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[Latest Guide 2023] What Channel is Peacock on DirecTV?

What channel is Peacock on DirecTV? This post covers everything about Peacock on DirecTV and offers one ultimate solution for Peacock enthusiasts to get better offline viewing.

Streaming movies, videos, and shows is a fantastic way to spend your free time, especially with loved ones. But discovering the perfect channel that offers top-notch content across all streaming categories can be quite a challenge.

peacock streaming

Enter Peacock, the streaming service that has taken the market by storm. If you have cable service and have heard about Peacock, you've probably wondered, "What channel is Peacock on DirecTV?" Fortunately, you've come to the right place. The answer to your question about the channel for Peacock on DirecTV awaits below.

Before this post delves into the answer to "What channel is Peacock TV on DirecTV?", you may want to get to know other topics like Paramount+ v.s Peacock, and the way to add and enjoy Peacock on Vizio.

How to Get Peacock on DirecTV?

All you have to do is follow these simple steps to avail the peacock application on your DirecTV.

  1. Search for Peacock on your DirecTV.
  2. Once you find the application, click on download.
  3. The peacock application is now successfully installed on your DirecTV.
  4. Now, make an account and binge-watch your favorite content.

While downloading the Peacock application is that easy, the service offers a few limitations. Peacock streaming services on DirecTV doesn't offer the Peacock originals version. However, users can still avail the best 65 channels and famous shows like Brooklyn-99, Keeping Up with the Kardashians, and all the famous movies like Back to Future and Jaws, among several others.

Note: Since Peacock services are free for all users, it runs ads in between shows. However, the duration of the advertisements is very short, and you won't feel interrupted in between your binge-watching sessions.

What Channel is Peacock on DirecTV?

Peacock is a streaming service, and this means that it doesn't have a specific channel on your cable TV. However, like all streaming services, it offers you an application to download on your smart TV.

Top Peacock Channels and Content

As a DirecTV subscriber, you'll gain access to a rich assortment of channels and content offered by Peacock. Here are some of the standout content you can enjoy:

Content 1
Original Programming

Explore the dystopian world of Brave New World,Intelligence, Saved by the Bell reboot and so on. These original shows promise to entertain and enthrall.

Content 2
NBC Classics

Relish the nostalgia of television's golden age as Peacock offers timeless favorites like "The Office, Parks and Recreation, 30 Rock, and Cheers. Delve into the brilliance of these beloved shows and transport yourself back in time.

best shows peacock

Content 3
Hit Movies

Immerse yourself in a vast library of blockbuster films that span various genres. From thrilling action-packed adventures to heartwarming dramas, Peacock has it all, such as Jurassic Park, E.T. the Extra-Terrestrial,the adrenaline-fueled The Fast and the Furious franchise and more.

Content 4
News and Documentaries

Stay informed and engaged with Peacock's comprehensive news coverage. Access reputable sources like NBC News, CNBC, and MSNBC to stay up-to-date with the latest happenings. Expand your knowledge by exploring a diverse collection of thought-provoking documentaries that delve into a wide range of intriguing topics.

peacock news

Content 5
Live Sports

Peacock ensures you don't miss out on the thrill of live sports events. Tune in to catch riveting coverage of prestigious sporting leagues like the Premier League, the PGA Tour, and even the Olympics. With Peacock, you can cheer on your favorite teams and athletes in real-time.

Exclusive Content for DirecTV Subscribers

Peacock, in collaboration with DirecTV, presents an array of exclusive content and enticing promotions, exclusively tailored for DirecTV subscribers. Unveiling a world of possibilities, this partnership offers an unparalleled viewing experience with early access to select shows.

Elevating your entertainment journey, DirecTV subscribers can indulge in special discounts on premium content and access unique bundles designed to enhance their streaming delights.

Other Recommended Shows

Peacock's exclusive content offers a treasure trove of entertainment for DirecTV subscribers, appealing to a diverse range of interests. Comedy enthusiasts can revel in timeless sitcoms, such as Frasier, or delight in Peacock's original comedies like A.P. Bio and Rutherford Falls. For drama enthusiasts, gripping narratives like Downton Abbey, Suits, and Peacock's original series Dr. Death will captivate their imagination.

peacock origin

Fans of reality TV can savor popular shows such as Below Deck, Top Chef, and the renowned The Real Housewives franchise. Sci-Fi and Fantasy buffs can embark on thrilling adventures in the imaginative realms of Battlestar Galactica and Heroes. Lastly, families and children can enjoy quality content with beloved programming like Curious George, Where's Waldo? and the enchanting TrollsTopia.

