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[2024 Latest] What is ITVX? ITVX Channel Explained

What is ITVX? This post introduces all basic info you're curious about ITVX streaming and ITVX channels. Continue to read to discover this attractive British streaming service.

ITVX (formerly ITV Hub) is a new British VOD streaming service. Launched in 2022, ITVX is operated by ITV and offers attractive original content, exclusive shows and also licensed programming. As an ad-supported platform, you can stream most shows here for totally free.


As a developoing streaming service, ITVX has great potential and is worth trying. This post will delve into the basic info about ITVX and introduce what is ITVX, what is ITVX channel and the ITVX channels on Virgin Media, Freeview and Sky. Read to discovert the rich library offered by ITVX streaming.

And since you're here, you may also want to learn more about how to download ITVX videos, and other services like the way to download on Channel 4. To learn more, visit StreamGaGa Blog.

What is ITVX?

ITVX Streaming

Looking for a top-notch streaming service in the UK? Look no further than ITVX, the official streaming platform for broadcaster ITV. With ITVX, you have access to a vast array of entertainment options, making it your go-to source for all your streaming needs.


One of the main highlights of ITVX is its ability to stream live TV channels from ITV’s extensive lineup. Whether you’re a fan of drama, reality TV, or sports, you’ll find a wide variety of channels to choose from. But that’s not all - ITVX also offers an exceptional on-demand library filled with numerous ITV shows, as well as a plethora of other shows and movies.

ITVX is the successor to the popular ITV Hub, which was retired in late 2022. Rest assured, ITVX streaming provides all the features and content that was available on ITV Hub and more. With current titles like Litvinenko and A Spy Among Friends, and a promise of over "10,000 hours" of content, including new originals every week, your streaming experience will be anything but ordinary here.

What is ITVX Premium?

Is ITVX free to use? Yes, but you can also choose to pay £5.99/mo. or £59.99/mo. for ITVX Premium. 7-day free trial is available for every new comer of ITVX. It's recommended to try the premium functions in advance before making any purchase.

itvx premium

Although ITVX is an ad-supported free streaming service, with its subscription, you're able to stream more library such as Britbox, get rid of all ads, unlock the "partner content" and enjoy the download feature for mobile device.

What is ITVX App?

With ITVX, you no longer need a cable connection to enjoy your favorite shows - all you need is an internet connection. Whether you prefer watching on your tablet, phone, personal computer, or smart TV, ITVX has got you covered.

itvx mobile phone

Now with the ITVX app, you can enjoy more stable and convenient streaming on ITVX on the following device:

  • Apple Mobile and Tablet (OS 12 or later)
  • Android Mobile (OS v5 and later)
  • Chromecast devices
  • Freesat (Except for: Panasonic TVs 2015 and earlier with built-in Freesat, and first-generation Freesat boxes)
  • Freeview Play
  • Amazon Fire TV (Sticks and Edition TVs)
  • Android TV: Sony Android and Chromecast with GoogleTV
  • Apple TV (Gen3 onwards)
  • NowTV
  • Roku devices
  • Samsung TVs (running Tizen OS 2.4 and later)
  • Sky Glass
  • Sky Stream
  • Virgin V6
  • Virgin TV360
  • Virgin Media Stream
  • YouView (BT & TalkTalk) (please note: first-generation YouView boxes are not supported)
  • YouView Sony TVs

What is ITVX Channel?

To offer the best service and cater for different requirement of audience, ITVX has cooperated with many other streaming platforms to provide comprehensive ITVX service, including the most concerned Freeview, Virgin Media and Sky.

ITVX Channels on Freeview

what channel is itvx on freeview

What channel is ITVX on Freeview? Fortunately, you can enjoy all the ITV shows you want to enjoy on Freeview anytime, any where. Other related ITV channels listed as follows are also accessible on Freeview:

  • ITV
  • ITV+1
  • ITV2
  • ITV2+1
  • ITV3
  • ITV3+1
  • ITV4
  • ITV4+1
  • ITV HD
  • ITVBe
  • ITVBe+1

ITVX Channels on Sky


What channel is ITVX on Sky? You can also easily get access to ITVX through Sky Media, and enjoy all ITVX content with Sky Glass TV and Sky Stream. But you can not watch ITVX from a Sky Q box, where only a limited list of ITVX shows are available.

