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What is Theater Complex? How to download videos and renewal information summary

Theater Complex is a service that streams stage video. It explains how to download the files and also reveals that it will be renewed as "Theater Complex TOWN" in May 2023.

Theater Complex" is a service that transmits the appeal of Japanese theater and stage performances to the world. This article provides a detailed overview of its services, how to download videos, and information on its long-awaited renewal. It is a must-see for all lovers of stage plays.

What is Theater Complex?

舞台を救え!舞台専門プラットフォーム「シアターコンプレックス」プロジェクト supported by Fanbeats(ファンビーツ)

Theater Complex is an online streaming video delivery service that introduces the appeal of Japanese stage and theater to the world, consisting of an SVOD all-you-can-watch monthly service and TVOD and LIVE delivery individually charged services. The SVOD service consists mainly of original programs and archived programs, and tie-up programs with existing popular titles are also available. The TVOD and LIVE delivery service is divided into three types of programs: original programs, LIVE delivery programs, and archived programs, which are available for individual billing.

In addition, in early May 2023, the theater complex will be renewed as "Theater Complex TOWN," offering new features, experiences, and exclusive content. It is important to check the usage and precautions before and after the renewal. This is a must-see service for those who love performing arts.

Theater Complex TOWN Plans for the arrival of the

Theater Complex will be renewed as "Theatre Complex TOWN" in early May 2023. The new service will offer more powerful functions, new experiences, and exclusive content. Also planned are enhanced video viewing functions and new experiences that bring the cast and programs closer to the audience. Plans are also in place to offer limited-edition videos and advance sales of box-office tickets, which are expected to make the service even more attractive. With the renewal, automatic renewal of unlimited monthly subscription will stop at the end of March 2023, while individually billed programs and LIVE streaming programs will be available until May 31, 2023. The renewed site will have a different URL from the current site, and membership registration will be required again.

The renewal of the Theater Complex is expected to provide even more attractive services for customers. We are sure that the future development of this program will attract a lot of attention.

How can I save Theater Complex videos on my computer?

Theater Complex only offers streaming playback and does not support a download function. Therefore, you will need to use a specialized video downloader. Here, you can download videos from over 1,000 different video streaming platforms with the " StreamGaGa Downloader " is recommended. It supports up to 4K UHD resolution and EAC3 5.1 audio, and its fast GPU acceleration allows you to download a 60-minute video in less than 5 minutes.

Here are the instructions for downloading Theater Complex videos on StreamGaGa.

1. download and install StreamGaGa.

2. Start StreamGaGa, paste the link to the Theater Complex ( ) in the address bar of the built-in browser, and press "Enter" key. This will take you to the Theatre Complex home page.

3. since paid content cannot be downloaded for free, subscribe to a paid plan and log in. 4.

4. play the video you want to download, and when you enter the playback page, the download settings screen will appear automatically. Then select "Download Now.

Is video downloading really illegal?

Video downloading may be illegal. According to the Copyright Act, the contents of broadcasts and live Internet streaming are subject to copyright protection. Therefore, if video downloading or use of the content of a transmission is made without the permission of the copyright holder, it may be considered an infringement of copyright.

However, there may be exceptions to the copyright law if the use is within the scope of personal use. This is provided that the video download is for non-commercial purposes, such as for one's own enjoyment or learning. It is also illegal to release downloaded videos to third parties or distribute them without permission.

Therefore, when downloading videos, it is important to comply with copyright laws and use the videos for personal purposes only. In addition, there may be special rules regarding video downloading, so it is advisable to check in advance.

Theater Complex What to do if you are unable to download videos

Normal, StreamGaGa to download Theater Complex videos, we rarely encounter problems. However, in the unlikely event that downloading does not work, please check the following items.

Authentication of StreamGaGa

StreamGaGa uses an online authentication method. The authentication procedure is as follows

  • StreamGaGa Click on the hamburger menu (3-line icon) on the main interface when starting up StreamGaGa
  • Click on the "Authentication" tab from the hamburger menu

  • Registered Enter your email and password Enter your registered e-mail and password, and click the "Login" button.

  • If the correct information is entered, the message "This device has been authenticated" will be displayed.

