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[Latest 2023] How to Download Viki Videos with Subtitle for Offline Viewing?

In this article, we are going to introduce everything you need to know about Rakuten Viki and how to download Viki videos with subs on your Mac/Windows PC.

If you are a fan of Asian TV play series, you will be surprised and attracted by the large labrary of Rakuten Viki, a platform that allows users all around the world to stream movies and television episodes online. It provides audiences with access to hundreds of free primetime episodes and movies from across the world, each of which has been substituted into over 200 different languages by a community of devoted fans, which makes Viki stands out from many other popular streaming services.

rakuten viki tv

Can you download videos from Viki? Of course YES. As a distinctive streaming service, Viki finally offered its download feature in 2022. Since then, you can download Viki videos through the official app for offline viewing. However, many people complain about the restrictions posed by the official download feature. They wonder how to download Viki videos with subs for offline viewing on various devices, such as phone, computer, TVs and so on.

Don't worry any more! This post covers everything you want to know about video download from If you are still bothered by the question "how to download videos from Viki with subtitles?", the problem will be solved easily. Continue to read the full guide below to get you started.

What is Rakuten Viki?

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Rakuten Viki is a leading American video streaming website and streaming channel that offers a unique and diverse selection of content. With a focus on Asian dramas and movies, Rakuten Viki sets itself apart by providing a platform for users to subtitle content in over 200 languages. Based in San Mateo, California, Rakuten Viki also operates offices in Singapore, Tokyo, Japan, and Seoul, South Korea.

Functioning similarly to other streaming services like Hulu, Rakuten Viki goes above and beyond with its added features. Not only does it enable users to enjoy original programming, but it also empowers you to subtitle content in a staggering number of languages. This commitment to inclusion and diversity is a testament to Rakuten Viki's dedication to providing a global streaming experience.

Rakuten Viki offers more than just TV dramas. In addition to its extensive Asian drama library, Rakuten Viki also grants access to a wide range of content, including music videos and movies, all available in high-definition quality. Moreover, the platform offers ad-free videos and download features to its subscribers, further enhancing the viewing experience.

Why Do You Need to Download Viki Video?

rakuten viki tv

As an ardent viewer of streaming services, the need to download Viki videos for offline viewing becomes essential. While the convenience of streaming one's favorite movies and shows anytime, anywhere is appealing, it is reliant on a fast and reliable internet connection. So it's important to download Viki videos on your devices for offline viewing when access to a network is limited or the connection speed is sluggish.

However, the official download feature of Viki posed several restrictions. Firstly, Rakuten Viki app is only available in the following device:

  • Roku
  • Android TV
  • Apple TV
  • Chromecast
  • FireTV
  • Samsung Smart TV
  • LG TV
  • Android phones/tablet
  • iPhones/iPad

To get more information about how to activate Viki app on TV, you can read this post.

And among the devices mentioned above, you can only download Viki videos with substitles on mobile devices. Mnay people ask "How to download Viki videos on my iPad?". Actually, it's pretty easy: by download ing Viki App, you can always download the videos with a download icon on your ipad or phone if you subscribe to Viki Pass Plus. You can't download Viki videos on your TV to watch offline, and this is where the option to download Viki content onto your local hard drive becomes invaluable.

Download Limits

download limits

"How to download videos from Viki Rakuten app with subtitles?" According to Viki, users are permitted to download Viki content to a single authorized mobile device only. While downloaded titles come packaged with subtitles, their availability is dependent on the current completion percentage and the default subtitle language chosen by the user. For those desiring the latest subtitles, it becomes necessary to re-download the episode when updates occur.

What's more, it is important to note that downloaded titles have an expiration date. For rental titles, the rental period begins either upon downloading or when playback commences, whichever is earlier. Once the expiration date has passed, users must either re-download the title (for non-rental titles) or repurchase it (for rental titles) to continue enjoying the content offline.

In summary, the ability to download Viki videos for offline viewing offers freedom and flexibility to users by ensuring uninterrupted entertainment even without an internet connection or in scenarios where the connection is unreliable. However, there are so many download limits posed by Viki. For PC users, can they download videos from Viki on their Mac/Windows PC? Is there a way for you to download HD videos from Viki outside of your region?

How to Download Viki Videos on PC With Subs?

