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Why you can't record TTFC videos and how to download them easily

TTFC videos are protected by DRM and cannot be recorded. However, you can easily download them with the dedicated software StreamGaGa M3U8 Downloader.

The Toei Special Effects Fan Club (TTFC) is a sacred place for special effects fans. It is a dreamlike place where one can enjoy an unlimited number of well-loved works such as Kamen Rider, Super Sentai, and Metal Hero. However, videos distributed through TTFC face the barrier of not being able to be recorded directly due to DRM (Digital Rights Management) technology.

So how can we solve this problem? Actually, there are two ways. The first is to download through the official TTFC application. The second is to use the StreamGaGa M3U8 downloader. This article will detail the steps to safely save your favorite special effects works using these methods. Let's unravel the key to enjoying your tokusatsu works anytime, anywhere, and how to get it.

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What is TTFC?

Overview of Toei Special Effects Fan Club

TTFC, short for Toei Special Effects Fan Club, is an online service that allows you to watch popular works such as Masked Rider and Super Sentai. For 960 yen per month (tax not included), you can enjoy past works, original works, and bonus videos. TTFC can be used on a variety of devices, including smartphones, tablets, PCs, and TVs.

Toei Special Effects Fan Club

List of Movies Available on TTFC

Films available on TTFC are categorized as follows

  • Masked Rider series: All Masked Rider works from 1971 to the present can be viewed. Original works include Masked Rider Amazons and Masked Rider Saber Spin-off.
  • Super Sentai series: All Super Sentai works from 1975 to the present are available. Original works include Majin Sentai Kiramager Episode ZERO and Kikai Sentai ZENKAIJAR spin-off.
  • Metal Hero Series: All Metal Hero movies from 1982 to 1998 are available. Original works include Space Detective Gabin vs.
  • Other Special Effects Movies: Other special effects movies produced by Toei are available. For example, Ultraman Leo and Kamen Rider Ryuki are available.

Why TTFC videos cannot be recorded

The reason why TTFC videos cannot be recorded is because they use DRM (Digital Rights Management) technology, which is a technology that applies special encryption to content to prevent unauthorized copying or misappropriation of digital content. DRM is applied to a wide variety of content, including music and movies, such as TTFC's videos.

However, even if you cannot record them, you can still save TTFC videos by downloading them.
There are two ways to download. One is to use the official TTFC application. The other is to use the StreamGaGa M3U8 downloader software. The specific steps for each method are explained in the next chapter.

How to download with the official TTFC application

TTFC's official app supports download playback. By downloading content at home or in a place with a Wi-Fi environment, you can watch it on the go without worrying about communication fees. The method of downloading is as follows.

  1. Install the official TTFC app from Google Play or App Store for free.
  2. Open the app and login with your TTFC account.
  3. Select the video you wish to download. Tap the "Download" button below the video.
  4. The download will begin. You can check the progress of the download in the "Download" tab of the app.
  5. Once the download is complete, you can play the video from the "Download" tab of the app.

Toei Special Effects Fan Club - Apps on Google Play

Inconvenience and solution of how to download

The method of downloading via the official TTFC application also entails the following inconveniences

  • Slow download speed
Many people say that the download speed of TTFC is slow compared to other VOD services.
Solution : Download speeds may be slower during busy times of the day. Downloading during free periods may improve the speed.
  • Download video glitches.
It has been reported that with each iOS update, there is a problem with downloaded videos not loading. In this case, it is necessary to take action such as reinstalling the application. Streaming playback is possible, but an improvement is desired due to concerns about an increase in data traffic.
Solution. : If there is an update for the app, doing so as soon as possible may resolve the issue. App updates can be performed from Google Play or App Store.
  • Playback and editing of downloaded videos is restricted.
Downloaded videos can only be played back within the app. If the app is uninstalled, the downloaded videos will also disappear. Also, downloaded videos cannot be played or edited on other devices or players.
Solution The StreamGaGa M3U8 downloader software allows you to download TTFC videos with high speed and high quality. The downloaded videos are MP4 files that can be played and edited on a variety of devices and players. In addition, the downloaded videos become your property, so you can enjoy them freely.
Next, we will explain in detail how to download with the StreamGaGa M3U8 downloader. This method can solve the inconvenience of downloading with TTFC's official application, so please refer to it.

Download with StreamGaGa M3U8 downloader

StreamGaGa M3U8 Download er is a software that allows you to download videos in M3U8 format. TTFC videos are delivered in M3U8 format. M3U8 is a format in which video and audio are delivered in small pieces, M3U8 format video and audio can only be streamed and cannot be downloaded. However, with StreamGaGa M3U8 Downloader, you can combine M3U8 video and audio into a single file for download!

