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TTFC (Toei Special Effects Fan Club): The Ultimate Viewing Guide - Thorough instructions on how to download the app on your phone app and PC!

A guide to enjoying your favorite works in the Toei Special Effects Fan Club (TTFC). It explains how to download on smartphone apps and PCs, troubleshooting, and notes on copyright laws. Let's enjoy tokusatsu works to the fullest!

For tokusatsu fans, Toei Tokusatsu Fan Club (TTFC) is truly a dream platform. More than 100 series are available for unlimited viewing, from masterpieces such as Kamen Rider, Super Sentai, and Metal Hero to the latest productions! In addition, you can enjoy original content, exclusive distribution, and fan-only special offers. In order to enjoy your favorite works on TTFC anytime, anywhere, it is essential to download a smartphone app or PC.

In this article, we will provide an overview of TTFC and a thorough explanation of how to download on the smartphone app and also on the PC. We will also tell you about problems you may encounter when downloading, how to deal with them, and some notes on copyright laws. Read this and you will surely be able to enjoy the charm of TTFC to the fullest! Now, let's dive into the world of special effects together!

TTFC (Toei Special Effects Film Festival)

What is TTFC (Toei Special Effects Fan Club)?

Please read the following article on the "Toei Special Effects Fan Club (TTFC)". TTFC (Toei Special Effects Fan Club)" is a fan club that collects past Kamen Rider, Super Sentai, Metal Hero, Mysterious Comedy, etc, over 100 TV series It is an online service that allows unlimited viewing of over 100 TV series, including past Kamen Rider, Super Sentai, Metal Hero, and Mysterious Comedy. Smartphone apps and computer browsers, FireTV and Chromecast to watch on the big screen.

TTFC offers a variety of benefits to its members, including exclusive access to original content, special programs, interviews, and behind-the-scenes footage. In addition, it offers members exclusive merchandise, event information, and ticket advance reservations, making it an attractive platform for fans.



Download by smartphone application

東映特撮ファンクラブ - Google Play のアプリ

" TTFC The "TTFC" app supports download playback and can be downloaded on smartphones and tablets via the App Store and Google Play and use the in-app download function. You can use the download function within the app by installing the app at home or on a Wi-Fi environment, you can watch the content on the go without worrying about communication fees.

However, according to some reviews, the following problems have been reported

1. Download speed issues

It has been pointed out that the download speed is slow, and other VOD service, and there seems to be a big difference in speed when compared to other VOD services. The "I TTFC has set the picture quality for downloading at 3 levels of image quality for downloading. However, there is not much improvement in speed.

2. Problems with downloading videos

Problems with downloaded videos have been reported with each iOS It has been reported that downloaded videos do not load with each iOS update. In this case, it is necessary to reinstall the application or take other measures. Streaming playback is possible, but an improvement is desired due to concerns about increased data traffic.

These issues call for a convenient method other than downloading via a smartphone app. Next, let's consider how to download on a PC.

Download on PC

Downloading on a PC

Here is how to download TTFC videos to your PC. By using the third-party software "StreamGaGa Downloader", you can download TTFC programs in advance so that you can watch them offline.

Overview of StreamGaGa

StreamGaGa Downloader The main features of the StreamGaGa downloader are as follows

m3u8 support: Supports streaming videos in m3u8 format, allowing you to download videos that normal web video download tools cannot handle.

High quality video download: Download high quality videos and easily configure quality, audio, and other settings.

Multiple simultaneous downloads: The ability to download multiple videos at the same time allows you to save videos efficiently.

Flexible output formats. Download videos in , MP4 and MKV and other popular video formats. You can also save audio only as MP3 files.

Settings after downloading is complete : You can set the actions to be taken after the download is complete, such as shutting down the computer. You can set actions to be taken after the download is complete, such as shutting down the computer automatically.

Due to these features, StreamGaGa downloader, TTFC and other streaming video tools for permanent download and storage. A free trial is currently available, and the trial version offers 3 free downloads of full videos up to 3 times.


Steps to download TTFC videos with StreamGaGa

Below are the instructions for downloading TTFC videos with the StreamGaGa downloader.

StreamGaGa Downloader

You can download videos from TTFC in the following 3 steps.

1. download and install StreamGaGa for free.

2. launch StreamGaGa. Enter the PC site for TTFC video viewing ( in the address bar and press "Enter" key. 3.

Log in. Go to the viewing page of the video you wish to download and play the video. After that, the download settings page will appear automatically. Click "Download Now" to start downloading.

The downloaded video can be viewed from "Download" in the StreamGaGa downloader.

Downloading videos is really illegal?

Is video downloading really illegal?

Video downloading may be illegal. According to the Copyright Act, the contents of broadcasts and live Internet streaming are subject to copyright protection. Therefore, if video downloading or use of the content of a transmission is made without the permission of the copyright holder, it may be considered copyright infringement.

However, there may be exceptions to the copyright law if the use is within the scope of personal use. This is provided that the video download is for non-commercial purposes, such as for one's own enjoyment or learning. It is also illegal to release downloaded videos to third parties or distribute them without permission.

Therefore, when downloading videos, it is important to comply with copyright laws and use them for personal purposes only. In addition, there may be special rules regarding video downloading, so it is advisable to check in advance.


TTFC What to do if you cannot download a video

Normal,StreamGaGa to download TTFC videos, you will rarely encounter problems. However, in the unlikely event that downloading does not work, please check the following items.

StreamGaGa Authentication of

StreamGaGa uses an online authentication method. The authentication procedure is as follows

  • StreamGaGa Click on the hamburger menu (3-line icon) on the main interface when starting up
  • Click on the "Authentication" tab from the hamburger menu

  • Registered Enter your email and password Enter your registered email and password, then click the "Login" button.

  • If the correct information is entered, the message "This device has been authenticated" will appear.

Check the latest version

How to update StreamGaGa to the latest version of StreamGaGa There are two ways to update There are two ways to update StreamGaGa to the latest version

  • Using the "Check for Updates" feature
  • StreamGaGa Manually download the latest installer from the official website

VPN Impact of

TTFC must be used within Japan. In Japan, VPN is not used, please try to download the file. If you are accessing from overseas, VPN to access the Japanese IP address using a VPN and try downloading again.

If you are still unable to download after checking the above items, please use the online help for assistance.


Above, TTFC This is how to download videos from TTFC. This is how to download videos from StreamGaGa downloader introduced in this article is TTFC as well as more than 1000 video services. If you have a video you would like to download, you can download it from StreamGaGa StreamGaGa Downloader.

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