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Review of 4Videosoft Screen Capture, a cost-effective screen capture software, with recommended alternatives.

Screen Recording Software 4Videosoft is an affordable PC recording tool, and we have reviewed it in action. We also recommend this software for video preservation.

4Videosoft Screen Capture, as the name suggests, is a real-time PC screen recording software. It can be used for telework and live game recording, and is often used as a replacement for video download software. This article summarizes the details of 4Videosoft Screen Capture, how to use it and how it works.

What is 4Videosoft Screen Capture?

According to the official website, the main features of 4Videosoft Screen Capture are as follows

  • Record computer screen and webcam simultaneously (PIP)
  • Record system sound and microphone sound separately
  • Versatile editing features to add annotations to the recorded video
  • Recording quality up to 1080p

The most attractive feature of 4Videosoft Screen Capture is its reasonable price.

As of January 2023, the monthly fee is 2,800 yen, which is an unbeatable price that is hard to find among similar software.

It is compatible with both macOS and Windows, and a limited but free trial version is available for download. It will be useful for work, entertainment, and many other situations.

How to use 4Videosoft Screen Capture

After installing the software, you will see the initial setup screen.

Here are the steps for the screen recording function.

Select "Video Recorder" on the display screen to set the recording range, recording mode, and recording options.

You can also turn on/off the system and microphone sounds here.

Once all settings are complete, click the "REC" button to begin recording. You can also edit the recording while it is in progress.

When recording is complete, use the stop button or the "Ctrl + Alt + S" hotkey to stop recording, and the recorded data will be saved to a pre-designated location.

That's all for the basic usage, but for more detailed information on how to edit, please check the official website.

Review of 4Videosoft Screen Capture

As mentioned above, 4Videosoft Screen Capture is easy to operate, even beginners can understand it, and supports 1080p high quality, but we tested it to see if it is really useful.

With 4Videosoft Screen Capture, I could record YouTube video and save it to my PC smoothly. I had no problem with the operation.

From the online reviews, many people said, "I was able to record videos that the stock Mac recording function can't." "1080p is not enough, I wish it could support 4K quality.

However, since this is only recording software, it is difficult to maintain exactly the same picture quality as the distributor.

Also, it is quite a hassle to record a feature-length work, and there is no possibility of unwanted objects appearing in the middle of the video.

There are many video sharing sites where you can download for free, but what if you want to download video content from a paid distribution?

StreamGaGa, an alternative to 4Videosoft Screen Capture

Here I would like to introduce to you a powerful video download tool called StreamGaGa.

Let me briefly introduce the advantages of StreamGaGa.

Download videos in high quality

4Videosoft Screen Capture can only output video content up to 1080p, but StreamGaGa can support 4K and even 8K super high quality.

StreamGaGa delivers high quality video that rivals that of a movie theater, all from the comfort of your home. If you want to enjoy video content in your home theater, please give it a try.

Paid Site Usage Available Even on Trial Version + Money-Back Guarantee

StreamGaGa allows you to download content from paid video distribution sites even in the trial version, and supports over 1,000 sites.

Furthermore, in the unlikely event that content cannot be downloaded, refunds are available for those who are unsure about purchasing the product.

One-Click Download

Some may be concerned that this feature-rich download software may be difficult to operate, but don't worry. It is very easy to operate.

When you start the software, the home page will be displayed, and the icons of the various services available there will appear.

In addition, you can download while watching with the built-in browser, which greatly reduces the tedious waiting time.

What do you think? We have introduced two products with slightly different main functions, but for video downloading, we urge you to try StreamGaGa, a powerful video downloader in action.

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