StreamGaGa M3U8 Downloader Features

M3U8 Downloader
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Advanced M3U8 file download solution
  • Wide range of supported sites: TTFC, TAC's Qualification School, New Japan Pro-Wrestling World, All Japan Pro-Wrestling TV, Sports Navi, Nico Nico Channel Plus, ASOBI STAGE, TBS FREE, BS Yoshimoto Video Distribution, Weekly Play Grajapa! and the Internet, Teletext, MBS Video-ism, Teresa Video, Teletext BIZ, XCITY, TVer, AnimeFesta, and more than 1000 famous services' high-quality videos are at your fingertips without any hassle.
  • Conversion to highly compatible MP4/MKV formats: Supports downloading in MP4 and MKV formats, allowing you to watch videos on a variety of devices.
  • Fast download: StreamGaGa M3U8 downloader allows you to save videos at high speed by downloading video fragments at the same time. You can also freely set the download speed and the number of simultaneous downloads.
  • High quality preservation: StreamGaGa M3U8 Downloader allows you to download videos with no loss of quality. You can also freely select the video resolution and format.
  • Easy operation: StreamGaGa M3U8 Downloader allows you to start downloading by simply copying and pasting the video URL. You can also download video playlists, channels, etc. in bulk.

How to save TTFC videos with StreamGaGa

Follow the steps below to download the videos.

StreamGaGa M3U8 Downloader Setup

First, install the free version from the official StreamGaGa website. The free version allows you to download up to 3 video/audio files. You can also get it from the button below.

Run the downloaded installer and follow the on-screen instructions to proceed with the installation. Once installation is complete, launch the StreamGaGa M3U8 downloader.

Steps to download pornographic videos from YBC Yamagata Broadcasting on StreamGaGa-1

If the display language is not the one you prefer, you can change it to your preferred language by clicking the hamburger button in the upper right corner of the screen and going to Settings > General > Language.

Steps to download pornographic videos from YBC Yamagata Broadcasting on StreamGaGa-2

Step 2
Access TTFC and log in

Paste the TTFC link into the StreamGaGa URL input field and press Enter.

Without logging in, you will not be able to download videos that are exclusive to paid members. Therefore, if you want to download videos for paid members only, you must log in first.

Steps to download pornographic videos from YBC Yamagata Broadcasting on StreamGaGa-3

Step 3
Video Playback

Next, play the video you wish to download. Then, analysis will begin automatically and the download details screen will appear.

Step 4
Start downloading

Choose the settings you prefer and press "Download Now. After the download is complete, watch the video as long as you like.

How to save Stardust Channel videos on StreamGaGa-2

Upgrade to paid version and license activation

Once you have successfully downloaded our product, we encourage you to upgrade to the paid version for further enhancements. The free version allows you to save up to 3 images, beyond which you will need to upgrade to the paid version.

M3U8 Downloader
StreamGaGa M3U8 download software is an advanced tool for retrieving M3U8 videos from streaming services. This innovative software has the ability to download high quality videos from popular streaming services quickly and easily. Designed for ease of use, simply paste the URL into the address bar of the built-in browser to begin downloading; supports a variety of video formats including MP4 and MKV; and provides a pleasant, ad-free viewing experience.

Once you have purchased the paid version, you can log in with your account information by clicking "Authentication" in the upper right corner of the screen.

Steps to download pornographic videos from YBC Yamagata Broadcasting on StreamGaGa-6

You will then be able to use all the features of StreamGaGa.

Steps to download pornographic videos from YBC Yamagata Broadcasting on StreamGaGa-7

Notes on downloading TTFC videos

There are a few things to keep in mind when downloading TTFC videos.

Copyright Considerations

All videos distributed by TTFC are protected by copyright. Therefore, you should take care not to infringe on the copyrights of the videos you download. For example, you should avoid publishing downloaded videos without permission or using them for commercial purposes.

Account Security

When entering your TTFC account information into a third-party tool, make sure that the tool is trustworthy. Entering your account information into an unauthorized tool puts you at risk of having your account hijacked, and StreamGaGa values the privacy of its users and has a policy of not providing account information to third parties. In addition, the tool has been tested to be free of viruses, malware, adware, and other malicious software.

StreamGaGa Downloader Safety

Although StreamGaGa Downloader is secure, there are various video downloading tools available on the Internet. Some of them are rogue software, so be sure to download from a trusted source.

Also, StreamGaGa Downloader is updated regularly, so we recommend updating it regularly for security measures and to add new features.

Backing Up Videos

Keep your downloaded videos organized in a destination folder. It is also recommended that you make regular backups of your video files. This will help you be prepared in case of data loss.

Video backup-1

Dealing with download failures and errors

In the unlikely event that a video fails to download or an error occurs, try the following

  • Check if the URL is correct
  • Check your Internet connection
  • Restart the StreamGaGa Downloader
  • Update the StreamGaGa downloader to the latest version
  • Check the storage capacity of the device you are using before attempting to download

If the problem persists, contact the StreamGaGa downloader support page.


How was this article? This article has summarized the appeal of the Toei Special Effects Fan Club (TTFC) and the two main ways to save its videos. TTFC is a dream come true for tokusatsu fans, as they can enjoy more than 100 series, from masterpieces such as Kamen Rider, Super Sentai, and Metal Hero to the latest movies. However, to solve the problem of not being able to record videos, two methods were introduced: using the official TTFC application and the StreamGaGa M3U8 downloader. By understanding the specific steps of each method, you can enjoy TTFC's contents more freely. We hope you will take this opportunity to try out these methods for saving TTFC videos.

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