Check for the latest version

To update your StreamGaGa to the latest version of StreamGaGa There are two ways to update There are two ways to update StreamGaGa to the latest version.

  • Using the "Check for Updates" function
  • Download the latest installer for StreamGaGa Manually download the latest installer from the official website

Impact of VPN

Theater Complex must be used in Japan. In Japan, VPN is not required for downloading. If you are accessing from overseas, VPN to access the Japanese IP address using a VPN and try downloading again.

If you still cannot download after checking the above check items, please use the online help for assistance.

Five recommended plays and plays

Stage "The Magician's Promise

Twenty-one "wise sorcerers" gather to save a world in ruins from a "grand calamity".

However, things start to go wrong when an incident occurs at a lunar eclipse mansion.

Their thoughts, their respective ways of life.

Mages with complex backgrounds.

They are scattered and hurt each other,

And yet, they weave a subtle bond to the future.


Onoda Sakamichi, an anime enthusiast and a novice cyclist, is finally chosen to participate in the Inter-High School Championships as a member of the Sohoku High School Cycling Club, led by team captain Mamoru Kinjo. Sakamichi feels pressure as an athlete on his first big stage, but he is determined to fulfill the role assigned to him. The Inter-High finally begins with a lineup of powerhouses, including the champion Hakone Gakuen and the mysterious dark horse Sho Midosuji. However, a sudden event strikes Sakamichi, and the race takes an unpredictable turn. What will happen to the heated sprint showdown between Tadokoro Shin, Naruko Shokichi, and Izumida Toichiro, or the fateful ace climber showdown between Makishima Yusuke and Todo Jyohachi? What will be the outcome of the goal race between Shogo Kinjo and Shunsuke Imaizumi, and Juichi Fukutomi and Yasutomo Arakita, which will mark the end of the first day of the Inter-High School competition? In addition, Sho Midosuji approaches Sakamichi and his team with his astonishing speed. The hottest stage of this summer will open!

Stage The most hotly anticipated stage of this summer will be the "SAKAMICHI". ACCA13 District Inspection Division".

The kingdom is divided into 13 autonomous regions, and a huge unified organization "ACCA" exists. Gene Otus, deputy director of the Surveillance Division at ACCA headquarters, is known as "Gene the Cigarette Man" and is one of the most troublesome figures in the organization. Smoking a light cigarette, he travels around the 13th district to monitor for any irregularities. He is the subject of many stares, disturbing rumors, and snack time. Jean's peaceful days gradually become entangled in a global conspiracy.

Black Butler the Musical -Licorice Licorice Burning in the Earth-Victorian England

Victorian England at the end of the 19th century. As the summer social season draws to a close, a series of murders occur in London. Because of the brutality of the murders, the murderer is dubbed "Jack the Ripper. The young head of the Phantomhive family, Count Ciel Phantomhive, an "evil aristocrat" who maintains order in the British underworld, and his perfect butler, Sebastian Michaelis, visit London to solve the case on the orders of the Queen. After being greeted by Ciel's aunt, Madame Red, and her butler, Grelle Sutcliffe, they identify one nobleman as a suspect...

Musical "Hakuouki

The end of the Edo period. Ryunosuke Ibuki, who lost his mother to illness, is wandering around with nowhere to go when he is saved by a haughty man named Serizawa Kamo. Ryunosuke begins life in the "roshigumi" as a minor servant and meets men who later become feared as the "Shinsengumi," including Hijikata Toshizo, Okita Soji, and Saito Hajime. While they are rebelling against each other, Ryunosuke is strongly attracted to them as he moves forward together with them. In the midst of the turbulent times in which the dreams, thoughts, and beliefs of the "samurai" they are striving to become are shaken, Ryunosuke grabs a sword in order to carry out his own sincerity. Ryunosuke learns of the resolve of these men and searches for the path he should take.


Theater Complex is a service for streaming videos of stage and theater performances, consisting of an SVOD monthly unlimited viewing service and a TVOD and LIVE delivery individually charged service. A specialized video downloader is required to download videos, and we recommend using the StreamGaGa downloader. New features and exclusive content are planned. When downloading videos within your personal sphere, please be aware of copyright laws and do not distribute or publish them illegally.

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