Tool required: StreamGaGa Rakuten Viki Doownloader

rakuten tv downloader

Unstable Wi-Fi can often hinder your video streaming experience on Viki. However, with StreamGaGa Rakuten Viki Downloader, you can overcome this hurdle and enjoy high-quality videos up to 1080P anytime, anywhere. By utilizing this advanced video downloader, you can download Viki videos with subs for offline viewing, ensuring uninterrupted viewing without commercials or disruptions even when offline.

StreamGaGa Video Downloader enables rapid video downloads, providing you with the flexibility to convert the downloaded videos into various audio and subtitle formats. Consequently, you can enjoy your favorite shows in a language that you’re comfortable with, enhancing your overall viewing experience. And you can also enjoy ad-free offlne viewing regardless of your subscription, for that StreamGaGa can help download every video that can be played and automatically detect and delete the ads for you.

Compatibility concerns become a thing of the past with StreamGaGa. It effortlessly converts downloaded videos into an MP4 format, making them playable on any device of your choice. Whether you’re on a smartphone, tablet, or computer, this utility ensures seamless playback across all platforms. What's more important, you can break regional restrictions and effortlessly download streaming videos from any regional website of Viki.

StreamGaGa offers a free trial for 3-time downloads in high quality within 30 days. You may try it out anytime before making any purchase. If you don't know what to do after purchasing or get into any trouble about StreamGaGa activation, you may check How to activate StreamGaGa after purchasing.

How to download Viki videos with subtitles with StreamGaGa?

The process of using StreamGaGa Rakuten Viki Downloader to enhance your Viki offline viewing experience with its incredible capabilities may be broken down into a few easy steps, which are outlined here.


Download and install StreamGaGa Rakuten Viki Downloaderon your computer system, then you can proceed with the steps below. You can find the official installation package in the official website or get it by clicking the following download buttons:


Launch the program after installation and click on “VIP Services” on the left pane. You’d be presented with cards of various streaming services, look out for Rakuten Viki and click on it, then sign in to your account.

viki video downloader

Step 3

Once you're signed in, look for the movie or episode you want to download and start playing it. As the video plays, an on-screen prompt would appear on the middle part of the playing window.

viki downloader

Step 4

Choose your preferred download options and click on the Download Now button, then download the movies. You can download multiple movies or episodes by repeating the two steps above.

viki downloader

Step 5

To view all ongoing downloads, click on the Downloading tab on the left pane. You can pause, resume, or cancel ongoing downloads from the Downloading window. Now, wait for a moment, your Viki videos with subtitles will be prepared in no time!


At its core, Viki is a remarkable video streaming website catering to fans of Asian dramas and movies as mentioned above. With a vast collection of content, users can dive into an exciting world of storytelling from various Asian cultures. Even if you don't understand the languages spoken in the dramas, fear not! Viki offers a wide range of language subtitles to enhance accessibility and enjoyment for viewers worldwide.

StreamGaGa Rakuten Viki Downloader is the most user-friendly option for anyone looking to download videos from Viki with subtitles. This downloader is a user-friendly tool that gives users the ability to download videos from in high quality up to 1080P and even 4K for some videos. Now, if you are still wondering how to download videos from Viki with subtitles, look no further than, experience the enhanced Viki offline viewing experience with StreamGaGa's 3-time free trial!


Q1. Can you download Viki videos for unlimited offline viewing?

A1. Rakuten Viki does offer official download feature, but there are several limits on devices, time, subscription and so on. If you wan to download Viki videos for unlimited offline viewing, you must use a third-party software, such as StreamGaGa Rakuten Viki Downloader.

Q2. Can I download Viki app on my computer?

A2. No. Viki app is only offered for mobile devices (phones and tablets). You can't download Viki app on your computer, so it's impossible to apply official download featureoon your computer. If you want to download Viki videos with subs on your PC or SD card, it's necessary to download a safe third-party on your computer.

Q3. Does StreamGaGa steal my personal info?

A3. No. StreamGaGa Rakuten Viki Downloader prioritizes user data privacy and security. It has stringent measures in place to protect personal information, ensuring that no personal data is collected, shared with third parties, or used in any way that could jeopardize privacy or security.

StreamGaGa Rakuten Viki Downloader
StreamGaGa Rakuten Viki Downloader supports you to download the Full HD 1080p video with AC3 5.1 audio track. It will provide you with an entirely new user experience. Learn More >
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