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What is AnimeFesta's pricing plan? How to download animations and top 5 popular ranking are also introduced.

This article provides an overview of AnimeFesta's service, pricing plans, tricks for downloading anime, and AnimeFesta's top 5 most popular anime. Don't miss it if you are an anime lover.

AnimeFesta is a subscription-based anime distribution service that started in May 2021.

Many of you may be thinking about subscribing to AnimeFesta, so in this article, we will introduce an overview of AnimeFesta's service and price plans.

In addition to that, we will also introduce a secret technique for downloading anime from AnimeFesta and AnimeFesta's top 5 most popular anime.

Please read this article and enjoy anime as much as you want.


What is AnimeFesta?

<Outline of the service
Name: AnimeFesta
Starts: May 10, 2021 (Monday)
Works to be distributed: All AnimeFesta original works, and many other popular anime works to be distributed.
Official website:

Production of AnimeFesta original works (formerly ComicFesta anime works) began in 2017. In order to make the said works available on the web, a video distribution service "Anime Zone" was established within Wave's comic distribution service "ComicFesta". The name was later changed to "ComicFesta Anime. During this period, AnimeFesta Original gained many fans through terrestrial anime broadcasts and other means.

With the launch of AnimeFesta, a new service specializing in video distribution, the existing "ComicFesta Anime" service was transferred to "AnimeFesta".

AnimeFesta's fee plans

How to download AnimeFesta videos

Download your favorite anime to your computer and you can comfortably watch them anytime, anywhere without ads.

Here, we recommend StreamGaGa downloader for easy anime downloading.

Let's start with the steps to download anime from AnimeFesta with StreamGaGa.

Step 1: Free download and install StreamGaGa Downloader.

Step 2: Launch the StreamGaGa downloader. Stick the URL of AnimeFesta in the address bar at the top of the home page. The link is here ->

Step 3: We do not provide a way to download paid content for free, so if you want to download paid content, please subscribe to a paid plan and then log in.

After logging in, play the animation you wish to download.

When you click the play button, the download setting screen will appear as shown below.

Click "Download Now" to start downloading.

Step 4: The downloaded animation can be found in the "Download" section at the bottom left of the screen. Play the downloaded video on your computer player, or import it to your favorite device before playing it, and enjoy the AnimeFesta anime as much as you want.

AnimeFesta Top 5 Popular Movies Ranking

Cool Doji Boys

The four boys, Satoru Ichikura, Shun Futami, Takayuki Mima, and Soma Shiki, are cool and handsome, but in reality they are cool dweeb boys who make a lot of screw-ups. The boys, each with different personalities, heal their surroundings by making cool decisions while making screw-ups. This full-color comedy depicts the daily lives of these beloved boys, whose strengths lie in their weaknesses, and who cannot be left alone. This work will be published in "Gan Gan pixiv" from June 2019. Each volume of the comic also contains newly drawn episodes.

Uzaki-chan wants to play!

Shinichi Sakurai, who longs for a quiet life, is being followed around by Hana Uzaki, a junior in college, and although he finds her unrelenting mannerisms and egotistical behavior annoying, he is somewhat unable to leave her alone and is worried about how to handle her. This romantic comedy depicts the daily lives of Sakurai, a quiet and hard-working person, and Hana, a loudmouth but an excellent communicator, as well as the adults who try to encourage their ongoing relationship as more than friends and less than lovers. In addition to being ranked 10th in the "Next Coming Manga Awards 2018 Web Manga Category," it was also selected as one of the top 5 in the "Google Play Best of 2019 User Voted Category Manga Category." The work was published in the December 2017 to November 2018 issues of Dora Dora Dragon Age and then in the December 2018 issue of Dora Dora Sharp.The first season was adapted into a TV anime in July 2020 and the second in October 2022.

I asked them to get down on their knees.

A short manga about girls who can't say no, getting down on their knees and asking for naughty requests to show their pants and boobs. The flow is basically one frame per page, for a total of four pages of pants and boobs being shown, with the fourth page drawn in full color. It consists of a "school version" set in a school and a "other world version" set in a fantasy other world. This work was published on Twitter and distributed as a coterie magazine by Kazuki Funatsu.

I'm a villainess, so I tried to keep the last boss.

The words "I'm breaking off my engagement to you" were abruptly uttered at a glittering soiree. Irene Lauren Dautriche was so shocked that she regained her memory of her previous life and grasped the current situation. She is in the game "Sacred, Demon, and Maiden Regalia," a game for girls that she was addicted to in her previous life. She is Irene, the villainess who interferes with the heroine's love life in the game! According to her memories of her previous life, the only thing ahead for Irene is a doomed route to a messy death. If she can conquer the last boss, the demon king Claude, who is the starting point of the doom flag, and make him her lover, she might be able to avoid the flag! Thinking so, Irene declares to the beautiful Demon King, "I want you to marry me! I want you to marry me! Irene's journey to turn the tables and win her happiness begins...

This boy is suffering from petrification.

Tamari Ayumu, a high school student, suffers from a condition that causes his body to petrify when he feels stressed. He has had a hard time fitting in with his class, but when he is not able to stay in school, he decides that he too wants to live a sparkling youth. He tries to change his hairstyle and clothes to be more fashionable, and checks out the latest trends in order to create a buzz, but his feelings only make him impatient, and he spends his days spinning out of control. Her class teacher, Koya Onihara, a geology teacher who loves rocks, is concerned about Tamari and tells her that petrification is beautiful. Tamari becomes attracted to Honihara as she discusses her problems with him, but...

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