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[Quick & Easy] How to Download Videos on Serien Stream on PC?

Serien Stream is a quality website for free streaming, where you can find classic drama and latest movies here. This post introduces one easy way to download free videos on Serien Stream.

If you're looking for a free streaming platform for unlimited online viewing, them Serien Stream must be your first choice. It collects many shows from various streaming services, so that you can stream what you like here without costing a dime.

serien stream

However, there is a problem that Serien Stream only provides online viewing service. Although you can stream a lot of TV shows, episodes and movies on your mobile device and PCs, it's impossible to download through the official web.

No worry! This post introduces a useful and quick solution to the troublesome problem, providing you an opportunity to download what you love on Serien Stream in MP4 format, for unlimited offline viewing anytime, anywhere.

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What is Serien Stream?

Before we get to know the way to download Serien Stream videos, it's important to get a full understanding of this platform firstly. This part will introduce the basic info of Serien Stream for you, including its attractive features and some matters need attention when using.

Features Serien Stream is a German free streaming site. You can navigate to the website for online viewing on your mobile phone or mac/Windows PC. Here are some reasons why it's so popular:

Feature 1
Totally Free Serien Stream is a totallly free platform. There is no any other extra charge for advanced features. To enjoy additional benefits, all you need is to register for this site for free. Then you can enjoy online viewing with less ads, track the viweing history, create watchlist and so on.

Feature 2
Rich Library Serien Stream collects almost every popular and the lateset TV shows, movies and even cartoon of various genres around the world. You can always find what you like through the guide of "Liked by", "The 50 most recent episodes", "New TV series", "Currently popular", or just search for your desired shows on the site.

serien stream recent episodes

Feature 3
High-Quality Streaming

Although there is no clear sign of resolution in, based on our test, the quality of most shows here are up to 1080p, which can be counted as high quality among many other free streaming sites. Some videos are even much clearer than the basic plan offered by the original streaming service.

Feature 4
Adjust Playback Speed

Another outstanding feature of Serien Stream is that it allows you to adjust the video playback speed as you prefer. Simply click the gear icon on the bottom right towake the speed options. The function is totally free.

serien stream speed

Feature 5
Accessible Worldwidely

Although Serien Stream is a German website, users around the world can get access to it around the world without VPN. No matter where you are, Japan, US, Ruassia, France, Hong Kong, Italy... You can get access to it easily and quiickly.


However, although there are various attractive features of Serien Stream, we still need to pay attention to some matters when streaming on the free site.

Notice 1
Annoying Pop-up Windows

Just like many other free streaming sites, there are many inavoidable pop-up windows and ads in Serien Stream, especially when you interact with the player interface. Nearly every pause, play, and click will cause a prompt, which can be very annoying.

pop up windows

Notice 2
Choose the Right Play Source

Normally, Serien Stream will offer different stream source for users to avoid the playback failure. These sources include VOE, Doodstream, Vidoza, Streamtape and so on. It's important to choose the right source for yourself because some of them may be out of work.

Notice 3
Only Accessible with Internet Connection

As is well known, most free streaming sites offers no download functions and only support online viewing. Thus it may be troublesome when there is weak Wi-Fi or internet connection, which means that you may run into endless buffering while playing.

How to Download Serien Stream Videos?

It could be much more handy if you can download your favorite shows to watch on the go. So is there a way to download videos from Serien Stream on your compter for offline viewing? YES, all you need is a safe third-party software called StreamGaGa M3U8 Downloader.

Tool Required: StreamGaGa M3U8 Downloader

streamgaga m3u8 downloader

StreamGaGa M3U8 Downloader is a powerful software that aims to help users get M3U8 videos downloaded in compatible MP4 format. It supports high-quality download from many websites that applies M3U8, including HIDIVE, Serien Stream, Gem, 7+, NHK and so on.

What's more, StreamGaGa can automatically remove all ads from the downloaded videos, allowing you to avoid annoying pop-up windows and harmful prompts. Now StreamGaGa offers a free trial for 3 downloads in 30 days. Try it now to renew your streaming experience!

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Download Procedure

To download with StreamGaGa is pretty easy too. Follow the following 4 steps to get what you like for offline viewing:

Play the Video You Want to Download

Navigate to and enter the detail page of the video you want to download. Click on the VOE stream to play the video.

download serien stream videos

Copy the URL

download serien stream videos

Paste the URL to StreamGaGa

Launch StreamGaGa and enter the URL using the build-in browser. When you play the video in StreamGaGa, the URL will be automatically analyzed for later download.

download serien stream videos step

Customize the Download Settings and Download

When the analysis is done, a prompt will show for you to customize the settings (depending on the original video). Then click on "Download Now" to initiate the download. To find what you have downloaded and the storage location, navigate to "Downloaded".

download serien stream videos step


In conclusion, Serien Stream offers a diverse range of streaming services, providing users with access to a wide variety of TV series. The platform’s features, such as user-friendly design and search options, contribute to an enjoyable streaming experience.

While Serien Stream does not officially support video downloads, users who wish to download episodes for personal use can rely on StreamGaGa M3U8 Downloader to facilitate this process. Nevertheless, it is essential to always respect copyright laws and utilize downloaded content responsibly. Happy streaming!


Is it safe to use StreamGaGa?

Yes. StreamGaGa guarantees a seamless video downloading experience while prioritizing the safety and security of your data. Incorporating the latest security protocols and encryption technologies, StreamGaGa shields your information from potential threats or harmful activities.

How many videos can I download using StreamGaGa per day?

It depends on the streaming service you want to download from. For Serien Stream, StreamGaGa allows users to download up to 100 videos per day.

What should I do if StreamGaGa fails to analyze the URL?

If StreamGaGa fails to analyze the URL, you can change the streaming source of Serien Stream, and paste another URL again to StreamGaGa. If it still doens't work, try StreamGaGa MPD Downloader or StreamGaGa Video Downloader.

StreamGaGa One: Stream Video You Like Anytime, Anywhere
StreamGaGa One is a one-stop solution to download videos from Netflix, Prime Video, OnlyFans, Disney Plus, Hulu and more than 1500 streaming services for unlimited offline viewing. Learn More >
Get your 30-day free trial to download videos you like! Free Trial
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