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[2023 Latest] How to Download Videos from NPO Start for Offline Viewing?

Wondering how to keep yourself entertained with NPO Start while you are without internet connection? This article introduces an handy way to download NPO Start shows and movies in easy steps.

For years, the NPO (Dutch public broadcaster) has been at the forefront of producing the most-watched shows in the Netherlands. With the introduction of the NPO Start service, viewers now have the convenience of accessing missed broadcasts or watch the Live streaming directly from the comfort of their own screens.

You can catch up on all NPO channels live, including NPO 1, 2, 3, and theme channels, or effortlessly search for programs you may have missed. Moreover, NPO Start also offers apps for Android/iOS mobile users, allowing you to extend your viewing experience by connecting the app to Airplay or Chromecast to enjoy the shows on your TV.

npo star

This article will guide you through the process of downloading videos from NPO Start, enabling you to enjoy your favorite shows and immerse yourself in captivating content even when offline. Let’s explore the steps to unlock the offline viewing feature and optimize your entertainment experience with NPO Start.

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What is NPO Start?

NPO Start is one of the streaming media of NOP 1, the first national television station in the Netherlands. With an extensive library of nearly 20,000 radio programs, NPO Start caters to the entertainment needs of diverse audiences. Initially established in 2003 as Uitzending Gemist, the platform underwent a transformation and was rebranded as NPO Gemist.

npo start homepage

In 2017, NPO Gemist evolved into NPO Start, placing a heightened emphasis on video on demand and offering personalized show recommendations based on user preferences. The NPO Start platform encompasses an extensive range of television programs broadcasted by the public broadcaster. Additionally, users can enjoy live streaming of NPO 1, 2, and 3, alongside theme channels such as NPO 1 Extra, NPO 2 Extra, and NPO Politics & News.

To facilitate an enriched viewing experience, NPO Start also operates its own YouTube channel, serving as a partner channel where users can explore engaging broadcast clips. The complete broadcasts can be accessed conveniently through the NPO Start website and the user-friendly mobile application.

Can You Download Videos on NPO Start for Offline Viewing?

NPO Start offers a comprehensive streaming experience tailored to your preferences. Whether you opt for the free version or the paid version, Start Plus, we ensure unparalleled access to exceptional content. For those seeking even more, NPO Start Plus is the ultimate choice at a nominal monthly fee of EUR 2.95.

However, although NPO offers the mobile app, there is no download options for all videos. So If you want to download NPO Start content for offline viewing on a long flight, is there a way to download NPO Start shows on your devices? Of course! All you need is a professional NPO Start downloader.

Tool Required: StreamGaGa

npo start downloader

The ultimate video download solution: StreamGaGa can solve all your problems about NPO Start offline viewing. The versatile NPO Start downloader is able to download your favorite movies, documentary films, TV shows and series from NPO Start without any regional restrictions.

StreamGaGa aims to download videos from NPO Start and automatically convert them into compatible MP4/MKV format for more convenient offline viewing on any devices, including mobile phones, tablets, TVs, gaming consoles and more.

StreamGaGa also offers a free trial for 3 downloads in 30 days. Try it now to download your faves from NPO Start in high quality up to 1080P without costing a penny!

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Detailed Steps to Download Videos on NPO Start

Download and install the StreamGaGa

To obtain and install the software on your Windows/Mac PC, go to StreamGaGa official website or click the download buttons above.

Copy the URL of NPO Start

Enter NPO Start website and copy the URL of the video you want to download.

npo start downloader

Paste the URL in StreamGaGa

Open StreamGaGa and paste the URL to the search bar in the top, and play the video using the build-in browser.

npo start downloader

Customize the download settings

When you play the video, StreamGaGa will automatically analyze the URL and an on-screen prompt will show for you to customize the download settings. Click "Download" to begin the download. While the downloading process is running in the background, you may continue to browse through other movies and view them online.

npo start downloader


In conclusion, while NPO Start does not offer a built-in download feature for all its videos, users can utilize StreamGaGa, a versatile software available for both Windows and Mac platforms. With StreamGaGa, enthusiasts of NPO Start content can easily download their favorite videos for offline viewing, overcoming the limitations imposed by the streaming service.

Moreover, StreamGaGa provides an additional benefit by automatically removing ads present in NPO Start shows, enhancing the overall viewing experience. By utilizing StreamGaGa, users can enjoy their preferred NPO Start content offline and without interruptions, effectively expanding the accessibility and convenience of the streaming service.


How to watch NPO Start from anywhere?

StreamGaGa can help you download content from NPO Start in compatible MP4/MKV format, which means that you can save and move them into any devices you like for offline viewing, as well as enjoy NPO Start shows from anywhere.

How to remove the ads in NPO Start?

You can take advantage of StreamGaGa to remove the ads in NPO Start. Because StreamGaGa will automatically remove the ads when saving video to your PCs.

Is StreamGaGa safe to use?

Certainly. StreamGaGa offers a reliable and secure video streaming experience. It incorporates advanced security measures and encryption technologies to safeguard your data and protect against any potential risks or malicious actions. It is recommended to download StreamGaGa exclusively from the official website to ensure the utmost security for your computer system while utilizing the software.

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