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10 Best Korean BL Dramas You Must Watch (Updated 2023)

This guide will find the top 10 best Korean BL Dramas you must watch in 2023. Read this guide until the end to find the best Korean BL Drama.

K-Dramas have been getting attention over the years because K-Dramas provide interesting plots, Star Cast, Amazing Production, and a wide range of content; these are the main reasons why viewers enjoy Korean Dramas.

Another Genre that Korean dramas provide to its viewers is BL, and this genre has gotten more famous in the past years because love always wins.

Here are the top 10 Korean BL Dramas to Watch in 2023.

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List of Top 10 Korean BL Dramas

Light on Me (2021)

High school dramas are fun to watch, which is why this BL Drama is at the top of the list. Light on me is a love triangle; in this story, you will never find out who will end up together.

In this season, Tae Kyung is an 18 year old student. The worst part of his life is that he is a loner, and one day, he decides that he doesn't want to be a loner anymore. Now the problem is that he doesn’t know how to make new friends.

Between Us

In this Korean BL Drama, a student named Team is a talented swimmer and a new student at a university. He joined the swimming club at the university, and the team's main goal was to perform his best at the club and win every title.

His partner at the club, Win, is an upperclassman and a senior club member. A win is a person who follows every rule and wants everyone to follow the rules as well.

This love story is the parallel story of the famous show until we meet again. Between us is the best show to watch in 2023

My School President

In this love story, a school body, president Tinn, has a crush on the head of the music club and the lead singer of the band Gun. But due to the new school rules, both suddenly become enemies. Gun wants to enter the Hot Wave Music Content, but the school principal is not accepting it.

Another Korean BL drama to watch in 2023. This Drama has music, Romance, Friendship, suspense, and love.

Color Rush 2

Color Rush 2 is a sequel to Color Rush. The second season continues the story of a protagonist who is trying their best to find the whereabouts of his missing lovers. In this Drama, he joins a new partner as they both team up to find the truth about a mysterious organization behind all these missing persons.

The Color Rush 2 comes with new changes, including a love story, mystery, and many more.

Blue of Winter


Another high school triangle love story on our list. The main character of this Korean BL is in the judo club, where he meets a student who secretly has a crush on him. But soon, he receives an unexpected love confession from his friend. As the story progresses, these teenagers’ faces navigate feelings of insecurity, heartbreak, confusion, and many more.

The story is very well-built and introduces the characters properly. Overall the series is very satisfying to watch.

Choco Milk Shake


In this Korean BL drama, Jungwoo is a single man who works in the café of his uncle as a waiter. One Jungwoo went home and discovered two men standing in his house. These two men introduce themselves as the human form of his pets, Choco, and Milk.

Jungwoo doesn't believe in them, but Choco and Milk share some memories that only Jungwoo knows as a pet owner.

Soon he realizes that these men are indeed his animals. Surprised, Jungwoo accepts the reality, and these three begin to live as roommates.

Happy Ending Romance


A Love triangle, in this triangle, an upcoming writer wrote a hit novel, a man stays within a man. This hit novel has many fans, one of which is Taeyoung, who works in a publishing company. Soon a new book by Jungwoo is supposed to be released with Munhagnemo, an agency where Taeyoung works.

But suddenly, the agency's boss canceled the launch because of the controversy Jungwoo was involved in. Jungwoo made a powerful enemy and was soon blacklisted by every publishing company; angered by this decision, Taeyoung quit his job and opened his own small publishing company.



Blueming is a romance story between two filming department students, Siwon, who is hard working and tries hard to gain popularity, and DaWoon, who is a natural artist and popular with everyone.

Siwon is perfect in every way with his appearance, financial status, grades, etc. He thinks that popularity is everything and can’t lose his status no matter what happens. But one day, another student steals his popularity, making him jealous and furious. That student is DaWoon and he becomes popular in no time, making SiWon jealous.

To My Star

The title is enough to tell you what this Korean BL Drama will be like. In this Drama, a celebrity with a declining career falls in love with a young chef. Both are from different professions despite that they fell into a relationship. Now they have to test their compatibility out of other interests.

Soon they find out they are different, but they work hard to build their relationship to perfection.

Cherry Blossoms After Winter

This story is about destiny; in this drama, two friends spend their childhood together and have one of the best memories. As they grow up, the two friends choose a different path and separate themselves.

But later, they meet and develop mutual feelings for each other. Soon they become more than friends, but a twist in the story weakens their relationship.

These were the Top 10 Korean BL Dramas to watch in 2023.

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In this guide, we have mentioned the top 10 Korean BL dramas to watch in 2023; we hope that you will find the Drama that suits you so that you can start your 2023 with one of the best Korean dramas.

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