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What Channel is Lifetime On DirecTV?

If you are looking at what channel is Lifetime on DirecTV. Then you are in the right place; we will help you to find Lifetime on DirecTV

Lifetime is one of the channels that focus on giving values and recognition to women; if you are a woman and want to witness women's empowerment, then Lifetime is your best choice.

In this modern era, Lifetime has managed to gain popularity through developing content which only features a modern woman.

The primary aim of Lifetime is to show the issues that affect women's lives and their families. This channel will offer high-quality entertainment and informative shows on your DirecTV.

If you're using DirecTV on your device, then we will highly recommend you to watch this channel on your DirecTV.

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How to Download Videos from Lifetime in Easy Steps?

Does DirecTV Have Lifetime?

Yes, Lifetime is available on all 6 packages that DirecTV offers. Each package has different features and a different number of channels on DirecTV.

So if you are curious that Lifetime is available on all the packages that DirecTV offers their customer, then the answer is yes.

DirecTV Packages

DirecTV Packages

Lifetime Channel Availability

DirecTV Select


DirecTV Entertainment


DirecTV Choice


DirecTV Xtra


DirecTV Ultimate


DirecTV Premier


What channel is Lifetime on DirecTV?

As we have told you earlier that Lifetime is available on all the packages that DirecTV offers you. This means you can get this channel on DirecTV with any plan.

Secondly, the pricing of the packages is straightforward; it means that DirecTV offers an equal channel lineup with its every plan to assure everyone is getting what they want.



Lifetime on DirecTV


How to Get Lifetime on DirecTV?

To get Lifetime channel on DirecTV is very simple.

You can get DirecTV Packages on the following device

  • Android TV
  • Apple TV
  • Amazon Firestick Devices

These are the devices on which you can stream Lifetime Channel through DirecTV. Now I will show you how to stream Lifetime on DirecTV. Follow These steps.

  • First, you have to choose a Package from DirecTV
  • You can choose from the following Packages.

DirecTV Packages

Channel Count

Lifetime Availability

Monthly Price

















  • Choose any suitable Package and then call 888-388-4249 to start watching Lifetime on your DirecTV.

Now you have to subscribe to DirecTV Package. After that sit back and turn to channel No. 252 to watch Lifetime on your DirecTV.

Top Shows to Watch on Lifetime Channel

As we all know that Lifetime channel is known for providing the best quality TV shows. So here are some of the best shows available on Lifetime channel.

1. Little Women: Atlanta

This show is based on a woman’s life Georgia who lives in Atlanta. This TV series show the struggle a little woman faces in her daily routine. This series is one of the most favourite reality series in the US, with millions of views daily.

The viewers of this show are fascinated from these women and the struggles they have to face daily. This show is an excellent example of women's empowerment.

2. The Rap Game

This TV Series is based on a young rapper who starts raping and dreams of becoming one of the best rappers in the world. This is the journey from zero to best. In this journey, this young rapper is trained by one of the best rapper in the world.

Through this journey, this young rapper trains and perfects his skill to win a grand prize in a rapping tournament. This series also has some love stories and the real-life struggle of a rapper. It was aired in 2019, and now it has five complete seasons.

3. Designing Spaces

In this Series, interior designers and decorators work together to transform houses into brand new. This reality series shows you how an old house is being transformed into a unique and beautiful home.

Different interior designers try their best to make dream houses for people. If you want to know how they transform an old home into a new and beautiful home, then we will recommend you to watch this series on Lifetime channel on DirecTV.

Can I Download Shows from Lifetime for Offline Watching?

If you are a fan of Lifetime shows and wants to download them on your device so you can watch them anytime without any interruption. Then StreamGaGa Video Downloader is your best choice.

You can download any Lifetime show on your device; you just have to follow these simple steps.

How to Download Lifetime Shows

  1. Go to StreamGaGa Official website and select the free download option.
  2. Launch the app on your device and enter the website of Lifetime through the homepage.

  1. Choose the video that you want to download an let the app analyze the video data.
  2. Select the language option for audio and subtitle, then click “Download Now” option.

  1. Within a few minutes, your downloaded videos will be ready to watch offline.


Is Lifetime Movie available on DirecTV?

Yes, Lifetime movie channel is also available on DirecTV. It is available on channel no 253. You can also watch this channel on all the packages of DirecTV.

Is DirecTV available outside the USA?

If you want to access DirecTV, you must be in the USA. Because DirecTV doesn't offer its services outside the USA.

Does Lifetime Channel only offer Women Empowerment Shows?

Lifetime is one of the best entertainment providers in the USA. But you can say that the popularity this channel has gained is only from women empowerment shows. But Lifetime also offers you different categories of shows on your DirecTV.

What is the cheapest Package on DirecTV that includes Lifetime Channels?

DirecTV entertainment is the cheapest package on DirecTV; it only costs you $64.99 per month and also includes lifetime channel.

What Channel is Lifetime on Dish?

Lifetime is on channel No: 08 on dish.

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