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[Full Review] Aiseesoft Screen Recorder Features, Price, Reputation, and Safety

Full description! Learn more about the features, price, reputation, and safety of Aiseesoft Screen Recorder. Information to maximize your user experience.

Screen recording is becoming increasingly important in today's society. However, finding the right tool to record screens in high quality is quite difficult. Free software offers only limited functionality, and expensive products often have questionable cost performance. Under these circumstances, one tool that deserves attention is Aiseesoft Screen Recorder.

This article neutrally details the characteristics and advantages of Aiseesoft Screen Recorder. Its functionality, pricing, and feedback from users will be discussed.

What is Aiseesoft Screen Recorder?

Aiseesoft Screen Recorder is a PC screen and audio recording software that allows you to record any kind of video, including PC screens, live games, online meetings, and video chats. You can capture and save videos from popular porn sites, record telecommuting, ZOOM, Skype, and other online meetings, record games, and more.


Aiseesoft Screen Recorder Price


One month license

Perpetual License

Commercial 5PC License

Sale Price

2,680 yen (including tax)

6,580 yen (tax included)

13,1680 yen (tax included)


3,350 yen

8225 yen

16475 yen

Especially for the price of the commercial 5-PC license, the sale price is a whopping 131,680 yen while the cost price is 16,475 yen. When I first saw this figure, I was really surprised. I assume it was a typing error, but such a mistake is indeed unacceptable.


How to use Aiseesoft Screen Recorder

Video Recording


1. after launching the screen recorder, click "Video Recorder" in the interface. 2.
2. set whether you want to record full screen or only a specific area, select system sound and microphone sound, and then click "REC" button to start recording video. 3.
If you want to stop recording the video, click the STOP button. You can then preview the recorded video.

Audio Recording


1. click on "Audio Recorder" in the interface 2.
2. set the microphone sound, system sound, volume, etc. in the settings window, and then click the "REC" button to start recording. 3.
When recording is finished, check the audio file and save it.

Game Recording

Start the recording software and select "Game Recording".


Select the game you wish to record and set the audio. Click the "REC" button and the game screen will automatically come to the forefront and recording will begin.

STEP 3. Click the "END RECORDING" button to end the recording. After playing back the recorded video to check it, click the "Save Video" button to save the live game to your PC.


Developer of Aiseesoft Screen Recorder

Aiseesoft is a software development company located in Chengdu, China, which provides software for DVD/Blu-ray disc conversion and ripping, video and audio conversion, and PDF conversion. Specifically, the company handles the following operations.

Converting Blu-ray/DVD/video/audio files
∙ Editing video/audio quality and effects
Downloading videos from YouTube, Facebook, and other platforms
Transferring files between iOS and Android devices
Recover iOS / Android data and repair iOS / Android systems
Convert PDF files to Word and image files (OCR also supported)

Aiseesoft Screen Recorder Reputation

The biggest drawback of Aiseesoft Screen Recorder is that it only records computer screens. Even with accurate settings, unexpected notifications or audio may appear on the screen.

When recording video content, it must be played back once to the end. This may not be so inconvenient for game players, but if the purpose is to preserve video content, there may be a more suitable alternative.

Therefore, we recommend the following software as an alternative to Aiseesoft Screen Recorder.

Aiseesoft Alternative: StreamGaGa Downloader

StreamGaGa is the best choice for video preservation purposes.

Many of you may not yet know about StreamGaGa. Here are some of the main features of StreamGaGa

Support for over 1000 websites (Amazon Prime Video, Netflix, Disney+, U-NEXT, Hulu, Abema, etc.)
Support for downloading videos up to 8K resolution, and EAC3/AC3 5.1ch audio tracks in terms of sound quality
Ad blocking function
Batch download function
Subtitles can also be downloaded.



In this article, we reviewed Aiseesoft Screen Recorder. Its alternative, StreamGaGa, is an excellent software that allows you to easily download video content from various websites. It is very easy to use, just copy and paste the video link, play it, and it will automatically start downloading. You can also select download settings (quality, subtitles, format, etc.) on a single screen. Various pricing plans are available (monthly, yearly, buy-one-get-one-free, etc.), and of course, macOS is also supported. The simplest operation delivers high quality images as good as those at the movie theater.

StreamGaGa is a one-stop solution for downloading movies from over 1000 websites including Netflix, HBO, Disney+, Amazon Prime, Hulu, Paramount, Chrunchyroll, Funimation, Discovery Plus, U-Next It is a one-stop solution for downloading movies from over 1000 websites including HBO, Disney+, Amazon Prime, Hulu, Paramount, Chrunchroll, Fusion, Discovery Plus, U-Next and more.
For more information, click here.

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