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No Ads! Full Guide to Download Pluto TV Shows for Offline Viewing

Can you download Pluto TV shows? Yes! Although the official download feature is unavailable, you can use StreamGaGa to achieve Pluto TV offline viewing without ads.

A lot of people are switching from local cable TV to IPTV and live TV streaming services. That’s pretty good as it saves you a reasonable monthly cost while you’d still get to watch all your favorite TV shows, premiers, and exclusive events - even while on the go.


Pluto TV is one of the best free live TV streaming services you can access from different world locations. The service provides its users with both Live TV programming and on-demand titles. There are over 50 live TV channels available for free with Pluto TV. This article explains how to download from Pluto TV and the way to download Pluto TV shows for permanent offline viewing.

Since you're here, you may also get interested in the way to activate Pluto TV and the method to download Pluto TV APK.

What is Pluto TV?

Pluto TV is practically the best when it comes to live TV streaming services you can access for free. Yes, the service is 100% free and can be accessed from different locations. However, you may need to activate your VPN to gain access to region-blocked content.

What is Pluto TV?

If you download Pluto TV, you can easily toggle between Live TV streaming and on-demand streaming. Even though Pluto TV is available for free, it provides blockbuster movies, trending titles, and originals. Apparently, you may be wondering how the service generates revenue to sort its expenses? Well, Pluto TV serves ads/commercials - that’s where they generate revenues.

Unfortunately, for online streamers that love to stream ad-free, there's NO premium plan offered by Pluto TV; hence, there's no way to turn off commercials while streaming on the platform. But don’t worry. The final section of the article will introduce you a way to enjoy your Pluto TV shows offline with no ads.

Why Do Many People Prefer Pluto TV?

It's obvious that many people prefer Pluto TV because it is completely free - does not have any paid plans or paid features. Also, Pluto TV supports on-demand streaming, so you wouldn't have to pay a subscription to watch your favorite blockbuster movies.

What's more, you don’t even need to sign up and register for an account before you can start streaming on the rich library of Pluto TV, which is quite convenient and safe for many users.


However, if you access Pluto TV from outside the US, you may need a VPN to unlock most of its content. You can install the Pluto TV app on your TV, streaming devices (ex. Roku and Firestick), gaming console, Xfinity device, and mobile phone for on-the-go streaming.

Can You Download Pluto TV Shows for Offline Viewing?

Regrettably, it is impossible to watch Pluto TV offline or download its shows. You need an internet connection to stream movies and TV series on Pluto TV. However, Pluto TV offers the advantage of unlimited streaming on different devices. You can enjoy the content on your mobile devices or even gaming console by simply downloading the official app.

Please notice that there is no official desktop app of Pluto TV for Mac. If you're a Mac user, you can still find the solution to stream on Pluto TV on your computer by keeping reading the following part.

The download procedure depends on the device you want to download the app too. No matter you want to download Pluto TV for PC or mobile devices, or download Pluto TV on Firestick or Roku, it is mainly going to an official app store to install the app.

Can You Record on Pluto TV?

Unfortunately, Pluto TV does not offer DVR capability, unlike many other Live TV services. This means that you cannot record Pluto TV shows. Since Pluto TV is a streaming application, DVR functionality is not available on this platform.

Therefore it should be noticed that Pluto TV doesn't provide official features for users to watch offline, record Pluto TV, or even pause videos on Pluto TV. If you want to download videos from Pluto TV for offline viewing, a safe third-party software is necessary.

How To Download from Pluto TV with StreamGaGa?

Although Pluto TV doesn't provide official download feature, you can still download shows from Pluto TV and have them saved on your PC as MP4/MKV videos. However, this requires a third-party downloader application named StreamGaGa Pluto TV Downloader.

Whether you are a Windows user or a Mac user, you can take advantage of StreamGaGa Pluto TV Downlaoder to download Pluto TV shows, releasing the greatest potential of Pluto TV.

What Can StreamGaGa Pluto TV Downloader Do?


StreamGaGa Pluto TV Downloader is a professional downloader that allows you to download Pluto TV shows and movies in clear HD quality and with good audio tracks. It removes ads from the movies and shows, so you can watch them offline without ads.

The StreamGaGa Pluto TV Downloader app can run both on Windows OS systems and iOS; it features a clear-cut interface, so the users can understand how to use the app easily. From this downloader, you would gain access to several other downloaders that allow you to download or record streaming shows from various services, including Pluto TV.

The outstanding features of StreamGaGa are as follow:

  • Batch Mode for simultaneous bulk downloads;
  • Removes ads from the videos automatically;
  • Top quality of 720p/1080p with EAC3 5.1 or AAC 2.0 audio track;
  • Compatible MP4/MKV format for all downloaded shows and movies;
  • Saves subtitles separately as SRT files;
  • Preserves metadata info easily;
  • Free trial for 3 times and low cost for subscription;
  • Lightning-fast download speed supported by GPU Accelerate and Turbo Speed.

Simple Steps to Download Pluto TV Shows with StreamGaGa

Below are the detailed steps on how to use the StreamGaGa Downloader software to grab on-demand movies and live TV shows from Pluto TV:


Download and install StreamGaGa Video Downloader from the official website or just by clicking the following download buttons according to your system.


Click on the VIP Services option on the left pane - on the downloader’s homepage, and on the next screen, scroll and select Pluto TV logo from the list of supported premium streaming services.



Sign in to your Pluto TV account and find the show you want to download. When you see the show or movie, play it while StreamGaGa will automatically analyze the video - a popup will follow for you to customize the download settings, including audio, video, subtitle and so on. You can click Download Now to start or choose Add to Queue to download it later.



Once the movie is added to the Download Queue, it starts downloading to your local storage. You can monitor the download process by navigating to the Downloading tab on the left pane. Also, you can download multiple movies at the same time - simply find the movies, play them, and add them to download queue.


Pluto TV is free for everyone and it offers 100+ TV channels. You can install the free app from your device’s app store, and enjoy your free streaming journal. However, Pluto TV doesn't offer VIP subscription and you can't either record or download Pluto TV shows.

However, if you need to download Pluto TV videos or want to enjoy shows from Pluto TV without any ads, StreamGaGa Pluto TV Downloader is the best choice for you.


Q1. Can you download shows on Pluto TV?

A1. Unfortunately, Pluto TV offers no official download feature. But you can still resort to a third-party software, such as StreamGaGa, to download episodes from Pluto TV and get rid of the annoying ads. StreamGaGa allows you to download Pluto TV videos in compatible MP4/MKV to enjoy the offline viewing of your faves anytime, anywhere.

Q2. Does StreamGaGa pose a risk of stealing my personal information?

A2. No. StreamGaGa Pluto TV Downloader prioritizes data privacy and cybersecurity. It has implemented robust security measures to protect your personal information. StreamGaGa does not collect or share personal data with third parties, and it maintains a commitment to safeguarding your privacy and security.

Q3. Is it legal to use StreamGaGa Pluto TV Downloader?

A3. Yes, it is legal to use StreamGaGa Pluto TV Downloader. StreamGaGa is specifically designed to assist users in easily downloading their preferred content from Pluto TV. Downloading videos for personal use and entertainment is generally permissible as long as it does not involve any copyright violations or commercial exploitation.

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