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[Easy & Safe] How to Download Weverse Videos for Offline Viewing?

This post explains several safe and simple ways to download live and videos from Weverse in high quality for PC and smartphones. Stop wondering how to download Weverse videos. StreamGaGa got your back!

Weverse, a mobile app and web platform created by Hybe Corporation, a South Korean entertainment company. Weverse offers exclusive content that is highly appealing to fans. If you’re looking to enjoy these videos offline or repeatedly, you may wonder "How can I download Weverse videos?". In fact, you can easily download and save Weverse videos or Weverse live videos.


This article will guide you on how to downoad Weverse videos in high quality safely using StreamGaGa downloader. Step-by-step instructions will be provided for saving Weverse videos on both phones and PC, ensuring you can enjoy your favorite Weverse content offline anytime and anywhere. Additionally, we’ll also discuss other recommended tools to get Weverse video download and some important precautions to keep in mind.

What is Weverse?

Weverse is a global fan community platform operated by Big Hit Entertainment, a Korean entertainment agency. It serves as a space where fans can engage with their favorite artists, like BLACKPINK, TREASUREand TXT, and enjoy an array of exclusive content, including original videos, photos, and news updates.

In addition to its multimedia offerings, Weverse also facilitates direct communication between artists and fans, fostering a strong sense of connectivity. Users can participate in artist-to-fan interactions, join communities, and connect with fellow enthusiasts. The platform hosts various free and paid content, ranging from educational and entertainment videos to updates in the style of Instagram Stories.

With a thriving user base, Weverse boasts over 6.8 million monthly users, establishing itself as a prominent platform where fans can immerse themselves in the world of their beloved artists and connect with like-minded enthusiasts. Given the valuable and unique nature of the content available on Weverse, many fans find it essential to download and save Weverse videos.

Why Do You Need to Download Weverse Videos?

As mentioned before, Weverse has emerged as a popular platform for fans to connect with their favorite artists and immerse themselves in a vibrant community. To further enhance this experience, the option to download Weverse videos has become a valuable asset for fans. So what can you get by downloading Weverse videos? What are the specific reasons for you to download Weverse videos?


Viewing your favorite content anytime, anywhere

One prominent reason for downloading Weverse videos is the ability to enjoy them even in the absence of an internet connection. Whether you’re traveling, in a remote area with poor network coverage, or on a plane, the downloaded videos enable uninterrupted entertainment. By simply having the videos stored on your device, you can remain connected to your favorite idol, regardless of the surroundings.

Save your cell phone traffic

Downloading Weverse videos presents an opportunity to save on cell phone traffic. Regularly streaming videos consumes data, and excessive usage can lead to exceeding data limitations or incurring extra charges. However, with downloaded videos, fans can watch these favorite content repeatedly without worrying about data restrictions. This feature not only provides convenience but also helps you manage your internet consumption.

Enhanced streaming speed

Streaming videos may be affected by factors such as network congestion or fluctuations, causing buffering issues that interrupt the viewing pleasure. It's quite annoying to be disrupted when enjoying the videos send by your favorite idol. However, if you download Weverse videos, consistently fast and smooth viewing experience can be ensured, irrespective of your network conditions. By pre-downloading videos, you can bypass these obstacles and enjoy your faves seamlessly, even during peak network usage periods.

How to Download Weverse Videos on Your Phone?

So, can you download Weverse content? Although Weverse doesn't offer official download features, you can still get Weverse videos on your phone.To save Weverse videos on your phone, you can utilize the screen recording feature available on both iPhones and Android devices. Here’s a step-by-step guide on how to record and download Weverse videos on your smartphone.

How to record Weverse videos on iPhone

Screen recording on iPhones can be activated through the Control Center, but you need to set it up in advance. This feature has been available starting from iOS 11, so if “screen recording” doesn’t appear as an option, please update your iOS firstly.

screen record iphone

Setting up Screen Recording in the iPhone’s Control Center:

  • Open the “Settings” application.
  • Navigate to “Control Center.”
  • Select “Add Control” and add “Screen Recording” to the Control Center options.

screen record iphone

Starting screen recording:

  • Open the Weverse video you want to record.
  • Display the Control Center on your iPhone:
    • iPhone X or later: Swipe down from the upper right corner of the screen.
    • iPhone SE, iPhone 8, or earlier: Swipe up from the bottom edge of the screen.
  • Tap the screen recording icon to start the countdown.
  • After a 3-second countdown, screen recording will begin.
  • Close the Control Center and return to the screen you wish to record.

Now the video is being recorded now. If you want to save the recorded video in your iphone Photos, you need to end screen recording first:

  • Tap the red clock symbol in the upper leftcorner of the screen.
  • A confirmation prompt will appear, asking if you want to stop recording.
  • Tap “Stop” to end the screen recording.

Alternatively, if the screen is locked, pressing the sleep button will automatically stop the recording.

iphone do not disrupt

Note: During screen recording, all content on the screen, including notifications, will be recorded. To avoid interruptions from frequent notifications, you can activate “Do Not Disturb.” Here is the detailed steps to set up "Good Night Mode":

  • Go to “Settings” on your iPhone.
  • Tap “Do Not Disturb” and ensure it's activated.
  • Tap the “Do Not Disturb” icon from the upper right corner of the screen to enable or disable it as per your preference.

