VidiCable in depth: details, evaluation, and alternatives

VidiCable is software for PC screen recording. This article introduces precautions for safe use, its reputation, and alternatives to it.

VidiCable is a software application for downloading videos for playback on PC screens and a wide range of sites such as Dailymotion, Nico Nico, and Hulu. In this article, we will look at VidiCable from various angles, focusing on its main features.

Features of VidiCable

  1. Wide variety of sites: You can easily download videos from a limited number of popular sites (including some paid sites) that you often use in your daily life.
  2. Output as MP4 and MKV files: VidiCable can output downloaded videos in MP4 or MKV format for playback on your PC.
  3. Cross-platform compatibility: VidiCable is compatible with both Windows and Mac, making it easy to use in any environment.

Other features include multilingual support and 24-hour support, so it is quite safe to use.

VidiCable's Reputation and Cautions

Since VidiCable is not widely used in Japan, information on its reputation is limited. However, there is an official website and information on the developer company, so there is no need to worry about safety. However, it should be noted that VidiCable offers only two pricing plans, annual and perpetual, and even the annual plan is expensive at $119.9. Also, although Netflix and Amazon are supported, picture quality may vary depending on the site and price plan. For example, the Netflix Basic and Basic with Ads plans only support a maximum resolution of 720p, so an upgrade is required for higher quality. Thus, the need to check each time you use the service can be a bit inconvenient.

Another disadvantage is that the product is named "recorder. This may lead some people to assume that it is a recording software, but it is actually a software for downloading videos. Because of this confusing name, be careful if you want to use it for recording PC screens, games, or live situations.

StreamGaGa, an alternative to VidiCable

Here we would like to introduce to you StreamGaGa, the most powerful tool that, once installed, allows you to download full videos from various sites, including more than 1,000 paid subscription sites.

The table below provides a summary of the advantages and disadvantages of both products.




Supported sites

More than 1,000 sites including pay-per-view sites

Twitter, Vimeo, YouTube, Hulu, Disney+, etc.


Automatically detected, SRT files can be saved


Picture quality

Selectable quality up to 8k

Depends on site and price plan

Pricing Plans

Plans from $19.994/month

Many other promotions available

Annual $119.90

Permanent $259.90

Free Version

Free version available to store up to 3 full movies

Restrictions apply


Automatically removed

Depends on plan

As you can see, StreamGaGa has many supported sites, a wide range of pricing plans, and the most attractive feature is that the free version can download up to three videos without any restrictions, just like the paid version. If you have never used StreamGaGa before, we recommend you give it a try. It also automatically detects and removes ads, so everything is done in one step.

How to use StreamGaGa

StreamGaGa is a download software with excellent features, but it is actually very easy to use.

After launching the software, the home page displays icons for the various services available. Simply select the service you wish to use from among them or copy and paste the video link, and the download will begin automatically. The next screen that appears allows you to set the output format, subtitles, etc.

StreamGaGa is convenient, easy, and beginner-friendly, and since it is compatible with both Windows and Mac OS, it can be used equally well in any environment. In addition, a free version can be downloaded from the official website, so first-time users are encouraged to give it a try.

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