To access all Peacock channels on DIRECTV, you may need to have a subscription to Peacock Premium. This subscription could come with an extra cost or require a separate subscription. Despite all this, Peacock is an excellent service, and downloading it is worth it; if you want assurity as to why then read on below.

Is Getting Peacock on DirecTV worth it?

Yes, getting Peacock on your DirecTV may be worth it. Peacock offers all great shows under one name, and the best part is that all of it is for free. Though it also has a premium plan that is paid, and you can avail yourself of even better shows with it, the free version is excellent as well.

peacock premium

Peacock, the renowned streaming service, offers a range of pricing plans tailored to meet the needs of diverse audiences. Let’s delve into the details of each plan, helping you make an informed decision based on your preferences.

Peacock Premium is a popular choice, providing remarkable value at an affordable price. For a mere $5.99 per month or a one-time payment of $59.99 for the whole year, subscribers gain unlimited access to Peacock’s vast content library, offering over 60,000 hours of entertainment. While Peacock Premium still includes commercial breaks, its extensive content library ensures an immersive experience.

peacock pricing

For those seeking an ad-free streaming experience, Peacock Premium Plus is the ultimate solution. Available at $11.99 per month or $119.99 per year, Peacock Premium Plus subscribers enjoy unrestricted access to Peacock’s content without the interruption of commercials.

Moreover, as a limited-time offer, new customers have the opportunity to enjoy Peacock Premium Plus for free for an entire year. With this plan, you can enjoy all the perks of Peacock’s vast collection without any distractions.

Download Peacock Shows with StreamGaGa

While Peacock streaming service offers some fantastic shows for free, the thing is that it requires stable internet connectivity to work. So, what do you do when you are lacking in this primary department. In short, how will you watch Peacock TV while offline?

The answer to this is very simple when we run in: StreamGaGa Peacock Downloader has been providing the best offline downloads to all our users for years now. So if you want to watch Peacock shows and movies offline without any limits, you can always turn to StreamGaGa.

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The StreamGaGa Peacock Downloader offers users an easy way to download all Peacock streaming content to watch while offline. Other than the fact that you can watch Peacock content offline, StreamGaGa offers users their preference on the subtitle and audio language they want. Moreover, the download is quick and high quality, so you don't have to worry about the pixels erupting once the download is done.

To enable this, all you have to do is follow these simple steps:

  1. Download and install StreamGaGa on your Windows/Mac PC.
  2. Choose "VIP Services" and click on "Peacock".

  1. Log in to your Peacock account and find the video you want to download.
  2. Click on the video. Select your preferred subtitles and audio languages for your download.
  3. Click on the "Download Now" button and get your downloads within minutes

What's more, while Peacock itself runs with ads, StreamGaGa eliminates this possibility. This means that if you download content with StreamGaGa from Peacock TV, all your downloads will be without advertisements. So even you a a subscriber to Peacock Free or Peacock Premium, you can still enjoy a smooth binge-watch while at it.


You can easily enjoy the wide range of programs, movies, and NBC Originals offered by Peacock by downloading the Peacock app from DirecTV's app store. While the TV-Free edition provides free content, it is important to note that advertisements will occasionally appear.

For a seamless viewing experience without interruptions, upgrading to the Premium Plus subscription or using StreamGaGa to stream and download Peacock videos is recommended. Make the most of your streaming experience with Peacock on DirecTV by downloading the app and exploring the diverse range of entertainment options it offers.


How can I upgrade to Peacock Premium Plus?

If you’re using the Peacock Free and wish to upgrade to Peacock Premium Plus, simply log in to your account, navigate to the “Plans and Payments” section, and select the upgraded plan. By choosing Peacock Premium Plus, you’ll enjoy ad-free access to 60,000 hours of fantastic content.

Do I need to pay extra fee for Peacock Premium in my DirecTV subscription?

No. Many DirecTV plans come with Peacock Premium at no extra charge. To check if you're eligible, you can visit the DirecTV website or reach out to their customer support for help.

Is it possible to stream Peacock on multiple devices using my DirecTV account?

Absolutely! With your DirecTV account, you can stream Peacock on multiple devices. Once you activate Peacock through your DirecTV subscription, you can enjoy the service on various compatible devices like smartphones, tablets, and streaming media players, alongside your DirecTV receiver. Simply log in to your Peacock account on the desired device, and you’ll have access to your favorite content anytime, anywhere. However, please note that while you can download some Peacock videos on mobile devices, for offline enjoyment on larger screens, you can utilize StreamGaGa Peacock Downloader.

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