To enjoy ITVX channels on Sky, you have to activate it in advance. By visiting, you can find the activation code. Enter code onto your Sky device to initiate your journey to ITVX streaming on Sky.

ITVX Channels on Virgin Media

what channel is itvx on virgin media

What channel is ITVX on Virgin Media? ITVX is now accessible through V6 box, Virgin TV 360 box and Virgin Media without extra cost. With Virgin device, you can also skip intro and fast farward through the ads of ITVX streaming content

Download ITVX app and catch up with your favorite ITVX shows through Catch UP > Channels > ITV. All ITVX content are available in Virigin Media, such as My Mum, Your Dad, Big Brother, The Tower and so on. However, to enjoy more wonderful shows, you need to subscribe to ITVX Premium.

How to Download ITVX Content for Offline Viewing?

Like mentioned before, you can only download on ITVX and watch on the go when you subscribe to ITVX Premium. The download feature is also exclusive to mobile device. Is there a way to bypass ITVX download limit, to enjoy ITVX streaming whenever and wherever you want?

One-Stop Solution: StreamGaGa ITVX Downloader

streamgaga itvx downloader

StreamGaGa ITVX Downloader is a powerful tool that aims to help users download ITVX videos in compatible format like MP4/MKV. With advanced technology, StreamGaGa can ensure fast download speed (supported by GPU Acceleration) while download shows in high quality up to 1080P.

What's more important, StreamGaGa can allow you to make the best use of your ITVX account by automatically removing all ads from downloaded videos. It means that you can enjoy the download and ad-free feature with your ordinary ITVX plan, saving up to $59.9/year with StreamGaGa.

Now there's a chance to try the free trial to download 3 movies within 30 days, with all advanced function. It's recommended to use the free version before making any purchase.

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Download Procedure

Follow these 4 simple steps to download your favorite ITVX videos and save them on your Windows PC/mac for unlimited offline viewing:

Launch StreamGaGa and Find ITVX

Download and install StreamGaGa on your computer, and navigate to "ITVX" through "VIP Services".

download itvx video

Login Your ITVX Account and Play a Video

Login your own ITVX account to play the video you want to download using the build-in broswer, while StreamGaGa will analyze the URL automatically for download.

download itvx videos

Customize Download Settings and Download

When the analysis is done, a prompt will show up for you to customize download settings, such as audio, video, subtitle and more (depending on the original video). Then click "Download Now" to initiate the download process.

download itvx videos

Check the Download Process

You can always get access to the "Downloading" to check the download process. And all downloaded videos will be shown in "Downloaded". Now download your favorite shows onto your local files, and enjoy unlimited offline viewing!


How can I watch ITVX in USA?

Due to the broadcast and content licences, you can only watch ITVX in the UK. However, if you're travelling to USA or some where outside the UK, you can download your favorite ITVX shows with StreamGaGa in advance, or use a VPN tool to temporarily change your location.

Is ITVX free?

Yes, you can stream on ITVX for totally free with ads. But there are also some content is exclusive to subscribers. If you pursue ad-free viewing and high-quality shows, you can subscribe to the ITVX Premium at £5.99/mo.

How can I watch ITVX on my TV?

For online viewing on TVs, you can download ITVX app on your TV (check the list of supported device mentioned above) and activate it through to enjoy ITVX content on TV.

For offline viewing on TVs, you can use StreamGaGa to download ITVX videos on external storage like USB, and convert them to your smart TVs.

StreamGaGa One: Stream Video You Like Anytime, Anywhere
StreamGaGa One is a one-stop solution to download videos from Netflix, Prime Video, OnlyFans, Disney Plus, Hulu and more than 1500 streaming services for unlimited offline viewing. Learn More >
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