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Does Peacock Have Ads? How to Remove?

Do not want to interrupt your Peacock streaming with uninvited commercials, here is how you can do it

Peacock TV, owned by NBC Universal, is one of the most-watched television and streaming services. The platform offers top-notch entertainment content that is all free. The broadcast includes addictive NBC sitcoms, dramas, movies, and live sports events like WWE, Premier League Soccer, and much more.

Does Peacock have commercials? Despite its free cost, the only drawback is you have to see commercials to watch HD-quality videos.

Want to know more? Check out the details below.

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Does Peacock Have Commercials?

Watching commercials is annoying. But, the companies are justified in doing so. Why does Peacock have commercials? Services like Peacock TV provide advertisers with a platform to access millions of audiences through their free content. They care for both; the advertisers and the viewers. The free versions offer a great free streaming time of more than 7500 hours with ads.

However, if you are not okay with this, you can upgrade to the Peacock Premium plan which is ad-free and gives you access to double the free content.

The Downside of Peacock Streaming

Peacock is an amazing place to enjoy free content but there are a few flipsides to it. First of all, there are too many ads appearing that interrupt the smooth watching time. Secondly, there could be a buffering problem while streaming due to transferring or downloading heavy files on the same network. You cannot create multiple profiles on Peacock.

Peacock Premium With and Without Ads


Peacock offers free plans for all viewers. On the Peacock TV platform, you can access the content with zero or less payment. The price is highly economical as compared to other services. They provide you access to a huge collection of old and new stuff, sports, documentaries, movies, series, original shows, Olympics, and WWE.

Peacock TV is compatible with numerous popular internet-connected devices including gaming consoles, PlayStation, Roku, Amazon Fire TV, Android, and Apple TV devices. You can choose among three Peacock plans. Does Peacock have commercials? It also depends on your plan.

  • FreePlan: The zero-cost tier gives access to a huge spectrum of programming with countless commercials. However, you cannot live or early-access content in the free plan.
  • PeacockPremium: The tier costs about 4.99 $ monthly and 49.99 $ yearly. It offers live programming with lesser commercials.
  • Peacock Premium Plus:The plan costs about 9.99 $ monthly and 99.99 $ with ad-free smooth streaming.

How to Upgrade to Peacock Premium Plus?

Does Peacock premium have commercials? You might be wondering why a premium paid plan comes with lesser ads. Why does Peacock Premium have commercials? Some programming like live events or the newest episodes or movies come with streaming rights. That is why you have to watch a few commercials on a premium plan. The company makes sure that the commercial time does not exceed five minutes after one hour-long streaming.

If you want to switch to the upgraded Premium Plus plan, pay extra 5 dollars for zero-commercial streaming. The service also provides a 7-day free trial for Premium Plus to help you see the difference. They will charge you after the seventh day. You can unsubscribe if you want to discontinue.

How to Watch Peacock Videos without Commercials?

Does Peacock have commercials? Yes, it comes with a lot more ads. You do not ever want to get bothered by the popping-up commercials! There are two ways of achieving it.

Upgrade Peacock Plan

Are you way too sick of advertisements that you are willing to pay extra money for not seeing these? With the Peacock Premium plan, there is always room for shifting to the upgraded Premium Plus plan with the addition of 5 dollars a month. Sometimes, Premium users who have paid for the entire year as in a yearly plan might face some difficulty in upgrading.

Steps for Upgrading the Peacock Plan on the Computer

Follow these steps to change, upgrade or downgrade your premium plan.

  • Sign in to your Peacock account by visiting the Peacock official website.
  • Select your profile icon and click onMyAccount.
  • Click onPlansandPayments. Here you will see theChangePlan.
  • SelectUpgradeyourPlanfor ad-free watching.
  • Confirm to complete the process.

Steps for Upgrading the Peacock Plan on Your Smartphone

  • Open the Peacock app on your smartphone to sign in.
  • Click on your account symbol on the upper right side.
  • Click onUpgrade to Peacock Premium Plus.
  • Click to confirm the change in status.

Steps for Upgrading the Peacock Plan on a Streaming Device

  • Open the Peacock application on your streaming device to sign in to your account.
  • There is an account info icon in the upper right corner.
  • Select Peacock Premium Plus in the list plans.
  • Reconfirm by entering your email and password.

Download Peacock Videos without Ads

Downloading videos to watch offline is another method of watching commercial-free content without spending extra money. One easy way of doing it is through using tools likeStreamGaGa Peacock Downloader. The application enables you to download your show from the streaming platform and watch these uninterrupted without commercials. So you can watch ad-free Peacock content without paying a hefty amount for high resolution, the best audio quality, subtitle options, and batch download feature.

Steps To Download Peacock Videos with StreamGaGa

Follow the steps to enjoy Peacock videos offline.

  1. Install the application from the StreamGaGa website. New users can avail the free trial.
  1. Lauch StreamGaGa, select Peacock from the VIP Services.

  1. Click on the video you want to download. Select the audio and subtitle option and initiate the download icon.

  1. The downloading will take a few moments. Open the library to watch it offline after finishing the downloads.

Final Words

Does Peacock have commercials? The free plan is replete with commercials, the Premium one comes with fewer commercials, and Premium Plus is ad-free. Which plan to choose? It depends on how much you feel bothered by commercial pop-ups and the money you are willing to pay to avoid advertisements. Otherwise, you can get a downloader to save the content and watch it later without ads.

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