How to record Weverse video on Android

To download videos from Weverse on your Android device, you can utilize the screen recording feature. The following guidewill outline the steps specifically for Android 11, keeping in mind that the process might vary slightly depending on your Android version and device model.

screen record on android

  • Begin by swiping your screen from top to bottom. This action will display the drop-down menu on your device.
  • In the drop-down menu, locate and tap on "Screen Recording." This will initiate the screen recording process.
  • If you wish to record audio along with the video, make sure to enable the "Record" option. Alternatively, if you want to capture taps on the screen as well, enable the "Screen Recording" option. Once you've made your selection, the recording will begin.
  • Then you will notice a red mark on your screen, accompanied by a countdown. After the countdown concludes and the symbol changes, proceed with the operation you intend to record.
  • To stop the screen recording, simply tap "Stop Screen Record" in the drop-down menu.
  • Now the recorded video has been automatically saved in your phone.

However, it's crucial to consider that if a banner notification or an incoming call screen appears during the recording, you will have to make a decision regarding whether to redo the recording or save the video with the notification included. To avoid such complications, it is recommended to disable notifications before starting the recording. Remember to re-enable them once the recording is complete to ensure you don't miss any important messages.

In summary, both iPhone and Android devices allow you to utilize the screen recording feature to save Weverse videos.It's important to note that notifications, such as the drop-down menu itself, opened apps during the recording, and emails, will also be captured in the recording. But you can still take the actions mentioned above to avoid such disruption.If you find the settings on your smartphone complex, we encourage you to give the aforementioned method a try.

How to Download Weverse Videoson your PC

If you are still worrying about the question"how do I download Weverse videosto my laptop?" and how to download videos from Weverse, StreamGaGa is exactly the best downloader for you to get your favorite Weverse live download or other videos fromWeverse.

Required tool: StreamGaGa Downloader

streamgaga homepage

If you’re eager to download Weverse live videos and watch them offline at your convenience on your Mac/Windows PC, StreamGaGa downloader is the perfect tool for the job. With its clear UI,high-quality video downloads, and many other eye-catching features, StreamGaGa is the go-to downloader for PC.

What's more, you can enjoy downloading videos for 3 times before making any purchase. And you shouldn't worry about anything after purchasing, either. If you don't know how to activate StreamGaGa to enjoy its full features, navigate to how to activate StreamGaGa after purchasing.

StreamGaGa video downloader
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Not only does StreamGaGa effortlessly download videos from Weverse, but it also enhances your offline viewing experience. Here’s a step-by-step guide on how to download Weverse videos using StreamGaGa:

Detailed steps to get Weverse video download with StreamGaGa

Step 1: Download & Install StreamGaGa downloader

Begin by visiting the official StreamGaGa downloader website or clicking the following buttons. You’ll find versions available for both macOS and Windows, ensuring compatibility with your device. Download and install the software, and you’re well on your way. The convenient free version of StreamGaGa allows you to download up to three videos in their entirety, allowing for a trial experience.

Step 2: Copy the URL of the Weverse video you want to download


Once the downloader is installed, navigate to the video you wish to download on Weverse. Open the video page in your browser, and copy the URL from the address bar.

Step 3: Paste the URL into StreamGaGa downloader

download weverse videos

Launch the StreamGaGa downloader and locate the designated input field. Now, paste the copied URL into the field. If you’re downloading paid content, log in to your paid membership account beforehand. Next, play the video, and patiently wait for the download pop-up to appear.

Step 4: Customize your download settings


In the on-screen prompt, you can cutomize your download settings. StreamGaGa offers various video formats, including popular options like MP4 and MKV. Take a moment to select the format that best suits your needs.

Step 5: Start downloading

With all settings in place, it’s time to kick off the download process. Simply click the “Download” button, and StreamGaGa will promptly begin acquiring the video. Once the download completes, locate the video files and organize them by moving them to a location of your preference.

Congratulations! The videos are now saved on your PC, ready for offline viewing of your favorite Weverse videos at your convenience! You may find it's more difficult to download videos on your PC if you're a Mac user, but here with StreamGaGa, the download process for Mac is as simple as Windows. If you want to download other videos on your Mac, you can also check how to download movies on Mac.

Other Recommended Tools for PC

In addition to the StreamGaGa downloader, there are other tools available to download Weverse videos. Like StreamGaGa, they also offer efficient video downloading capabilities specifically designed for Weverse. These tools, namely 4K Video Downloader and Y2Mate DRM Downloader, can provide you with a seamless experience to conveniently obtain your desired Weverse videos. Discover more about these downloaders below.

Tool 1: 4K Video Downloader

4K Video Downloader review | TechRadar

4K Video Downloader is a versatile solution that not only enables users to download high-quality 4K videos, but also offers a comprehensive range of functions. This remarkable tool has earned a reputation for its ability to seamlessly download Weverse videos in astonishing detail, providing users with an immersive viewing experience. Whether you are new to video downloading or an experienced user, 4K Video Downloader offers an intuitive interface that ensures ease of use and accessibility for all.

Tool 2: Y2Mate DRM Downloader

y2mate downloader

Y2Mate DRM Downloader is another premier tool to download Weverse videos, designed to facilitate the downloading of videos from a myriad of platforms including YouTube, Vimeo, and manyother popular video sites. With Y2Mate DRM Downloader, you can enjoy a swift and hassle-free download experience, thanks to its impressive download speed. Combining speed and user-friendliness, this tool simplifies the process of downloading Weverse videos, ensuring a smooth and efficient download experience for you.


This articlehasprovided a comprehensive guide on using the StreamGaGa downloader to effortlessly download Weverse videos. We have demonstrated the process of obtaining high-quality and secure Weverse downloads on your mobile devices, along with instructions on saving them directly to your Mac/Windows PC.

Stop questioning "How to downoad Weverse live videos", because StreamGaGa got your back! By utilizing the StreamGaGa downloader, you can now seize the opportunity to safeguard your cherished Weverse videos conveniently.

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