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A thorough introduction to the high-performance, easy-to-use screen recording software bandicam!

This is a video clip capture software for Windows. bandicam is a screen capture software for Windows, and we summarize its basic usage and disadvantages of using it as an alternative to download software.

bandicam is a screen capture bandicam that features excellent functions and simple operation, but many people may want to use it as a tool for saving videos and other items from the Internet. This article introduces the basic usage of bandicam for those who want to use it.

What is bandicam?

According to its official website, Bandicam is a high-performance video capture software that can capture Windows PC screens and sounds coming from PCs in high quality. It combines the functions of PC desktop capture software that saves the PC screen as it is as a high quality video file (AVI, MP4) and high quality game capture software that captures videos of games being played or actual play of games developed with DirectX/OpenGL/Vulkan using Bandicam. It combines the functions of both.

In other words, it is a recording software whose main function is to record the PC screen, and it can realize screen recording in high quality.

How to use bandicam

Although bandicam is a paid software, a free version is available for trial use. However, the recording time is limited to 10 minutes at a time, and the bandicam logo is displayed on the screen.

Download the main unit file at the official website, launch it, and follow the instructions to install it.

To record, you must first specify a range, click on the "specified area" in the center of the screen.

How to use bandicam-1

A window for recording will then appear. You can record video within this frame.

How to use bandicam-2 You can change the recording area by clicking on the "Designated Area" tab in the upper left corner of the screen. Alternatively, you can record the entire screen by selecting "Free Screen.

Click the "REC" icon in the upper right corner to start recording. The button is the same if you want to end the recording.

How to use bandicam-3

In addition, there are various other modes available for different purposes, details of which can be found on the official website.

Disadvantages of bandicam

Although bandicam is a standard among screen capture software and its operation is easy to understand, it is not without its disadvantages.

No support for iOS

As you can see from the previous explanation, bandicam is a tool developed for Windows, so there is currently no iOS version. Checking the official website, it is possible to record by connecting cables, etc., and it is not impossible to support it in the meantime, but it may be faster for iOS users to use Apple-specific applications such as QuickTime Player.

Cannot download subtitle files

Many people use the recording function to enjoy their favorite dramas and movies, but subtitles are necessary to view foreign productions. Some are built into the video, while others are downloaded separately from the video file. Some software that specializes in downloading will automatically recognize them, but recording software cannot, and bandicam is no exception. It is only intended to record the screen, so you can't hope to get much more out of it.

So is there a solution to these problems?

StreamGaGa downloader for when you can't record with bandicam

I would like to introduce to you StreamGaGa, a software specialized in downloading videos from more than 1,000 different sites, including Amazon Prime, Netflix, YouTube, and many others. It is compatible with more than 1,000 video streaming sites such as Amazon Prime, Netflix, YouTube, etc., and can be used for various purposes.

Unlike bandicam, it is iOS compatible, so even MacBook users can install it.

It is an indispensable download tool for those who want to enjoy their movies in their home theaters.

In addition, most movies and programs are available with subtitles in multiple languages, and subtitle files are automatically downloaded.

For those who are interested, here is how to use it.

First, install and open the software from the official website.

StreamGaGa downloader for when you can't record with bandicam-1 From the home screen, access the appropriate distribution site. If you do not find it, click the "Paste URL" button in the upper right corner and paste the link to the movie, and the download will start automatically.

On the next screen, configure the various settings necessary for downloading.

It is possible to download and manage many items at once, allowing you to download while watching in the built-in browser. This can save you 5 tedious waiting time. It supports almost all of the popular video streaming sites, so you can easily download not only paid content, but also live video games and YouTube videos!

There are many different purposes for using screen recording, but if you want to save and enjoy your favorite video content on your device, we highly recommend you to try this software.

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