How to use YouTube video download software VidPaw VideoHunter, safety and reviews.

VidPaw VideoHunter is a video software that combines video downloading and format conversion functions. This article introduces its basic information, usage, and safety.

Have you ever heard of VidPaw VideoHunter download software? To briefly introduce it, it is a video downloader that supports more than 1000 video sites. There are many other free sites when it comes to video downloading, so we will focus on what makes VidPaw VideoHunter unique.

Basic Information on VidPaw VideoHunter

VidPaw VideoHunter supports not only basic downloading functions, but also conversion of video files to audio and subtitle downloading.

The output format for videos is MP4, but it can support up to 8K in terms of image quality.

Unfortunately, video content can only be downloaded from free sharing sites (YouTube, Facebook, etc.), but you can convert YouTube music videos to MP3 with a simple operation.

Furthermore, it is highly compatible and works with both Mac and Windows computers.

VidPaw VideoHunter Pricing Plans

The pricing plans for VidPaw VideoHunter are as follows

1 month license

US$ 14.95

1 Year License

US$ 39.95

Lifetime License

US $ 49.95

In addition, a 15-day free trial period is available.

How to use VidPaw VideoHunter

1. after the software installation is complete, launch the software. To download a video, copy the URL of the relevant video and paste it into VidPaw VideoHunter. 2.

Click the Analyze button. 3.

When the analysis is complete, set the output format and quality, then click the Download button.

When the download is complete, the video will be saved to your PC.

This completes the entire procedure.

VidPaw VideoHunter Safety and Reviews

The author actually installed VidPaw VideoHunter and downloaded videos from video sharing sites, and the saving went smoothly.

There are no ads or suspicious pop-up windows to worry about, and the developer seems to be listed on the official website, so I don't think there is much to worry about in terms of safety.

Many of the reviews on the Internet indicate that it is easy to operate.

However, the fact that it does not support paid distribution platforms is still one of its major drawbacks.

Also, there were cases of slow operation or errors when downloading some videos. It seems that there are still various limitations in terms of functionality.

So, is there a downloader that can replace VidPaw VideoHunter or has better features?

StreamGaGa, an alternative to VidPaw VideoHunter

StreamGaGa is a one-click video downloader that allows you to download videos from most sites on the Internet, including major paid distribution platforms.

We will explain its benefits in detail.

Download videos in ultra-high quality

With StreamGaGa, ultra-high quality up to 4K and even 8K is available as long as the distributor's image quality is supported. We deliver high quality video that is as good as movie theaters, even from the comfort of your own home. Please take advantage of this service when watching movies with your family and friends.

Download Subtitles and Subscriptions

StreamGaGa automatically detects multilingual subtitles and supplementary audio when you download videos, so you can download them as well. This means that even if you download a foreign language program from a foreign site, the subtitle file will automatically be included and you won't have to do it twice!

One-Click Download

Worried that this feature-rich download software may be difficult to operate? Don't worry. It is very easy to use.

After launching the software, you will be taken to the home page, where you will see icons for the various services available.

Furthermore, you can also download while watching in the built-in browser, which greatly reduces tedious waiting time.

Choice of price plans and money-back guarantee

StreamGaGa offers a variety of plans, from a monthly plan for a quick trial to a perpetual license. Of course, you can download the trial version first. There is no time limit on videos. If you can't download it, don't worry, you are guaranteed a 30-day free refund.

We hope you will take this opportunity to experience the benefits of StreamGaGa for yourself.

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