For many cord-cutter users, Playon Desktop was one of the ideal tools available. With this software, you can record TV shows and Movies from various streaming services such as Netflix, Disney+, and many more. Besides, this software allows you to watch those videos offline after your Netflix subscription expires.

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PlayOn Desktop V.S. PlayOn Home

PlayOn Home is a new and better version of PlayOn Desktop. While on PlayOn Home app, you can turn your Computer into a streaming video recorder. You can easily record videos online and watch them offline.

PlayOn Home requires just one click to record all your favorite shows on your computer. This app can record Movies and TV shows from Netflix, Hulu, Amazon Prime, and 100 streaming sites.

Here is the Difference between PlayOn Desktop and PlayOn Home

PlayOn Home Features Vs. PlayOn Desktop Features

PlayOn Home

PlayOn Desktop

Full HD recording up to 1080P

HD recording up to 720p

Closed Caption supports

It doesn't support close caption

Supports Window 11

It Doesn't Support Latest Windows

Offline Viewing

Offline viewing

Downloads never expire

Download expires after sometimes

Ads Free

Ads Free

$5 per month and $40 per year

One time Purchase

These were some of the main features of both software; by reading these features, you will definitely notice that PlayOn Home is the better version of PlayOn Desktop.

How Much Does PlayOn Desktop Cost?

PlayOn Desktop was once available with a one-time purchase. You have to purchase this app once in a lifetime, and after that, it allows you to have unlimited recordings from different streaming Channels.

Here is the one-time cost of Playon Desktop

One Time Purchase


What Channels Does Playon provide?

As I have told you before, PlayOn is a streaming video recorder; with the help of this recorder, you can download any streaming movies and TV shows from any channel.

Here are the Channels that PlayOn Supports:

  1. Netflix
  2. Amazon Prime
  3. Hulu
  4. Disney+
  5. Paramount Plus
  6. HBO

These are the main streaming channels that PlayOn provides, but this is not its limit; you can record from 100 other streaming sites and save them on your computer.

Is PlayOn Desktop Still Supported?

No, On October 7, PlayOn Desktop received its final update. That means this software will no longer be available for purchase.

The reason behind this vast decision is partly technical. Tracy Burman, COO of PlayOn, has announced this news through Email and announced a new Software called PlayOn Home. This software was the new and improved version of PlayOn Desktop.

How to Record Using Playon? Best PlayOn Alternative

Following these steps, you can download movies and TV Shows on your computer in no time.

  1. Go and Download PlayOn Home on your Pc
  2. Open the software and click on the Channel Tap and browse to Hulu, Netflix any streaming site from where you want to record your video.
  3. When you have found a show or Movie, you like to download it on your Pc. Play that video and click on the record option.
  4. Once the recording is complete, you will have an MP4 file you can download on your Pc. This recording will never expire, which means you can watch it as many times as you want

Here is the best PlayOn alternative to download videos and watch them offline

StreamGaGa Video Downloader.

StreamGaGa Video Downloader is the best alternative to PlayOn Home. It also helps you to download TV Shows and Movies from many streaming sites such as Netflix, Hulu, Amazon Prime, and many more.

In fact, it lets you download videos in Full HD quality and it is much cheaper than PlayOn Home. It only costs you $19.9 with a 7-day money-back guarantee.

Amazing Features of StreamGaGa

Here are some of the fantastic features of StreamGaGa Video Downloader.

  • Download multiple videos using Batch Mode
  • Provides Video quality up to 1080p, 4k
  • Offers high speed GPU acceleration
  • Download audio and video files in multiple languages

How to Download Videos with StreamGaGa Video Downloader

  • Go and download StreamGaGa from its official site.
  • Select the App and navigate to its Home Page

  • Click on VIP Service; in VIP service, you will get Netflix, Hulu, HBO Max, and many more.
  • Select the Channel from which you want to download the video.
  • Now select the video and choose its subtitle and audio file.
  • Click on “Download Now” Option to download your video.


Do I need a paid Netflix account to download videos from Netflix through PlayOn Home?

Yes, if you want to download videos from Netflix, Hulu, Amazon Prime, and other paid streaming sites. First, you have to get paid account for these streaming sites to access the video, and then PlayOn Home will let you record your Favorite TV shows and Movies.

How many Recordings can I download on my PC?

There is no limit to recording on PlayOn; it depends on your Computer storage.

Can I set PlayOn to Automatic Recording?

Yes, this is one of the cool features of PlayOn. You have to find your favorite show and click on subscribe button; then, Playon will automatically record the new episodes when they come online.

What quality do PlayOn recordings provide?

Well, the good news for their users is that it provides you with Full HD quality. Sometimes it depends on the quality of the video, but if you record the video in Full HD, then after downloading, the video quality will remain in HD.

Can I use PlayOn Home for free?

Not to avail of its features and record videos, you have to pay $5 per month or $40 per year. There is no other way to get PlayOn for free on your PC.

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