Step1: Visit the official website of StreamGaGa and click "Free Download." Launch StreamGaGa after installation.

Step2 : Enter the website of CANAL VOD through the Homepage of StreamGaGa.

Step 3: Browse the shows and click to play the video you want to download. The software will analyze the video's data and begin downloading automatically.

Step 4: Choose your favorite language for audio and subtitles, then click the "Download Now" button to begin downloading.

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